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PicklePod Episode 36: Parris Todd's PicklePod Debut

by The Dink Media Team on

APP Champion, PPA Champion, and MLP Champion, Parris Todd, joins the PicklePod. We talk about partner relationships, fashion, cryptocurrency, and Todd’s recent takeover of the world of pickleball. There are a lot of deals in the works for this former tennis star, including landing some real estate. Will TX or FL be the next big move?


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*Show notes*

07:16 The APP vs PPA dynamic
11:57 Early elite tennis career influenced childhood
13:44 ‘Waisted’ brand women’s streetwear entering pickleball activewear
26:07 Grandma knows best - it’s pickleball over tennis
30:20 A Parris Todd pickleball paddle could be on the way
34:22 Parris takes over the interview
38:10 The Major League Pickleball experience
41:47 Tyson is repping pickleball on ‘The Challenge’
43:54 Who’s the best players you’ve seen singles and doubles
48:22 Don’t be afraid to take a step off of the kitchen line
56:32 LA Open, Newport Beach, then off to Florida


Thomas  0:00
Let's see what you got.

Tyson  0:02
Welcome back everybody another riveting episode of pickle pod. I am here your number one host Tyson apostle here with number two host Thomas. But number one Tom is in pickleball Thomas shields. Thomas, would you like to introduce our very exciting guests for the day? Or should I do that too?

Thomas  0:21
Um, go for it. You're on a hot streak.

Tyson  0:24
All right, we have a fresh off of so many victories, taking the pickleball world by storm. And probably pop culture as well. I don't know everything about you yet. Paris, Todd, everybody. Paris. How are you?

Parris  0:39
Good. How are you guys? Thank you for having me.

Tyson  0:42
Yes. Thanks for joining us. I know it's been a little bit of a journey to get you here on the show. So hopefully Thomas doesn't disappoint or drive you away from future appearances.

Parris  0:52
I hope not.

Thomas  0:53
Yeah, we had no choice but to get you on because you just keep winning. Well,

Parris  0:58
I mean, my name is not just winning Johnson but I'm getting pretty close.

Tyson  1:01
Yeah. Are you going to change your name? Is there a name change in the future for you?

Parris  1:05
Um, I keep hearing hottest players. Maybe I'll just go with hot I don't know. But

Tyson  1:10
that's my your middle name

Thomas  1:12
is good. I like that. Perry. Well, Oh, hold on. Can you can you drop the the second are from Paris so I can stop getting called out for typos.

Parris  1:21
I mean, can you get my name right. Do

Thomas  1:23
I have to work it out?

Parris  1:24
Oh down and capital letters or what's going on?

Thomas  1:27
On it? It's tough. I'm like, I'm like remember the second D on Todd and then it and then I'm focused on that. I forget the two Todd always

Tyson  1:34
has to DS Nice try Thomas. Does it Todd is historically spelled with double D? Not

Parris  1:41
far. That's okay. Yeah.

Tyson  1:43
Spelling is hard. We're simple. podcasters over here, Paris. So means we either dropped out of college or weren't very good at

Parris  1:52
it. I didn't go to high school. So we're on the same page. What a boss.

Tyson  1:55
You were just like, I'll just break quit and be a pro pickleball player in the future at some point.

Parris  1:59
Yeah, pretty much. I mean, school isn't not that important. Right.

Tyson  2:03
I mean, we have kids listening. School. Yeah. But if not, yeah, I mean, if I had a time machine, I might go back and do things a little differently. Meaning less school. Not more school. Less school. Exactly. I like it. Paris, you just came off of your victory at the PPA? Was there any part of you that was like, yes. Okay, PPA, I'm non contracted player when in your event.

Parris  2:32
I think every ATP player can kind of relate to that if they need to contract with player, but it just feel good. I'm not gonna lie. So but I'm not trying to throw any shade either. So I'm kind of in the middle.

Tyson  2:45
Oh, neutral, like Switzerland? Yeah, something like that. Really smart.

Thomas  2:52
Alright, so then. So then all UAP players do have a chip on your shoulder? Oh, I mean, I've heard to hear

Parris  2:58
anyone in this conversation. I don't want to get you know, you don't want to be the spokesperson, later or anything. But I mean, yeah, it feels good. Right? So

Tyson  3:06
do you consider yourself an AP player? Is that like, is there like a definite like, good question vision? Because you've kind of stated that you are?

Parris  3:17
No, I wouldn't say I'm in a PvP player. Exactly. I think that both of the tournaments do a great job. And, you know, taking care of us players, I think, you know, the PPA contracted players do get a little bit more favor at the PPA tournaments. But for good reason. Right. Those are their players and they take care of them. So it's just I mean, everyone's different. And every player has their own path. And they like one or the other. And I'm still trying to figure it out and playing as many tournaments as I can, trying to see which way I'm leaning towards. So it just comes with time.

Tyson  3:49
Okay, good. So does that mean that the PPA has been having conversations with you?

Parris  3:53
I have been talking to them a little bit. So we'll see. We'll see how much they open won't want to open their bank account. But

Tyson  3:59
oh, yeah, you heard it here first. I like her as tall. It's gonna cost you money.

Thomas  4:05
This is good. If you need an agent, let me know. I've got

Parris  4:08
five on the roster. So you can me and I'll check it out.

Tyson  4:12
I mean, you don't want to ask any of Thomas's references about his negotiating prowess. Just you're just gonna have to trust him.

Parris  4:20
I don't know about that.

Thomas  4:22
Alright, Paris, we actually you mentioned something that we need to talk about. Okay. So you said you didn't go to school? I want to know like, Okay, where did you come from? They were You were a junior tennis player, right. So I imagine that had a lot to do with where you, were you homeschooled and then just go into kind of like your journey as a junior tennis player growing up where you grew up, and then we'll kind of get into the transition to pickleball.

Parris  4:47
Sure. So I was a very good junior tennis player. I was number one in the 10s and the 12 in the nation. And because of that and all the traveling that I would do, I was gone like three weeks out of each month. So I didn't have time for normal school because I would be traveling so much. So I went to regular school up until about seventh or eighth grade. And then I worked with the I did you know homeschooling and online school and all that for about two years while I was still traveling. And it was just, it was a lot for me to balance the school and also the tennis. So my parents just said, You know what, we're just kind of going to hold off on school. So I could just give tennis my 100%. And when I was 14, I turned professional, and then I was traveling more than it was more international. So with that, it just takes up so much time and energy, and especially with the training. So when I was 16, my parents were like, Okay, we need to figure out like, do you want to go to school? Do you want to be professional? Like, where's this going? So just to be safe, I went and I got my GED. And I can say that, you know, I did finish high school, which is great. But I did it in a very unconventional way. And it what worked with me and with my schedule, and just, you know, kind of did that. So

Tyson  6:05
I asked you about that. You see these documentaries of like, I don't know if you saw the Tiger Woods documentary, where his parents like him golfing at age three, and the Serena and Venus Williams story as well. Is there a part of you that feels like your childhood was stolen a little bit? Or did you get all the normal things kids do? And then you were just like, excellent at tennis, and that was your life? Like, what? Looking back on those moments? Now? Would you have done things differently? Or is that what you wanted to do?

Parris  6:38
Yeah, I think it would have been good to have a little bit more of a balance, especially when you know you're growing up and you have friends or in high school and your life is not so conventional, you get FOMO in a sense, and you feel like you're missing out on a lot of different things. So it would have been nice to you know, like, go to all the school dances and like, have friends and have the life. But also, I was traveling around the world and meeting all these amazing people through tennis, and you have to mature really fast, and you have to when you're traveling because I traveled on my own a lot. You have to kind of fend for yourself. So it helped me grow up a little bit faster. And now looking back, I wouldn't change anything, because I think everything happens for a reason. But if I do have kids or you know, whatever that may look like I would do that differently with them, I would balance it more and maybe put them in school and let them experience a little bit more of actual life instead of just being so focused on one singular thing. It can take a toll on a kid. So

Tyson  7:35
do you think had you done things differently? Like you're saying you would do with your own children that you would still be in the same position you are today? Or was that the sacrifice you had to make to get where you are?

Parris  7:49
I think it's a sacrifice I had to make. I think my parents knew that. And both my parents are all parents are entrepreneurs, and they have their own business. So they always encouraged me to kind of do the same thing and really follow my dreams. And if I did, you know decide to that I wanted to do something with school or be a doctor be a lawyer that I can always go back. And there's not really a timeline on that anymore, which I think is great. So if you're young and you have a dream, and my eyes will chase it right. And if you have parents to support you, I mean, that's just you can't ask for anything better.

Tyson  8:19
Yeah, I agree. I I also applaud your parents for putting you in a money sport, like tennis. My parents pushed me into. And I was like, oh, to make money as a swimmer. I just have to win 19 gold medals in a row and then I'm set. Exactly. So yeah, really smart parents there. I appreciate that.

Parris  8:38
They knew what they were going to plan. They're gonna send me an invoice when my tennis days were over.

Thomas  8:44
Good. Yeah, they should. Your parents were entrepreneurs. Looks like you're an entrepreneur wasted. Can you tell us a little bit about that?

Parris  8:53
Yeah, of course. So I started my brand when about four and a half years ago. i

Thomas  9:00
What is it? What is the brand? What are you guys? Like? It's fashion, I assume. So

Parris  9:07
it is? Yes, it's women's streetwear. So I got the name waisted. I was flannels around the waist were a big thing and a big trend for girls a few years ago. And I was like, Okay, how can I take that and make it better. So I designed a waist strap that had no collar. So you just like wear it around your waist and it was a flannel, technically, but with no like bolt in the back of your waist. So that's how I got the name wasted. And then from then and evolved into women's streetwear. And I had an opportunity to start selling with Macy's, the first few months of starting the business and went and met with them in New York. And then we started selling to them and we were one of the three tops lying on the floor. And then we started selling boutiques all over the nation and we're doing trade shows. And it just it all happened very quickly and I was very young. So my mom worked alongside with me and she was my partner And that, you know, during COVID, and everything's been a little bit different because we're a wholesale business. So we sell to retailers, that's our business model. And with COVID, everything just completely changed. And that online retailer started booming. And then there was no real business and retail for us anymore. So it's been like an interesting transition the last two years to figure out okay, like, where do we stand? What do we need to do, we kind of needed to regroup. And now I'm looking to get more on the act of where pickable side of things instead of more of the street, where because of the platform that I have now and working with other brands to make my life easier, so I don't have to manage the whole back end, I can just design and put my face behind it. So that's the route that I'd like to go.

Thomas  10:40
Are you working with any companies right now that that we know of? Are you are you able

Tyson  10:45
to? He's not gonna tell you.

Parris  10:48
I asked him good things going on. So once I you know, get some things finalized, then you guys be the first people that I tell. I feel like

Tyson  10:55
I get to break that news. Yeah,

Thomas  10:58
I feel like I know who you're working with. And I feel like it's a good fit. So for what it's worth.

Parris  11:04
I'm curious to think

Tyson  11:05
you already told me.

Parris  11:08
Okay, what is it? What do you think?

Thomas  11:11
He didn't tell me Is it are the initials AE?

Parris  11:15
No. Oh,

Thomas  11:16
that's a missed opportunity. You just go work with. We'll talk about

Parris  11:20
what brand is, hey,

Thomas  11:22
I don't have the athletics.

Parris  11:24
Oh, no, it is not

Thomas  11:26
your buddy. Your buddy Alex Newman's sponsor?

Parris  11:30
Yes, yes. No, I think to have really nice stuff. I haven't had a chance to wear it or getting a bit but um, Alex is actually on the way to the house over here. We're going to train them a little bit. So he might pop in and get his you know, two minutes of fame.

Thomas  11:45
So yeah, no, he's

Tyson  11:45
he's not allowed on this podcast. He wants to waste his two minutes. He's still on cloud nine. Yeah.

Thomas  11:53
I kind of on that note, but we have some some user submitted questions here. Completely, completely anonymous.

Tyson  12:05
He had some Twitter egg heads in the in the chat going to fire some questions at Paris really know about this guy? I don't either. I I didn't. I wasn't either. This is a surprise to

Thomas  12:17
me. Question one. Question one. You've had more mixed success with Alex Newman than any other partners this year? I think that's how are you planning to lock down that partnership? That's definitely ally. You can't practice as anonymous.

Tyson  12:35
So learning does that. Is that how Alex would talk?

Parris  12:38
Oh, yeah. Yeah, he's I mean, he's really trying to lock me down. Can you blame a guy for trying? I mean, but

Tyson  12:45
we've already heard that how expensive you probably are, and if so, Alex, bring your checkbook, but

Parris  12:50
I think I would just take all of his prize money and a sponsor money, but he

Tyson  12:55
might still do that. Yeah,

Parris  12:57
I think he was.

Thomas  12:58
Okay. Question number two.

Tyson  13:01
Is this from Alex as

Thomas  13:01
well? From an anonymous anonymous source? Yep. There have been a there's been a lot of controversy over who has bigger legs you or Alex Newman?

Parris  13:12
is I think he's just sending us all these questions. You know, I think I have a little bit more muscles, my legs and he does he definitely needs to hit the gym. So I'll just leave it at

Tyson  13:21
that. Wow. Shots fired,

Thomas  13:23

Tyson  13:24
roasted. Maybe he's just not wearing the right clothes. Maybe something more form fitting or less form fitting would be good for him.

Parris  13:32
Should I put him in a skirt and see how that goes a sport?

Thomas  13:35
Or you look good? I think I think you do it an ABI athletic skirt. Yeah.

Parris  13:40
Okay. All right. waisted skirt. Let me teach them.

Tyson  13:43
Yeah, probably wasted. Probably better.

Thomas  13:46
Alright, let's do a let's do a pickleball specific question on that note. So you and Alex have both had a lot of success on the single side more than in doubles. But you recently had a mixed metal together? Can you talk a little bit about like, what's it been like, you know, having this initial success in in singles, and really having to put in the extra time to work your way up on the on the double side and improve your your stature there?

Parris  14:13
Well, coming from tennis doubles is a little bit harder to adapt, but I was actually ranked higher in a doubles. And I was singles and a lot of people don't know that. So you have to work with your partner and communicate with them. The relationship really has to be there. And you have to have good chemistry with your partner. So especially coming into pickleball. There's a lot of different personalities. And sometimes you mess with people, sometimes you don't, but also people are booked up for like a year, especially the top players. So it's like for someone to give you a chance and let you come in and say yeah, I'll play with you. We'll see how it goes is a big thing. So it's just been kind of like the more success that I've had, the easier it's been to kind of break through and now I'm really starting to have conversations with some really good guys and you They're like, okay, like you're starting to prove yourself and all these things and getting play MLP was Zayn, I think was, I mean an amazing opportunity and experience for me. So just playing with all these people, every different tournament, it's like, it's hard to get a rhythm. So to have someone being a solid partner, and know that, okay, when you lose when you win, this is how they're going to be you know how to handle them emotionally? I think is the biggest thing would be, do you guys gel? What's the relationship like there? How do they handle themselves? How do I handle myself? How can we work together and make this work? So

Tyson  15:32
can I ask, I want to ask both of you this question because Thomas, you probably have some input on this as well. So you're making waves in pickleball? Everybody's that's really top doubles player is booked out for a year, they've just committed to other partners. Is that like, that's kind of, and then you're just like, well, hoping that like somebody like swipes right on your profile, and then you like connect, or you're talking at tournaments?

Parris  15:59
Maybe I should put my pickleball on my are on Tinder and see if I get any?

Tyson  16:04
No, I think, a tinder Tinder like pickleball profile to match partners? Yes.

Parris  16:09
But we're onto something.

Tyson  16:11
Is there a better system? Like are like let's say somebody's like committed for a year to someone else, but they then decide, Paris is a better fit for me. And we're going to have more softness, do they ditch somebody? Or is there a breakup? How often are these breakups? Is there a better system,

Thomas  16:28
I'm gonna I'm gonna add to that there is a lot of breakups, and there's a lot of animosity, and people are frustrated with each other for you know, even like last second movement in partnerships before tournaments, people just dumping their partners to go with somebody better last second, and leaving their their partner in the in the dust. So there's a lot of drama around this. It's interesting.

Parris  16:51
I feel like that's definitely happened to you. So you probably know more than me.

Tyson  16:56
You hear how angry undertones?

Thomas  17:01
I get I can play with whoever I want. If I decided to continue my pro career, which by the

Tyson  17:07
way, you think you could get Paris Todd?

Thomas  17:13
If you know if all the PBA players aren't available, maybe.

Tyson  17:19
So this is my but my question is is like is there is that what happens in tennis? Is there a better system? What like, or is that just the way it is, and it's just pure business and people are getting dumped and hired and fired and souls are getting crushed, and dreams are getting made? And it's just like there's highs and lows and nothing in between?

Parris  17:38
Yeah, well, a lot of players also like over commit themselves to one person, and maybe they haven't played enough with them to really know how they're going to work. And then they play a tournament or two, and they're like, oh my gosh, like this really is not working. So I think a lot of the times it can be mutual agreement between between two people. But then sometimes there is the case where someone is kind of only playing a few tournaments to someone, and then someone better becomes available. And they're like, Well, I'm not really playing that many turns with this person. So I'm going to drop them for that person. So there's a little bit of in between as far as that goes. But at the end of the day with us players, it's starting to the the money is starting to come in, it's starting to be more of a business. So at the end of the day, people have to understand that you have to do what's best for yourself and treat it like a business but also try to maintain your relationships as best as possible. So it's like kind of a limbo,

Tyson  18:33
right? Is there written contracts ever between players to partner with each other? Or is it always just like a handshake agreement?

Parris  18:40
I think it's just like a high five. Oh,

Tyson  18:42
no. Shake anymore. It's

Thomas  18:43
just not even that formal yet. Yeah,

Tyson  18:47
yeah. Okay. Interesting. Yeah, I just like I picture it all happening. And I'm certain that there's like so much that we're not seeing of animosity between players that have been dubbed and the scramble and then like trying to one up somebody else's you scramble for a better partner. But there's so much,

Parris  19:07
ya know, there's definitely some animosity out there. And it just depends on the person depends on the personality, like some people take it harder than others. But at the end of the day, I think everything happens for a reason. And if say, someone was to draw me or I was dropped someone, then I mean, it's best for probably the both of us and just move on. And you see the same person the next week, and you're like, cool with them. And you say, Hey, how are you? It's like, you have to be cool with it. And you have to understand,

Tyson  19:31
so, but I also it's not always best for both of them.

Parris  19:35
Well, yeah, maybe. I mean, depends who drops you I guess.

Thomas  19:41
I've gotten some text from some pretty disgruntled players. And like, if somebody dumped me, like, I'd be like, I'd be so mad.

Tyson  19:49
Dude, I would bottle it up and just wait, like 10 years down the road. They'd be like, I can't get my kid into college. I'm like, Yeah, that's right. High School. That's because of me, bro. I ruined everything you wanted to build as a future and it's the long game 1015 years down the road. They won't expect it. They won't know where it came from.

Parris  20:08
I love it. I'm taking notes right now.

Tyson  20:10
Just yeah, don't cross Tyson. Yeah, exactly.

Thomas  20:14
We're pretty good at holding grudges over here. I would, I would say, Okay.

Tyson  20:21
I print. I pretend like everything's okay. And then it's and I just wait for the moment where it's time to strike where people who see it are like, Oh, that was kind of funny by Tyson, maybe a little petty. Like, I never like get a ton of backlash because I'd like to design it in a way where they're like, oh, that's just nice and being silly. And I'm like it is but also I ruined their day. I love it. That's how I've been on reality TV. So many. Yeah. A little pity party.

Parris  20:52

Thomas  20:54
Nothing wrong with that. I agree. Okay, so at at major league pickleball when I had to hand Oh,

Parris  21:02
Paris. She's here. Oh, sorry. I was getting a phone call.

Thomas  21:06
Tell him not tell Alex not now. Okay.

Parris  21:09
No. All right, Alex, so calling me.

Thomas  21:12
So we were doing the it was the award ceremony. Right. And if you remember, I had to hand the the MVP to Lee Whitwell even though her team had just lost, but she was very deserving of that. But amidst all that, Cameron Irwin kind of talked about how you were hesitant to get into pickleball. At one point, you kind of one of those tennis players who was looking at pickleball like No, no shot. And then eventually you got convinced. And here you are.

Parris  21:43
Yeah, absolutely. I was actually talking to my grandma the other day, and she's like, You keep telling people that you were playing tennis at the tennis center, and you saw pickleball. But actually, the story is she She corrected me. So thank you, grandma, that my grandparents actually started playing pickleball like 10 years ago when I was playing tennis. And me and my parents would always like joke with him. Like, what do you guys doing? Like hit a wiffle ball around the corner with paddles? Like, why don't you guys just play tennis? Like it's so lame? It's such an old people thing. And here I am playing professional pickleball.

Tyson  22:18
Yeah, well, what was the draw? What was the what? What was the draw to make the shift? Was it career specific? Or did you play and fall in love a little bit of both? Let's be honest to your parents.

Parris  22:30
So when I started playing pickleball, I had no intentions of doing it competitively. Because from all the years growing up playing competitive tennis, I was like, when I was finally done, I made the decision to stop and pursue my business. I was like, this is such a relief. Like it was just such a grind and so hard on me physically and emotionally. And it's so lonely sport, tennis's. So, when I started playing pickleball, I was like, okay, like, I'm just gonna have fun. And I met a lot of really cool people doing it, and really built some great relationships. And it was just fun. Like, I was like, I'm just gonna go and do this, like, you know, once a week and just have fun with friends. And then I was like, Oh, I'm kind of good at this. Maybe I can give this a shot. I didn't even know like pickleball tournaments, even existed or anything. So gotten a few pickleball tournaments and was kind of going or was like, I'll just keep this going. And then it's just kind of all evolved from there.

Thomas  23:28
So are you pretty pumped now that you're kind of in this position? You're sort of on the you're like one of the up and comers right now. You're pretty established at this point. Pickleball is on this crazy trajectory. Are you excited about the future? And kind of what, what, what it looks like for you?

Parris  23:47
Absolutely. I think me getting in in the last few months and having success that I've had, just to kind of see the doors open and the sponsorship opportunities that I've been presented with is it's crazy. I mean, especially with pickable ad, it's it's kind of in its infancy right now, and it's really been growing even in the last six months of me playing professionally. It's like every month I feel like oh, this is happening. Oh, this is happening. Wait, what? Who wants to get involved? Like it's just it's really crazy. Like sometimes I just have to pinch myself. So it's just been I'm so blessed.

Tyson  24:24
Thomas, that's all you have. Yeah, Thomas. Thomas, what else you got?

Thomas  24:30
What do you think I'm a professional podcaster

Tyson  24:32
amateur. I'm a professor should be a professional by now. I've been doing podcasting for so long.

Thomas  24:37
What are some of the what are some of like the interesting doors that are opening? Are there any brands that are talking to you like the waters tagged Beats by Dre? I'm like, Are you guys actually sponsored by by beats? Like, what are some of the interesting conversations that are happening? Or at least what's the most interesting one you can reveal at this point?

Parris  24:57
I want to say so much But I don't know how much I can say like, I want to, like, open my book and let everyone know. But I, it's just so early on, I just want to make sure that all the contracts are finished. And we have like everything set in stone. But I do plan to work with a brand to design a full pickleball line and get that out there so and possibly have a paddle. So I'm really excited about that

Thomas  25:23
pickleball brand.

Parris  25:25
It's not actually these are pickable Well, I mean, it's kind of it's like in between, but there's also some people having conversation with that are not even involved in pickleball yet, but are looking to like crossover and cross over with me. So that's really exciting that they believe in me and, you know, trust in me. So

Thomas  25:42
that's pretty cool. And you only started playing like the first time you picked up a pickleball paddle and like played was nine months ago.

Parris  25:49
I think like around yeah, like eight or nine months. I want to say it was like I had my first like amateur tournament was in October, I think. So I think I started playing like the month before that maybe like September. So, okay, so

Tyson  26:03
when your grandparents introduced you to the sport initially, 10 years ago, you never picked up a paddle. I was like, let me see.

Parris  26:09
I never did. I just was like, why would I even like, try that. It just sounds so boring and awful. And it's fun. And it's so addicting. Like who knew? So tennis?

Tyson  26:19
Yeah, yeah. I mean, we knew but we had to pick up a paddle first. That's the point where you realize it probably is when you pick up a paddle for a couple times.

Parris  26:27
It's probably the first step. Yeah.

Thomas  26:31
But I have a question. Why are you playing with a yo la in singles and a carbon in doubles? What's the story there?

Parris  26:39
So the whole carbon situation that happened I want to say like over a month and a half ago now was very out of the blue and I have a very good relationship with carbon in the owner Garrick auslin. He's actually one of the first people I started playing pickleball with. I didn't know that that was his brand. And I originally started playing with the paddle. So I'm glad I didn't like talking crap about it since the worst paddle on the market. But

Thomas  27:04
would you have said that? No, because

Parris  27:07
I actually chose it like I tested 10 Different paddles. And I chose the carbon I don't even know. And he's like, Oh, you like that power? So I was like, yeah, it's a great panel. And he didn't tell I didn't know for like another three weeks. And someone else told me it was his brand. So I was like what the heck you can tell me? So back to the question. I it's hard to adapt from not thinking that I'm not going to be able to use the carbon and then being forced to try a bunch of different paddles. And I ended up choosing the Yola out of I think I tested 10 Different paddles, and had like three days to do. So do so before I left for St. Louis. So I started playing with it. And then I was I've been playing with it for like a month and a half now. And I only have so many days in between tournaments to get a feel for the paddle. I've been so comfortable with the Yola, it's really hard to make the switch in such a short amount of time. So I'm trying my best to slowly make the transition back to carbon. But they have been nothing but patient and amazing with me and like helping me with all of this and you know, kind of letting me do my thing, but still trying to promote them as much as I can and giving them as much you know, as many eyes as I can, because that's what they deserve. Right. So it's just it's just a process like it's not easy. One day you play with something when they play with something else. And they are trying out all these things. So it's, it's just going to take time to really adjust and get back to it. So hopefully when I have a little bit of time off in July, I'll be able to make the full transition back. so

Tyson  28:41
hear me out. Double here we go at all contract.

Parris  28:48
Anything's possible. All right,

Tyson  28:49
I have to play with this one in singles. I have to play with this one in doubles. Here's the reasons why I need two individual contracts from two separate companies. You want to be my agent. I'm pretty smart. But I'll have I could have my agent be your agent.

Parris  29:05
Okay. Good to know, having said.

Tyson  29:08
I mean, you're looking at it right here.

Parris  29:11
Pretty good resume.

Tyson  29:12
Never had a full time job in my life. It's working out pretty well. It's not bad. Yeah, there's worse worse lives to lead to

Thomas  29:20
Thomas. Well, you ended up. You ended up on a podcast with me. So I don't know how well I know it is a low point.

Tyson  29:25
But still.

Parris  29:27
I actually have a question for you guys. Because I still I've heard so much about you guys. But I don't know that much about you. And I haven't really had too many conversations with you guys. So I know that you both play but what level do you guys play? And how often like you play tournaments.

Tyson  29:42
This is Pandora's box right now. Pandora's box. I'm probably a four out of four or five ish.

Parris  29:48
Selfish celebrated or duper?

Tyson  29:52
Oh, hold on duper. I think I'm rated higher, but it's provisional. Because I don't play tournaments.

Thomas  29:57
Okay, yeah, right. Yeah, I think Before I think my duper is maybe like a four nine right now,

Tyson  30:03
but he's lower than that.

Thomas  30:05
I was up at like a five three or something like that.

Parris  30:08
I took about L or what happened? Yeah, Tyson,

Thomas  30:11
what happened?

Tyson  30:12
We got in Vegas. You know, we got smoked in Vegas together, but I blame my partner. All right. Yeah, always. So we are lining up some head to head pickleball matches because we had Thomas wood kept berating me as a pickleball. Player last week. So now there's a challenge. I got Lee Whitwell on my team. Who did you choose for your part? I

Thomas  30:36
tried to I tried to. I'm trying to recruit Golden Tate. Super Bowl champ Seahawks, lions, New York Giants. He's retired now. It's got some time on his hands. But

Tyson  30:46
he's really cool. Did you really get somebody from the lions? Got him.

Thomas  30:54
Nice, dude. Yeah, he also won a Super Bowl with

Tyson  30:58
Sure. Yeah,

Thomas  31:00
no, I mean, I want to I just want to get somebody cool to play with me. I don't care if we win. There's one. So if

Parris  31:05
you want to win, you can ask me. I mean, I'll see if I clear my schedule.

Thomas  31:09
We'll talk offline. Okay, sounds good. DNV.

Tyson  31:13
GL. We're only going to Thomas though. Paris. You know, you'll just be standing there.

Parris  31:17
I'm sure I can play singles out there.

Tyson  31:23
Yeah, so yeah, that's it. Was that the full answer spectrum of your question, Paris? Or was there more to that? No, I

Parris  31:31
was just curious. Want to see what I'm working with here? Yeah, Thomas

Tyson  31:34
has played some pro tournaments. He had a pro victory over Eric Lang at one point in Utah. And Thomas is more willing to play tournaments than I am i There's so long and there's so much downtime, and I'm a man of the people like I'm just like, goofing around, talking to people all the fans just like swarming me. Well, I've got a Yeah, it's a lot of energy,

Parris  32:00
a lot of attention. And I'm like, oh goes Yeah,

Thomas  32:04
nobody pays attention to me. So I have all the time in the world. I know Thomas. As well register for a tournament or two

Tyson  32:12
Javis will be standing together and somebody will come up and tell me how much they love this podcast. Yeah, that is true. Like Thomas. That's YouTube, but they didn't like it. No, nobody's come up and said they didn't like it yet.

Thomas  32:23
Yeah, that'll happen.

Parris  32:26
First time. Yeah,

Tyson  32:27
hopefully not after this one we'll let you know Paris.

Thomas  32:31
No will literally be walking around will literally be walking around like side by side of tournament so big Tyson loved the podcast, but not you. came again who are you?

Tyson  32:42
They'll come up and be like, hey, Tyson, you're the owner of the dink, right? I've got a thing for you. And I was like,

Thomas  32:47
that happened. Someone Someone DM Dustin was like, hey, Tyson, like, I'd love to talk to you about this opportunity. And I was like, there's no like, this is not Tyson's account. You got Garnet. See

Tyson  32:58
if you get paid for that, though. What? For whatever opportunity it was.

Thomas  33:03
Now obviously not so.

Tyson  33:04

Thomas  33:05
Well that's just how the world goes. Okay. Let's talk a little bit about major league pickleball what were like what was like your overall takeaway from that? I mean, I as a fan enjoyed the heck out of NSA. A commentator Tyson I had a good time commentating on one Tyson I think you comment to a format. Yeah,

Tyson  33:30
I was on the CBS and we were the day before. So we got you twice. And also I predicted BL qk victory from the onset.

Parris  33:41
So that's the money on that.

Tyson  33:45
No, I did not I'm I'm a neutral party here. So yeah, what yeah, what was your take? Was it like because we keep seeing these prizes that are like it's better than any other tournament I've ever played, the energy is so high. And then on top of that, what did you do with the 25 G's

Parris  34:05
so majorly pickleball was it's the one of the best events I've ever been a part of. Just everything that you know, major league football duper Steve Kuhn have been able to do for the players and setting up that event and how they do their Tuesday night events. I mean, it's just been awesome and they really are trying to bring money in for the players to make it allow us to make this a full time job and I think that right there is I mean, it's it's amazing and it's I'm so excited for the next two and I'm so excited that we get to keep our same team I'm glad that it's not you know, they don't do drafts in between I think they're doing some supplemental drafts with some of the teams but I think all of us on vo care safe which is good to say but I with the money I've put good amount in crypto Not gonna lie. So

Tyson  34:57
add it's rock bottom. Yeah.

Thomas  35:00
Oh, before after the crash I mean it's

Tyson  35:03
it's it's still crashing or have you made a profit?

Parris  35:05
It's been crashing a lot lately I've tried not to look at it because like, don't be like looking at it from like, downfall. What am I going to do? Oh my God, what did I do? So I have to like take a few weeks off of it and I'll look at it and then maybe in a year I'll be have like a million dollars in there. So

Tyson  35:20
yeah, I don't want to burst your bubble but the time to turn a portion of 25 G's into a million dollars in crypto has long passed.

Thomas  35:30
That's not true. Now it's bottomed out and it could go up again. depending on whatever No,

Parris  35:35

Tyson  35:36
what you never know you got to put money everywhere.

Parris  35:39
Exactly. Got to diversify. Really

Tyson  35:42
do I? Yeah. I've had some experiences with crypto. Some good and some bad are all mostly mostly bad. I mean, the highs are so high dude. I got in before the first giant spike. My first Bitcoin I bought was that $300

Parris  35:58
Wow. When did you sell it on?

Tyson  36:02
I trade trading you don't ask those questions. Can you tell them my face? You don't ask questions. And then I got in again, like pretty heavy before the giant 2017 spike and then subsequent major, major crash. And there was a time where I had turned like 15k into like 300k into like 9k Oh, no. Yeah. Oh,

Parris  36:32
those are the times you're like I should have sold I should have sold.

Tyson  36:34
Yeah. So I mean, there's a lot of those times. So anyways, enough about all the sob stories I've done okay for myself. Don't feel bad. Nobody sent me any any crypto. I've got enough.

Thomas  36:49
Well, yeah, you're, you're you're back on TV to Paris. What do you think about Tyson saying he's the most influential pickleball player?

Tyson  36:57
I sent Paris football personal personnel. Did you? Yeah. No.

Parris  37:01
Yeah. So I he sent me that I was like, what is what TV show? Is that? Was that for Survivor? Or like, what is that?

Tyson  37:07
No, it's uh, it's called the challenge. It's an MTV show, but they're showing it on CBS because the parent company and they're taking all former CBS reality stars and putting them on this show. Okay, so I just highlight nickel bought the entire time. Yeah, my confidence.

Parris  37:24
Oh, yeah. I love it. You got to have.

Tyson  37:27
So yeah, exactly. How you feel

Parris  37:30
about that comment?

Thomas  37:32
Um, listen, I I'm used to Tyson and his his, his confidence, we'll call it

Parris  37:42
a safe word.

Tyson  37:43
I mean, if I wasn't, then after this show, I probably will be. There you go. Everybody's like, what do you do to get in shape for this thing? I was like, I played pickleball twice a week. So sometimes I miss some of the pickleball times.

Thomas  37:56
Well, we're, we're trying to figure out if we could get you to where like pickle pod or other stuff while you were on the show. And they wouldn't let Yeah,

Tyson  38:03
they took it all away. Yeah. Because Under Armour sponsors the entire show. So I brought all this feel of gear, and they took it all away from me. But then I did a bunch of press this morning. And I'm wearing what I'm wearing now. So I wore all the feel of stuff in the press are able to sneak it in there like it. Yeah, sometimes because you there's so many people working on those shows that not everybody knows all the protocols. And so you just kind of sneak it in there and once in a while, like you get through. And then it's like, isolated enough where I'm just like, Oh, I didn't I forgot. I didn't know.

Thomas  38:36
I hadn't I had no idea.

Tyson  38:39
I just add on in the morning and then it ended up all over US Weekly.

Parris  38:43
Yeah, it's just a little sideways with us where it

Tyson  38:48
shows that I don't care I put it on it's a little sideways. So what

Thomas  38:55
Paris in all the all the matches you've played so far, who's who's the best singles match you've had? And by that, I mean, like, the toughest? Who's been the most difficult to play against. And then I'm gonna ask the same thing on the on the double side.

Parris  39:10
I would probably say Anna Lee has been my biggest challenge. But, you know, I played with J dub this week and singles. I played him and then I played James and Norwich. Yeah, I call me for you. Because he looks like the character from euphoria like the lead role. But oh my gosh, like playing with those guys is like after three points and like so out of breath, it's just crazy how good they are and the shots that they can hit. And especially James like he's so long, I was like, my passing shots aren't working like what am I supposed to do now?

Tyson  39:44
James looks like Zendaya

Parris  39:47
the male role but I mean, sure. I can't remember what his actual name is. But it's like the if you look at the show, I'd be like, oh, yeah, that's it. is so that's a compliment to him and to Anna so. But yeah, I would say probably Anna Lee and then and doubles Jacob. I mean he's just he's a frickin animal. Like he's he's unreal.

Thomas  40:18
So what's what's what's different about his game? I mean, what when you're playing with him like what are you constantly watching for?

Parris  40:26
Just him to he picks up shots and no one else can really pick up. I haven't played against Ben Jonze yet. So I don't really know how he plays, but you'll hit a dank or just like a really good shot that you think is like, oh, yeah, this is fine, like, and he'll just speed it up out of nowhere. But it's not really that fast. But it's just like, the spot that he's able to hit in the placement is just like doing that. And then if it comes to me, and I tried to beat up at him down the line, he's like, Oh, no, no, no, no, like, just the fastest handle. It's like, what do you have to do to like, win a point against this guy?

Thomas  41:00
Right? Right. Because in singles, I mean, you you just brought up like, you're, you're passing shots. So when I was watching your match verse, Anna Lee, I mean, one of the things that jumped out to me was you were just ripping the ball down a line and you're you're passing shots were were unbelievable. In In doubles, you can't really you can't fall back on that. So

Parris  41:19
yeah, it's just a lot more finesse. And it's just different shots, you have to develop have to completely change my game, from singles to doubles. And a lot of people don't realize that too. Like, you'll play singles on Thursday. And then you have two doubles events. And it's like, the feel is totally different. So you have to like change things in order to make it work. So when you're warming up the next day after singles like okay, I have to work on the drought now. And like all these different things, so it's just different variations. Oh, look who showed up? You know? Yeah, it's been all about you today. Paris. Hi, guys.

Tyson  41:56
Dude, this is awesome. Yeah, right. The highlight of your day. highlight of my year potentially, probably. Yeah.

Thomas  42:03
Perry already. We already discussed the anonymous questions. Yeah, there were a couple of them. Really. i What were they about? Like a size leg? circumference, mostly?

Tyson  42:15
One of them. And then just kind of like, you had so many questions, I would never do that. There was one the other one was kind of just like, encouraging parents to kind of partner up with you for, I don't know, a year or two. In writing and everything just lock you down immediately.

Thomas  42:33
Oh, awesome. Yeah. I mean, I haven't looked at my schedule yet. So

Tyson  42:37
it's cool of a fan to like do that though. And like recognize that that should be. So Paris, I want to talk to you about your doubles. When you're talking about singles and doubles a little bit. This doubles, you do something kind of unorthodox on the kitchen line, where you love to take a step back and let the ball bounce a lot deeper than some of the other pros who are like trying to pick it out of the air above the kitchen. Yeah. What is your reasoning for that? And why does it work so well for you.

Parris  43:09
It just depends on when I take a step off the line, what my partner is doing crosscourt, because a lot of the times, if I feel like, they're gonna pop it up or hit something high, I'll just take a step back, just to make sure I'm ready for speed up. Because if you're standing on the line, sometimes it comes a little bit too fast in order to defend or to counter. So that's a lot of the reason why I'll do that. I'm just kind of seeing what's going on with the point and I have to adjust to I move up and move back. And then I want to be more offensive. Like, I'll take a step forward. And then I'll try and take some of those balls out of the air instead of letting them bounce. But I think I was actually playing with DJ at Dreamland, a few maybe over a month ago. And I used to short hot my drinks a lot. And he's like, why don't you just like take a step back and like, wait for it to bounce and let it come up. So give yourself time and I was like, Oh, I never thought it was that because in tennis, everything you're like trying to take everything early. But Pickleball is very much like relaxed. You just have to wait and be patient and let the balls really like drop I want to say so after you know, I had my drinks with DJ I was like, Oh, he actually has a really good point. So I just take my time because if you're standing on the kitchen line all the time, sometimes you rush you feel very rush so it's just taking my time and really seeing what the ball is going to do before I make a decision what I want to do with it.

Tyson  44:29
Okay, I because I've always been instructed by multiple people and professionals to not give up any thing on the kitchen and to take everything from the sky that I can reach and control.

Parris  44:44
Yeah, well but women's doubles and mixed doubles is very different game to Because women's is a lot more. Trying to be more offensive and mixed is more like trying to neutralize things but also trying to counter and the guy will usually do a lot of the work I mean, not Alex, but like any other guy that I play with.

Tyson  45:02
Yeah, Alex.

Parris  45:05
Everything So, but yeah.

Tyson  45:08
Okay, I'm gonna start trying that a little bit more. Yes. I've always been, never give up an inch. You've earned your spot here on this line stay here.

Parris  45:18
I know you just kind of play out the point and see, you know, see what's going on with it. You can't just stay there the whole time. I just don't think that's the right way to go about it.

Tyson  45:26
So, okay, well, Thomas, sorry. Maybe the defeats we had in Vegas. Were my fault. I was unwilling to take a step back from the kitchen once I got there. We barely got. Yeah, we almost never got to the

Parris  45:40
just drive everything and see what happens.

Thomas  45:44
Okay, we didn't make it that far. It was more like just thirds and the net

Tyson  45:49
debt or too high. Sometimes we hit them too high. Yeah.

Thomas  45:54
No, and then we would get to the kitchen line. We'd be like, Okay, we're here now. Like, let's win.

Tyson  46:00
Yeah. Yeah. But we're still working the kinks out of this partnership here.

Parris  46:07
All relationships do right?

Tyson  46:09
Yeah, really? sage wisdom there. Paris.

Thomas  46:16
No, you're right, though. I think like, often coaches or even people have played a while, like for a beginner and in particular, that like, crowd the kitchen, reach in, take everything out of the air, put more pressure on your opponent. But I think that's like, I think that's it's basically like the game has evolved, where you need to be constantly moving your your position, and even like a minor adjustment, can change the shots that you have at your disposal. And of course, make your opponent less comfortable, and you less predictable. And then, you know, you can kind of step offline, take a few drinks and then especially for somebody like you Tyson, it's like okay, so you, you give Well, he's got the he's got the long arms, right? Like you give your opponent's face. So they think they can start hitting those deeper digs and then you just slide up even just a little bit. And now you do take it out of the air and they're not expecting it. you capitalize on that.

Tyson  47:10
Oh, okay. I like to strategy.

Parris  47:11
I think you have a future in coaching. Okay. Can I hire you? Do you want to come so my sideline use pretty expensive?

Thomas  47:18
Yeah. And they'll be your and I'll be your agent?

Tyson  47:23
Yeah, handling crypto or regular money.

Thomas  47:27
In ships.

Parris  47:31
Napoli money

Tyson  47:33
is worth about the same as some of the other stuff. Okay, I'm playing pickleball on Friday. That's tomorrow. I'm going to try this Thomas and doll report back next week.

Thomas  47:42
Do not play tomorrow morning to know tomorrow night. Well, not God.

Tyson  47:47
We were almost in sync. Like we were just like, oh, ours. Our moon cycles in St. Thomas, where we play pickleball at the same time, every time we play that's crazy.

Parris  47:56
Do you guys practice together alone or?

Tyson  47:58
No? We have Yeah. A we don't practice we only play. We're all right. The no drill zone over here. No, I love it. And we haven't played pickleball together since last fall. And that was hardly together. Yeah. Little

Parris  48:17
breakup going on over there a little animosity?

Tyson  48:19
No, we just haven't had time and we don't see each other in person very often. So yeah, he's in Austin. I'm in Arizona. We are both home bodies. So neither one of us is willing to travel to see the other one.

Parris  48:32
That's a tough relationship right there.

Tyson  48:35
It's really hard but it's a good thing. I have a family and kids and stuff with Thomas I must be lonely.

Thomas  48:40
Yeah, right.

Up in my apartment and talk to talk to nobody and then

Tyson  48:50
single tear down his face.

Thomas  48:54
So I'm like, I'm playing twice this weekend. Twice.

Tyson  48:58
Dude. Is your back gonna be able to handle that? I was at

Thomas  49:01
actually my biggest concern. My my back because it's been it's been acting up. I don't know what's wrong with me. Yeah,

Tyson  49:11
that's sad, old man.

Thomas  49:14
I'm playing like a good game on on Saturday though. I'm playing with Les Jansen and then the Irana brothers who I think are more I mean, one of them is more like he's a strong singles player Pro. But I think they're more like five out doubles player. So it should be should be a good match.

Tyson  49:29
Okay, are you gonna Yeah, should there okay. Well, the morning match tomorrow is the one I'd be more concerned if people are attending because like I have a good match on Saturday, but Friday's game is garbage and those people are idiots. That's essentially that's what I heard. Tom say, oh, no, I

Thomas  49:48
just never played I've never played with those people. So we'll see. That could be really bad. Could be good. Could could be really good.

Tyson  49:54
Okay, well, I look forward to your content.

Thomas  49:57
That's there's gonna be no content. No

Parris  50:00
Thomas missing a really shot. Oh,

Tyson  50:04
got you dude. Tavis man. I like you, I think. Yeah, this is great you fit in? Well, you understood the dynamics here between Thomas and myself and you've appropriately taken the shots that have been softball to you.

Parris  50:22
Thank you. I appreciate it. I'm just doing my best to keep up with you guys. So yeah, hopefully,

Thomas  50:28
politically lot of politically correct answers lot of smooth answers couldn't trip you up on anything. I typically like when a process something that they're not supposed to say.

Tyson  50:37
Oh, I do appreciate. Yeah, we all appreciate that.

Parris  50:42
I live see all over y'all. So I'll let you know. But until then.

Tyson  50:49
Okay, who would you never as a pro want to be partnered with another pro? Who would I

Parris  50:56
never want to be partnered with? That's such a mean question.

Tyson  51:00
Yeah, I'm just kidding. We're gonna answer it. Thomas. Should we have her answer? She looked like she was gonna do it.

Thomas  51:08
No, because she's gonna she's just gonna make because like, Alex is where she's gonna say, Alex, or something.

Tyson  51:13
Oh, yeah, it's Alex, are you? Oh, did you just already said that? He's one of the best or the best. I'm not kidding yourself. Okay, yeah, you're allowed to change your mind.

Thomas  51:29
Okay. What's what's next for you. So you're in California for a couple of tournaments here.

Parris  51:37
So I have the LA open this weekend. And then the Newport Beach championships next weekend. And then I head to Florida for a few weeks to take a few weeks off, which will be very nice. I think it'd be like 10, we can straight that I've been playing tournaments. So I'm excited about some new partnerships I have this weekend and next weekend. So it should

Tyson  51:58
be really good to hear about these partnerships, are they?

Parris  52:01
Yes, yes, you can hear about them. I'll get something. So this weekend, I have DJ Yang, which I'm really excited about, and shall ask him at all, which is awesome. And then next weekend, I have Kyle Yeates Nana bright. So I'm really excited for Anna especially, I think we would be able to make some ways together.

Tyson  52:20
So you're both very fiery.

Parris  52:22
I like to give each other really good energy. We have similar game styles, I think it's gonna be really good. So

Tyson  52:29
and DJ young, is that a real beard?

Parris  52:32
You know, today I want to like we're playing we're practicing scales, like, should I just touch it? Should the tattoos real? Like do they come off? Oh, no, to be determined. I'll

Tyson  52:46
let you know. Yeah, if you keep us updated. I'll feel it tomorrow and let you know. Perfect. And you also said you're moving? I don't know. Is that top secret still? Or is that we can talk about that? No,

Parris  52:57
I'm trying to figure out if I want to move to Florida or if I want to move to Texas. So I'm going to take some time and go to Florida beginning of July and see if I can if it's a good fit for me. So I live in California and I'm from California, I feel like Florida would be a little bit easier with transition for me. So we'll see how that goes.

Tyson  53:17
Is is what are the pros and cons like what are you specifically weighing? Is it more pickleball? related? Is it more just life style in general related?

Parris  53:26
I think it's a little bit of both, I think Texas would be 100% for the career and for pickleball just because there's so many opportunities, you know, over at Dreamland and over there. But also, I think it's doesn't really fit my lifestyle very well. Especially out in dreamland, it's a little bit rule for me, and just how I like to, you know, things to do and how I like to live. So that's why I feel like Florida still has really good players out there. And they're still great opportunities, but it's a little bit more like California lifestyle and living. So I just want to make sure like, I have a happy medium.

Thomas  53:59
Maybe you live down. You're gonna live downtown Austin, you're not gonna live out in dripping.

Parris  54:03
I just I'm not a big city girl. So I don't know if I'd be able to do that. Like, I would maybe live in between, like halfway but I just don't I haven't spent enough time in Texas to really know that. So maybe I'll just get a place in both spots. And then I'll be you know, back and forth.

Tyson  54:19
You think 25k is enough to buy you a house in Austin and Florida.

Parris  54:24
No, but with the stuff I have on the table. I think I'll be able to have a place in both.

Tyson  54:29
Okay, dude. Why not? But why did you need that? Do you need that? Didn't need what? To one in Austin one in Florida. Wouldn't you rather go one in California one in somewhere else?

Parris  54:41
I'm sure I'll have multiple properties. See? Wow, big. Yeah, and just start making some money off them and call it my home whenever I'm there and just you know, start acquiring some real estate. I think it's only smart, right? Yeah,

Tyson  54:55
I mean real estate stocks crypto. crypto. Crypto is number one. You got it all going. Yeah, yeah, everything's happening and turning up Paris, Todd.

Parris  55:05
I love it. I love it.

Tyson  55:08
Thomas, any closing remarks?

Thomas  55:11
No. I actually like that. Everything's turning up Paris. Todd.

Tyson  55:14

Parris  55:15
I love that.

Tyson  55:17
Okay, well keep it going. It was a pleasure. Parris and we hope to see more of you predictions this weekend. Multiple golds.

Parris  55:27
Multiple metals. Yeah. Yeah.

Thomas  55:31
We're not this weekend, right. It's next weekend.

Parris  55:35
This weekend. Yeah.

Tyson  55:36
This weekend. Yeah. So yeah. And next weekend is Newport. Come on, Thomas. And then after that is a trip to Florida.

Parris  55:45
Yep. You got it. You got a good listener?

Tyson  55:48
Thank you. Yeah, being a good communicator is like 80% listening.

Parris  55:52
Exactly. That's why you guys relationship doesn't you know, work that well. Maybe one of you listen.

Tyson  56:00
Yeah, we're not gonna say who they want. Thomas wants out of here. So bad Thomas. You can end this whenever you want.

Thomas  56:09
Thanks, Paris. Later guys.

Tyson  56:11
See ya. Bye.


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