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PicklePod 29 Tyson is BACK | Rob Nunnery Shares a "Unique Story"

by The Dink Media Team on

Tyson Apostol is BACK as host of the PicklePod. It’s always emotional when Rob Nunnery stops by. This time it’s hours after an unforgettable ER visit and he tells us all the horrific details. The strategy debate continues on how to cover the pickleball court. Thomas has a hack that will help get your erne count up.


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*Show notes*

(4:58) Thomas brings Tyson up to speed after his hiatus

(9:36) How’s Rob doing in Hawaii

(12:41) The Prestige of the US Open in Question

(18:36) Upcoming tournament schedule and major events

(22:14) Rob has some doubts about the new court coverage strategy

(31:26) Thomas and Tyson talk about their tournament experience and respective trophy cases

(34:43) When to pull the trigger, maybe less than you think

(39:54) Thomas shares his pickleball hack

(42:26) Freestyle Boys new Cohost and DUPR ratings

(48:07) Spread ‘em


Thomas  0:04
Good. You're back.

Tyson  0:09
I'm back with the start. Yeah. Oh, wow. Oh man, I'm so unused to these abrupt starts. First of all, Thomas, it's so good to hear the sound your voice. And I'm so sorry I left you the CNN plus offer was just like, too good. So for those that don't know, I went to CNN plus they made me this ridiculous offer, we spent the last month plus doing 106 hour long episodes that we're just going to play on loop on CNN plus non stop, then everyone knows the very short lived tale of CNN plus it lasted almost zero weeks. And none of that content will ever be seen. I won't get paid. And I had to scramble for my next gig and came crawling back and begging Thomas to take me back on pickle pod. And fortunately, he was gracious enough to give me a pay cut. And let me come back. So Thomas, thank you so much. And I won't leave you ever again.

Thomas  1:18
It's good to have you back. I had to break a heart though. I had to kick Casey off the pod.

Tyson  1:23
He'll be okay. He's very strong and resilient. Well,

Thomas  1:26
he I mean, he's already bounced based on the freestyle boys now. Yeah,

Tyson  1:29
I mean, it's not pickled pod, but it'll do.

Thomas  1:33
It'll do for speaking of free. sadboys We do have nunnery. Rob nunnery. Joining us very shortly. He'll jump on. Okay. I think he has an interesting story for us. Because last night, he texts me it's like, I can't do the poem in the ER. It's like, Alright, I'm not gonna argue with that excuse, but I never gotten the information. So we're gonna figure out what the heck happened to him.

Tyson  1:56
What body part do you think was affected

Thomas  2:03
his I have no idea.

Tyson  2:07
I'm gonna say I'm gonna say digestive tract.

Thomas  2:12
Yeah, that's a good guess. Actually. Yeah, I don't know why, but that's a good guess.

Tyson  2:16
Yeah. What are you saying? You can't choose the same as me. You got his brain?

Thomas  2:18
I don't know. He had like a

Tyson  2:21
you think he's coming here? Now after a brain ER visit? Now, I think digestif maybe he swallowed like a toy car or had to get that removed or maybe probably just like food poisoned? I don't know.

Thomas  2:38
No, no, his it was something with his brain. The doctor said the best remedy would be to have some highly intellectual jousting. to reinvigorate your brain. Get it firing again, get you thinking with two of the best in the industry. Exactly. And so I was like, Well, sounds like you should still come up and say he's got to come on here shortly.

Tyson  3:01
Well, while we're waiting for Rob, I'd like to remind everyone to get their relight in. I don't know. I had mine this morning. Still the best electrolyte mix in the game, bar none. mined from the salt mines of Utah, and absolutely delicious. It is one of the only electrolyte mixes that has as much sodium as you would sweat out in an hour. Whoa, the beauty with that, like, honestly, of all the electrolyte mixes I've ever tasted or ever tried. This is the only one that I can tell makes a difference on my muscle cramps. And so you can use the code pickleball at checkout it relights website and load up at a discount. That's what I would do.

Thomas  3:52
I had mine in the middle of the night last night because I did hot yoga last night and did not hydrate as usual. Yeah. So I woke up in the middle of the night and I was like, Oh God, like I need to. I need to replenish. So I asked the perfect time to am. Yeah,

Rob  4:08
I feel guilt.

Thomas  4:09
Yeah. I'm looking at this mug that I have that I stole from my mom when I moved to New York. Okay, it says reasons to be a unicorn. Yes. Stunning. Okay, fart glitter. Poop. Rainbows live forever can fly. Awesome horn. You can stab people with my mother. My mother's mug.

Tyson  4:32
Yeah. Well, the stab people with at the end was the one I didn't. I didn't see that one coming. And going. Yeah, yeah,

Thomas  4:41
the whole thing to me is weird. But anyway, I need to catch you up on everything that's happened. Yeah,

Tyson  4:46
I was so busy creating content for CNN plus, I didn't have time as much time as I needed to follow pickleball news. So the last four to six weeks. What are our biggest stories,

Thomas  4:59
by the way? People were like, did you guys do you guys break up?

Tyson  5:03
Yes. Like no. I mean, professionally for a second, but no, we're back. And stronger than ever. I think that this time away has made our hearts grow fonder.

Thomas  5:14
Agreed. And I'm gonna bring you up to speed. And I'm gonna, I'm gonna run you through this. I'm just gonna start reading stuff. Yeah. And then you decide what you want to talk about, okay. There's a lot of stuff. And it's in no particular order. It's just like an absolute jumbled mess. Yeah, that's what I like. All right, well, Gary Vaynerchuk bought a team. I think that's probably like the biggest news for for Major League. Pickleball. So having a personality like that in the game here, I

Tyson  5:41
had heard that, and also, his team has contacted me for some partnership stuff. So we're gonna, you know, cool, top secret move a little forward with that?

Thomas  5:53
Is it Vayner or 1:37pm? We'll talk about it offline.

Tyson  6:00
I was told Vayner. But I know I've been so busy creating content, I haven't had as many meetings as I need to have. So I'm catching up on all the

Thomas  6:07
while I'm doing some stuff with them, too. So you should figure that out together?

Tyson  6:11
Well, we are partners here. So it would I mean, make sense that we also move forward with that stuff. Okay, next course.

Thomas  6:22
Here's our he released, you know, his team name it has to do with like V friends is NF T's which are really popular and can be very valuable. So I think that's one of the things that sort of underlying in that story that people don't realize, but it's great for the sport generally.

Tyson  6:35
And do we need to do NF T's here? Pickle pod.

Thomas  6:39
We could do some. We could do some NF T's. We are currently working with a company that's doing some, like NFT crypto stuff. So cool.

Tyson  6:49
NFT and crypto.

Thomas  6:50
There's a lot of these pickleball I see Rob in the waiting room. He's like trying to figure out it looks really fun.

Tyson  6:58
Tell him to give us a thumbs up when it's time to for us to let them in.

Thomas  7:02
Okay, well, alright, well, he can just listen to the rest of these.

Tyson  7:06
He can hang out with us. Why can't you hang out with us?

Thomas  7:08
Yeah, great. What's up? Rob? What's up, dude?

Rob  7:11
Thank you, Tyson. Don't let him keep me out of there.

Tyson  7:13
Yeah, I mean, you are allowed to comment on this stuff. Like I said, I've been at CNN plus signed this huge deal with them. I thought it was going to be like, my rest of my life I was going to be with say CNN plus created over 600 hours of content with them, only to then have CNN plus get cancelled almost before it started. Now I came crawling back to the pod. And here we are. So Thomas is catching me up on the last month plus of pickleball news because I've been too in wrapped in creating this CNN plus content that will never see the light of day. It's a bummer. Yeah, it really is. So Thomas. We got Gary Vee. He does internet stuff. And he Yeah, so he's bought this team for Major League pickleball. You guys. That's news. I had heard that. So I think that's all I need to know about that. Next. Yeah,

Thomas  8:07
that's probably the biggest Well, I mean, and then obviously, he came on well, so I interviewed him. And I was like, Yeah, we're not going to use this. Like I even say it when I was interviewing them. Like, we're not going to use this. It's like, then I was like, nah, this is too good. And so I like contact his team. I was like, Can I upload this? And so that is the that's how we got him on pickle pod. But oh, by telling

Tyson  8:27
him you weren't going to use it and very, it was really Yeah, we don't want you to professional to use it. It's just between us. It wasn't.

Thomas  8:35
Yeah, it wasn't planned. That's not how I planned it. But it ended up working out really well.

Tyson  8:40
So the Gary Vee thing did go live.

Thomas  8:43
Yeah, so we put it we uploaded it as like a pickle pod episode on YouTube and on Spotify, and were

Tyson  8:48
you able to, you know, have a conversation with him without me.

Rob  8:52
Yeah, and it was not a not a good one, but a conversation. Okay.

Tyson  8:56
That's what I wanted to know. That's those were the undertones of Mike. Sorry.

Rob  9:02
Sorry. I'm just trying to choose my battles here.

Thomas  9:04
We had Tyson are just talking right now.

Tyson  9:07
No, I appreciate that. Rob. Thank you for backing me.

Thomas  9:13
up I don't want to I don't want to get to this list anymore.

Tyson  9:15
Oh, wow. Wow. Okay. Let's talk to Rob. Rob. I don't know. You were slated to be our guest today. Then Thomas got a text message from you last night that said you were going to the ER and probably wouldn't be able to be on today. Then. Thomas texted me that this morning and I said text Rob back and see if he's on because an ER story is good for the pod. And then we guessed that's why

Thomas  9:44
CNN plus hired you by the way because you think about that stuff. Yeah, you're lying. I was like 10 First guy.

Tyson  9:50
Exactly. Before I make sure anybody's Okay.

Thomas  9:53
I need to make sure that yeah, life life threatening predicament?

Tyson  9:59
No. So I guess it was something to do with your digestive tract. But Thomas didn't Thomas guessed a brain injury.

Thomas  10:10
I didn't know what else I had left. I didn't sound like from the text that it was like you hurt your elbow or something. Yeah, but

Tyson  10:16
like he's texting with a brain injury All right, well, that's

Rob  10:25
who's closer here.

Tyson  10:26
Who's closer here? digestive tract or brain injury?

Rob  10:28
I would say Tyson's closer Kaboom, shocker.

Tyson  10:35
Can you go into some details about this? What like what happened?

Rob  10:41
Yeah, so basically, it's been a couple of weeks since I started feeling it. But I'm basically had developed some story. So develop, develop some lumps, like around my butt, and I thought it was from lifting. I thought it was from like, lifting heavy weights, because I do like these kettlebell swings. So you're thinking like hemorrhoids? Is that what you're thinking? Yeah, I looked it up. It didn't seem like hemorrhoids. Hernia I looked at it was possible hernia. But these, like, it would go away, it would come it would come and then it would go away. And then just the past three or four days, though, it got to the point where like, like, it's all consuming pain. Like, even if I'm not even if I'm not sitting like I can't think about anything else other than

Tyson  11:33
this. And, like,

Rob  11:35
I out of curiosity for myself. Yep. It's like in the butt. Or it's like around the but it's not like in the anus, if that's what you're asking. Yeah. So it's like, in the crack area. Yes. Like, like the like the lining of it, I guess, like the crack area. But it's like on both sides. And there's like these little hard lumps that are like really tender to the touch. And it makes it impossible to sit down. As Apple Stores been taking? What is it? 2400 milligrams of ibuprofen, like every day and still feel it. Okay, so the pain, the pain is real, which is what drove me to go to urgent care a few days ago, which I I'm typically a guy that avoids the doctor. So for me to go to urgent care. It was yeah, it was real. Yeah. For our listeners, like if you don't go to the doctor, then you don't know something's wrong with you. So that's like my play too. As like, if I go to the doctor, I'm probably just gonna find out how unhealthy I am.

Thomas  12:34
Right? I'm gonna avoid that. Yeah. It's like when it's like when we don't drill. Because like, we want to avoid looking at the fact that our fundamental sock

Tyson  12:43
Yeah, exactly. That all every shot. Every good shot I hit is lucky. We I don't want people to know that. That's all it is. Okay, so Rob, so you go to urgent care. So this is separate from your ER visit or the urgent Yeah, no, this

Rob  12:56
is separate. This is probably four days ago. And they're like, Yeah, this probably this. I don't know what she thought it was like. It was diagnosis like a pilonidal cyst, which is basically at the very like bottom of your tailbone, basically the top of your crack. And it usually comes from ingrown hairs, and it's usually in people younger than me. So it turns out like I saw the so she she diagnosed me with that basically was like, I can't do anything for you. You probably should see a surgeon. So they referred me over to a surgeon, which is where I went yesterday. Okay, so go to the surgeon. And this is this is easily, easily the most uncomfortable doctor visit I've ever been to. Okay, yeah, it was terrible.

Tyson  13:49
Yeah, I think we're gonna need some real detail.

Rob  13:53
Lovely. So so get to this guy's office. pleasantries with the reception. Lovely. Oh, you you work at mechanic Golf and Beach Club and like, I do. Oh, you do? Pickleball there. Oh, so we probably know all the same pickleball people. Okay, so got a little connection with the receptionist. Good call it back, though. To the Go to the back room. Doctors asked me a few questions. What's what's happening? How did you get here? How long has this been happening? Take your pants off and get sideways on this table. Okay, okay. Very, very little foreplay. Yeah, no, yeah, that

Thomas  14:33
sounds like

Rob  14:34
the bedside the bedside was

Tyson  14:38
lacking a lot to be desired. Yeah,

Rob  14:40
there was. So pants off. Lay down. On my left side. What kind of pants are you wearing? Here are these joggers Lulu joggers, okay. So I went I went with the comfy choice for the course smart. So my thought is okay, it's going to be some kind of cyst, they're just going to be able to like, hopefully give me some kind of numbing agent to where I don't feel any of this. And then they're just going to cut this thing out, drain it, whatever, it's going to be gone, I'm gonna be able to walk out of this place with like a Yeah, a little incision that needs to heal. But whatever this pain is, is going to be gone. That was like kind of my hope and expectation going into this appointment.

Tyson  15:24
So at this point, there's one single problem area or there's multiple,

Rob  15:28
there's multiple, but multiple areas around my butt. Okay, good luck just talking about my butt on the internet's this fun thing. Really appreciate you having me on.

Tyson  15:39
I mean, I mean, you could you can speed up, you're the one that's telling the story. You can speed it up at whatever pace I'm

Thomas  15:46
asking you. You're like pausing and you're like no more detail on like, where the

Tyson  15:51
crap. Okay, I only for my own. And Rob, this is why I'm asking because I'm like, if this ever happens to me, like, I also need to know this courses of action I need to take in this moment. So what you're doing is you're educating people. Okay, so, so this happens and you're thinking pains, they're going to pain relief me before they do whatever they're doing.

Rob  16:13
Yeah, so I don't I don't know what's gonna happen, right? He just, he just tells me to get on my side. So I'm basically on my left side. He says, tuck your knees up to your chest as much as you can. So like, almost in like a little fetal position, laying on my left side pants down, fully exposed, he starts getting in there. Like just kind of fiddling around with this thumb to see like, where the pain points are. Like, isn't there like, Yeah, is there? Yeah. Like, and he's just like, I could just show you instead of you kind of exploring and like trying to figure out where you know, you were hurt. Yeah. So we don't have to do this whole song and dance.

Tyson  16:50
Also that like that position, you're in there. That's what I call the crying position. Like if I'm in the shower, in the fetal position on my left side naked. That's definitely I'm crying.

Rob  17:01
When you got the call from CNN plus, know when I got cancelled

Tyson  17:05
from CNN, oh, when I got the call. That's what you were doing. Then when I got cancelled from CNN plus, because all of CNS disappeared, then that was me in the shower. Okay,

Rob  17:14
so did he let you tell him where the source were where he just wanted to keep poking and prodding. You just wanted to keep poking and prodding But yeah, basically was just like telling him Yep, hurts more there hurts more here. And he goes, he goes, alright, going in. And then didn't say much Elton group.

Tyson  17:33
All the way in.

Rob  17:35
Me we're talking full tilt to the, to the to the

Tyson  17:38
knuckles deep. Okay.

Rob  17:41
Yeah not once, but like several times without like, without warning. It's I don't like it.

Okay. Are you healed? Like what is your sitting now? Emotionally? Oh, you mean? Emotionally? Definitely not. No, this is going to be years and years.

I mean, setting and so yeah, no, this thing's been a light

Tyson  18:08
on a doughnut. Oh, nice. A doughnut lifesaver.

Rob  18:12
Before that, like I could not sit.

Tyson  18:14
So what was the prognosis? Did he do surgery?

Rob  18:17
Well, we're not we're not done with my doctor says yep. So okay, so that happens. And he's like, All right, we need to try to cut this open.

Thomas  18:27
Lovely. We're gonna we're gonna we're gonna talk a little pickleball strategy once this is over just for everybody listening. Okay. Yeah.

Rob  18:35
LSVT is a little bit.

Thomas  18:37
I know that like sometimes, you know, like my grandpa. Listen, he's, he's gonna love it.

Tyson  18:43
He is gonna love it. Alright,

Rob  18:45
so he's like, we need to cut this thing open. Let's try to use like, I don't know if it'll drain but let's try to drain it. So he calls him the nurses. The two that I was just exchanging pleasantries with in the in the reception that I just that you know, we know the same people and now she's going to see me in all my glory. So anyways, he's like, now I need you to Pants Off. Face down on this on this map is bad. And he's he pulls out like a needle for anaesthetic. So just to kind of numb it. finds that that he basically finds the first bite, he's like, Okay, we're gonna try to drain this first. I gotta tell this part first. So before he starts to actually go in there, he lays me down. He starts telling me this joke about Hawaii fibo he's like, I used to love this show Wi Fi though this guy would always say spread them and then put them against the wall. And then like, meanwhile, like he's all I hear is like, sounds like big roll of tape coming out. He's taping each bedsheet to the table, pulling it so it's like spreading them open. And he just wanted to tell me that's similar to Hawaii Five o or he's spreading my buttcheeks that will tape it How that's somehow similar to them spreading somebody. You didn't 100% this up, okay? No, no, Jesus, no. And meanwhile, the nurses are right there while he's spreading my butt cheeks, the ones that are like, Oh, we were just talking about knowing the same people awkward. And then, so I'm prepared, laying on the table, but cheeks are spread, he pulls out the anaesthetic needle. That's what it's called, but finds the first part that he wants to inject where there's like a little lump in Jack's hurts, and then immediately goes with the incision, so puts that local anesthetic and starts cutting me. It's the it felt like there is no numbing agent, like it was the worst pain I've ever felt like, somebody shredding my butt with a steak knife, like it was terrible. And to the point where like, I'm gripping, I'm voting, I'm holding on to the table with both hands in the front. Probably sweating and everything. No dripping, dripping sweat. Yep. And even the nurses like maybe you should use more like saying that to the doctor, listen to this. And then he's like, Nope, no drainage. I'm like, Oh, great, perfect. On to the next. So goes to the same thing. numbs sticks, a needle and to numb another spot. Cuts. No, no drainage. So we do this four different times. There's just going to different spots, trying to drain something. Nothing's draining. And I'm just like, like, a body shaking. It's so painful. I'm yelling expletives, like under my breath, trying to catch my breath. And I wish I wish this doctor's visit upon knowing. But basically, they're like, Yeah, we don't know what's going on. We don't know what this is, we're going to send you to the ER, because that's going to be the fastest way you can get a CAT scan. So he called in, he caught him to the ER doctors like hey, sending this guy over. Don't really know what this is. It's not draining. It's very painful. scan them, and then we'll figure it out. So went over there, was there for a few hours, but eventually got the CAT scan. And that was kind of late later last night. And the ER doctor is going to talk to that surgeon today. And then I'm gonna go back today and see what's up. So wow, that's cool circle. I don't

Tyson  22:31
still don't know. Wow, that's incredible. So basically, you're probably paying like $5,000 to, you know, nothing. That's currently where you're at?

Rob  22:42
Not for No, not for nothing. Both to know nothing. I got I got a lot of experience. Yes, that's true.

Thomas  22:46
You've definitely lived a life there. Yeah, all right. Not not what I was just so not a brain injury.

Tyson  22:55
And are you able to currently play pickleball in your state? Or do you need to, you know, like, running, jumping, moving? Is that all painful? Dude, that's your job. Isn't that I mean, walking is painful. Walking is painful. Okay, so you're like Netflix and chill and right now?

Rob  23:13
No Netflix, and but yeah.

Tyson  23:15
What do you need an HBO Max login? What do you need here?

Rob  23:18
No, I got it all. I'm just not watching any TV. Okay. Got too much going on? Yeah.

Tyson  23:24
All right. Well, we're sorry for your losses there and your physical ailments. But you know what, maybe there's a silver lining at the end of it all, like a rookie of the year type situation where after they perform whatever surgery they need to your butt becomes like super awesome capacity.

Rob  23:41
I'll keep you posted. I hope it does. Yeah, I

Tyson  23:43
hope so. Two

Rob  23:45
more to come on the butt updates. Yeah, definitely.

Thomas  23:48
We'll make sure to have you back on when we please. We got to have a full recap. Yeah. Can't wait to clip that one up for for Instagram.

Tyson  23:57
Kay Thomas, do we have pickleball news? Besides Rob's? ER visits and everything going on? We got us. We got the US Open going on. Right or?

Thomas  24:07
Yeah. Yeah, that's all No. Hello. I want to get I want to get some more updates on on Rob. So Rob, you're I don't know why. You just took

Tyson  24:16
you're in Hawaii right now.

Rob  24:18
I am in Hawaii. Yeah. Is

Thomas  24:19
he moved there. So you're living there now? Full time, right. Yeah.

Tyson  24:23
What island? Maui,

Rob  24:24
Maui. Okay, I

Tyson  24:25
do remember we had that conversation. So you're in Maui. And if I come to Maui, what can I expect from you?

Rob  24:34
It's a good question. What do you want?

Tyson  24:36
I mean, place to stay. Pickleball games.

Rob  24:39
You like it? I

Tyson  24:40
just need to know the level of

Rob  24:44
yeah, whatever you want. Oh,

Thomas  24:47
okay. You're working full time there. So you just took a new position at the club you just mentioned right?

Rob  24:52
Yeah, so McKenna Golf and Beach clubs. Discovery land property.

Thomas  24:57
Yeah, pretty nice.

Tyson  24:59
And what do we what What do people do? So like tourists can show up and play and pay to play.

Rob  25:04
You have to you have to be a member, which means you have to own the residence or a piece of land at the club. Okay, or at the property. And I'm assuming it's a Golf Resort, all of that stuff. It's

Tyson  25:16
got everything.

Rob  25:17
Yeah, it's like ultra luxury. Private.

Tyson  25:21
Wow. Yeah. It doesn't sound like a bad place to work. No,

Rob  25:25
it's quite nice. Okay,

Thomas  25:27
now the discovery land crew they had they had a major league football team at one point. Yeah, I don't think they're in the ownership group this this year, but and then in discovery land is like a massive company of properties everywhere like Baker's Bay, like all over the like, like every nice location. It's kind of it's, it's pretty legit.

Tyson  25:46
So are you still playing tournaments and stuff traveling? Or are you just mostly going to be

Rob  25:53
in men? No, I'm gonna, I'm gonna play a lot still. I'm gonna be so I'm in Hawaii. What? What the current situation is now is that I'm here seasonally. And I'm gone in the summers from here just because it's slower. Most of the people that live out here, go back to you know, there's a lot of San Francisco Bay Area, people that come out here, there's a lot of Seattle people, a lot of west coasters. Seattle folks obviously want to be back in Seattle in the summer. So summer, slow, slower over here. So I'm in I'm going to be in quarter lane, Idaho in the summers base there anyways at a place called Gaza Ranch, which is another discovery land property. So it'd be much easier to get to tournaments in the summer where I'm based on the mainland, right? Okay,

Thomas  26:40
why no US Open.

Rob  26:43
I wasn't gonna play the US Open, even if I hadn't been living in Hawaii. Initially, it was just purely, I'm only going to go play tournaments where my costs are covered by the tournament. And US Open isn't covering costs for players. So I was just like, Nat. Yeah, it was a very like, like, you know, we covered in the podcast last year, it was a quite a mediocre experience for it being my first US Open. Right, right. Right. So it was just like, Ah, I don't want to go back.

Thomas  27:12
Yeah. So what's like the general consensus on the US Open is it seems like, you know, there's, there's certainly like notable absences, but it still feels like it matters to the players that are there. Like, what's your perspective on the US Open? And kind of like its place in pickleball? Right now?

Rob  27:28
Yeah. Historically historic, you know, it has historical significance. Right. It was kind of the first, or one of the first big tournaments that came on the scene that, you know, really showcase pro level pickleball. Yeah. So that they'll it'll always have that. But in terms of where practicable, has gone, and the way it's evolved, and the perks involved. Now, for the players and the way players are treated, they haven't maintained really that standard. And other tournaments are passing. Yeah. But yes, like, if you're there, like, players still want to win, like the prestigious, you know, the prestigious still real. It's not going to be as pure of a title, as you know, some of the some of the big tournaments where everybody's that.

Thomas  28:13
But like, if you're a player who wins the US Open, and you've got these these companies coming into pickleball trying to get in. Yeah, and you can say I'm a US Open champ, they don't know the difference, right? It still holds that value to anybody who's 100%. Right. So it's almost like a cheat code. If you can go there with like certain players, aren't there. Competition is more thin than it usually is. You can kind of squeak out a win and be the US Open champion. Yeah.

Tyson  28:36
So for the pickleball world, though, the pros, what would you say is the most notable tournament that is a real, real victory against the very best, like if you could pick one tournament, Rob, that you win? Which one would it be?

Thomas  28:54
I was going to ask this to

Rob  28:55
see what it would have to it's very dependent, right? It's before, before the tours kind of split with the exclusive contracts where you're really not allowed to play anything else. If you're a three year, you know, it's going to be a tournament that everybody that like, Yeah, everybody doesn't necessarily matter. It's just the PPA with the most players or the a PP with the most players. Yeah, I mean, it certainly matters. In terms of, of prize money, size, right. So like, I don't know what the biggest one was last year, for example, but I think the Vegas championships was pretty big. I didn't I didn't I wasn't there for that one. But I think most everybody played that.

Tyson  29:41
Okay. Yeah. So, so that's what you're looking at is more like, it's based more on prize money for you rather than there being an extra prestigious event to win, though. There's really not an event like that right now. The US Open kind of is but like Thomas said, there's a cheat code nobody's showing up anymore. They don't have a real concentrated event where every single pro wants to participate and wants to win.

Rob  30:09
Yeah. And nationals was nationals is kind of in the same boat. Where a lot of people didn't go last year. And yeah, so I think it's actually an interesting time if like, if you're running a tournament, like you could, like,

Tyson  30:23
the World Championships, create a world championship event, big prize money,

Rob  30:28
somehow get all the players. The challenges, the challenges, contracts.

Tyson  30:34
Yeah. But I think that the peep, it would, it could serve everyone. Well, if you could include everyone for just one big hurrah of pickleball get every single top pro there to have a conversation with the PPA and the a PP and say, We're just doing a single world championship style event. Like, I think it can happen, but like, there's not,

Rob  30:57
there's not good luck as Alec Thomas said,

Tyson  31:01
Yeah, I'm gonna say, Well, I

Rob  31:03
would I would agree with Thomas there.

Tyson  31:04
I'm not a meetings person. So we'd have to have somebody else do the meetings for us. Yeah, we need

Thomas  31:10
Oh, I'm sorry that that went over our heads when we you were pitching something you want us?

Rob  31:16
Yeah, we are. We have a lot of meetings person.

Tyson  31:19
We own the world championships of pickleball. And if you want to be world champ, and where's through here, it goes through here. And it's it's like cycling where the world champ gets a special world champion colored the outfit to wear at each so that you know who the world champion is in that. It whether it's singles, doubles, or mixed doubles, the World Championship. The World Champion clothing is very distinguishable throughout the entirety of the following season until the next World Championships.

Thomas  31:55
It's good to have you back. I forgot how good your ideas are.

Tyson  31:58
I'm like a real business guy. You know?

Thomas  32:00
Yeah. We've come up with our listeners. We're just kind of like, take some of our ideas and run with them. Maybe a couple of billionaires. Yeah. Okay, ready, I want to test my audio live on on. This is gonna be good podcasting right here. But okay, Robbie, I want to know if you can hear this. And if there's a hum in the background, or if it's good. Go again. Can you hear me in the background? Like a hum in the background? Or is this good? Is this better than than the headphones I was using? Yes.

Tyson  32:36
And you don't hear any electrical like hum or anything? No,

Thomas  32:42
I think that's on your and Tyson.

Tyson  32:45
I don't think it is. Because I can hear it again. I couldn't hear it before now. I can hear it. But whatever. We'll listen to the podcast at the end and see if the home is present or not. Yeah,

Thomas  32:56
I mean, I would hate to have to just like delete this episode, after all the you know, cheap gold, but we'll see what

Tyson  33:06
you're not going to see in and plus me here, Thomas.

Thomas  33:10
That too many heartbreaks lately. Yeah. All right. So Rob, what's the next tournament that we're gonna see you at?

Rob  33:17
You know, as long as my butt cheeks holed up next week and in St. Louis.

Thomas  33:22
Okay. What's that one?

Rob  33:24
Is that a PP? PPI? Yes. A St. Louis. Think St. Louis open ABP? 100k

Thomas  33:30
Got it. Okay. And then you're doing major league? Pickleball. Right.

Rob  33:34
I am doing majorly pickleball. Yeah. Okay. Nice.

Thomas  33:38
And the applications closed for that. And the draft is coming up here. So I think

Rob  33:42
yeah, the draft reveals in the draft already happened. Yeah, that's right. Draft. Bill is at the end of end of May. I think you're gonna do in New York.

Thomas  33:53
to New York City open. Yeah. Yeah, that'd be cool. Okay, so which,

Rob  33:57
which I will see you at right.

Thomas  33:59
Yeah. And we're gonna do some stuff. Yes. Let's where we are. Let me just let me hype this up a little bit. I do believe we're going to be doing something with Gary Vee and his team there. So Tyson Yeah, you're back alive again. So we should talk about that offline as well. And then we also might be helping with the actual broadcast of the draft reveal Tyson we also need to talk about that so okay, but for anybody who's in New York if we have New York listeners I mean I know that Pickleball is still up and coming there but but just got an interesting tax but but yeah, it'll be good it'll be a good event so come out if you're if when is it in New York but we'll get we'll have more details on that. I think we have to kind of

Rob  34:47
that may 26 Seven date something around then we

Tyson  34:51
can because it sounds like I'm going to this Thomas and I didn't know I was but now I guess I am. So I would be nice to know the dates at least

Thomas  34:59
sorry. I misread the text, we can talk about this. Yeah, so it's May, it's Thursday, the week of May 23. And we're going to do an event in the city, there's going to be an exhibition. We'll have some pros there I talked to. So, Rob, obviously, Kyle Yeates, I rent a tear shank goes and now Bertil will work working on some some other prizes as well. But it should be a cool event. The idea is like, let's just hype up pickleball in the biggest city in the world, because I think it's, it's pretty lacking there at this point. And having somebody like Gary Vee and his team involved, I think it will really help like, put a spotlight on the on the sport. Give it the shine that it deserves. And, you know, like, it'll be a cool event so

Tyson  35:40
I can get some people there too. Yeah, New York is my largest fan base for some reason, like on Instagram, when you look like you're insane. You

Thomas  35:48
should you should just come out to it. You should you should come. I

Tyson  35:51
again, you said I had to be there. But no. Now you're. Now you're saying like,

Rob  35:57
this is like the whole Gary Vee thing is like, we're not going to use this for the podcast. Okay, so we're not going to use you in New York City.

Okay. Yeah, I have to be there.

Tyson  36:06
So should I be there? Or should I not be there?

Thomas  36:11
You should be there. I need you to be there. So I will need you to stay there. Okay. But you're gonna have to not if we take a picture together. You can't look that much taller than me. And the next picture we take? No, I definitely will hunker down. Plus, that was a tough. That was a hard loss for you. Yeah, it was a tough one. It was a tough pill to swallow. I didn't realize how tall you are.

Tyson  36:32
When when we were in Vegas in the announcing booth. I'm so sorry. Tavis. I mean, but I'm like six, nine. So like, even though you're six, three. It's been a lot.

Thomas  36:42
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Yeah. All right. So Rob, when we saw Tyson, we had Colin Johnson, and it ended up being like, the best episode we've ever done. Why is that? Because he blew everybody's mind. Just he just started like, he just started like talking about like nerdy pickleball stuff. And it was like, he was throwing all these like crazy concepts out there. And one of like, the main themes was Pickleball is not meant to be played 5050. So if you're playing doubles, it should not be about each of you covers 50% of the court, it's actually to your detriment to play it like that. There should be one clearly dominant player, I mean, you call it out. So it's, it's, it's an explicit thing, like this is the dominant player. And then the other person is kind of playing around that players strengths. And you play together as like a unit, you're shifting as a unit. And it has like, extreme advantages. It's why the John's bros are so successful. And I just wanted to like, bring that up and get Rob's perspective on that, because it seems like something that every pro just kind of intuitively knows, but has just not been something that's been discussed in any instructional content. And at the amateur level, every time I go to a court, it's like, you got that half, I got this half, like, you know, if it's in the middle, we'll just whoever's forehand, but that's the extent of it. So, Rob, I want to kind of get your perspective on that whole philosophy and how you view that. Yeah,

Rob  38:16
I think at the pro level, it definitely has some merit, right. I also think Collins in a different position than most when you have a guy like Ben to your left. Now, there's not even even on the pro level, right? There's not many people take take away ability and skill and talent. Like there's not many other guys that play taking that much court and men's doubles. And it's not, not purely because they don't want to it's just it's a different skill. And yeah, so I certainly it's the way they play best. But I don't think I don't think any other teams in the men's side have really allowed that left side player to really take that much court. So it'd be interesting to see how it goes. But yeah, I don't think everybody can do that. No matter how good of a left side player you really are. Yeah, you know, John's are unique in that respect, where you have such a dominant player on the left. Most most teams don't have that can be developed. Not saying it's not the right way to play. I'm just saying Colin, yeah, it's easy for that's easy for Colin to say, right? Because it's, uh, yeah, it's how they play best for sure. And it's how they should play at the amateur level. Probably not. Was he said I didn't hear the episode. I didn't hear his comments. So I'm I might be well,

Thomas  39:49
so. Yeah, I mean, what he did say that like, I mean, he explicitly said like, when I started playing pickleball I designed my game and we designed our dough Bulls game around Ben. Ben said to him, if we're going to play together, we have to basically design our strategy around me taking up a larger percentage of the court. So they take it, of course, to the extreme. But for somebody who is at the amateur level, do you then are you saying that you disagree with the idea that, let's just say like, it's a four or five match, you think they should be playing? 5050?

Rob  40:30
I don't know if 5050 is the right way to put it. But I wouldn't say, you know, 7525, like Ben and Colin are, yeah, you can have Yeah, you can have the stronger player take more court, of course, but maybe we're looking at like a, you know, 5545 6040. But to you know, when you're taken when you're taking over that when you're taking over more than let's call it 60% of court, or even 6% of the court. I don't think a four fives movement on court is going to be strong enough to really maintain that, because it's all positioning and all. And movement footwork to cover that much cord. I think I think four or five was struggle to be able to maintain that.

Thomas  41:19
What about other proteins,

Rob  41:21
other proteins share? I think it just needs to, you know, the unique thing about Bennett Colin are like life, like what Colin said, like what you said the college said is that they designed their games around that all the other pro teams, you know, typically aren't are brothers that have designed their games around each other. It's, it's a couple guys that are looking at partnerships who they want to partner would partner with next year, and they meet up and then they partner and based on skill level based on the based on skill level, right? They're not, they're not actually trying to mold their games to be the best fit of how they play, which is unique because I was talking to Casey Patterson about this, like, when we first interviewed him on the freestyle podcast. And he was like, he was like Pickleball is gonna change to where you guys stop just like partnering up with random people. And you guys practice together, you train together? Yeah, you focus on specific strategy based on how you guys should play based on your strengths as a team. That's not happening in pickleball

Tyson  42:26
yet, and we found out, we talked about that to Thomas in the past where we'd ask partners, like you guys need to start living by each other and seeing each other daily 100%. That's something that partners are going to have to do as the sport gets more and more competitive.

Rob  42:41
Absolutely agree. Absolutely agree. You're not going to be able to, you know, as the game evolves, you're not going to be able to just pop in with a random partner and go metal at a tournament anymore, it's gonna, it's gonna get too intricate with strategy and needing to know specifically how to play with your partner, I think it's definitely gonna change. And I agree, I think you're gonna have to be in the same location as your partner training with your partner, really gelling the same way as Ben and Colin, do it now. So it's a big deal. And it's nobody's doing it yet.

Tyson  43:13
On the amateur level, to Thomas, it's like, if you're playing amateur, one of your goals should be to get better, you're not gonna get better if you're letting someone carry or do the lion's share of the work at all the tournaments, then like, what point are you separating from them? Because they're then improving faster than you or whatever? Like, maybe not. But like that's, that's my thought on the especially at the amateur level.

Thomas  43:38
Those are not fun.

Tyson  43:39
It's also not fun at the amateur level, like at the pro level, I get it, you want to win. And winning is the most important part.

Rob  43:45
Are you saying, for example, at the amateur level, like somebody that is playing the right side, for example, it's just not getting as many balls,

Tyson  43:51
they're not getting as many balls, but they're also they're also like letting someone else control the game for them to a certain degree more. And then it's like, a What's the fun in that, but be also like, you're not like I'd rather go to a tournament, like, let's say, Rob, you and I, you're much better at pickleball than I am. But we go and we sign up for five tournament together. I don't want you to hit the balls on my side, very often, like you, I respect you as the better player. But my goal is to have fun, and I want to hit the balls. And I also want to challenge myself as well. And I feel like if I'm letting you take 80% of the court, then I'm doing a disservice to myself in my game because I'm not taking advantage of that opportunity to play in a competitive environment and improve myself in that situation. Interesting. So yeah, I'd rather lose trying and try to try to carry a percentage of the team rather than watch you win the whole thing for us.

Rob  44:49
Interesting. Do you think most people's perspectives are like that? At the amateur level? Because I really don't know.

Tyson  44:53
I think that anybody who's done something competitively in the past at a higher level than what they play pickleball at you is like that, but I think people whose most competitive thing they've ever done is pickleball probably are more concerned with winning a three Oh tournament than actually like challenging themselves to shoot and getting better. Yes. So I think that that I think there's the two mentalities like, some people just want to post on Instagram that they want to throw tournament. Picture the medal. I don't care about that. I want the experience. I want to feel like I got something out of it. I want to feel like I learned something while I was there, and that I did something that I wasn't sure I could do.

Rob  45:32
Well, that makes sense.

Tyson  45:34
So but I don't blame anybody for just wanting a metal. But you guys know that those metals are sometimes plastic. Sometimes they're pewter with like, a plastic gold coating. They're not. They're not real precious metal.

Rob  45:47
It's not real gold.

Tyson  45:48
Yeah. So, Thomas, would you rather win? Or have an experience that you feel like you earned and learned something?

Thomas  45:59
What do you think about our experience together?

Tyson  46:01
I liked it. We both played I mean, I think we both could have played better. I don't think we were on our a game. But I like yeah, we both like took our shots. And we both like you know, got in the mix. And, and we didn't step on each other's toes. We also didn't, like, We were fine covering the middle. It wasn't like we kept like, clunking heads in the middle as we were both like fighting for those balls. So I think if we played together a couple more times, but I also like, if you step like 80% onto my court while I'm standing right there, I would definitely be like, Bro, that's too far over.

Thomas  46:37
Here's, here's my thought. Alright, the experience is is great. And even if you don't do that, well like you're probably gonna have a good time like assuming you just get like a winner or a couple of wins or somebody that you have some like competitive matches you walk away and it's an it's it's a valuable experience. And those those metals, they might be pewter. They might be plastic. But when you walk away with one there's something inside Yeah, that goes regardless of level you're gonna be like, I don't be like it's not working

Tyson  47:09
for me. poro bronze,

Rob  47:11
and that will make people's month I'll make people's

oh man, my favorite. My favorite is going down to the hotel the hotel breakfast this next the next morning and the content of breakfast. Just sitting there and just watching people want major metals from the day before major from the day before.

Tyson  47:29
You see that's that's not me. That's I take the metal I hand it to my daughter. She can have do with it what she wants to hang it up in her room or throw it in the garbage. Like I have so many amateur metals for so many different things that I don't have space for any of them.

Thomas  47:45
Then what's that? Like? I mean, what one I'd like to listen to at all

Tyson  47:49
it's just like the story of my life like age group swimming growing up. All the way through into college like I have a so many stacks of ribbons and medals.

Thomas  48:00
Your parents kept them all. Yeah, count my parents just moved and for the reason they put in the trash,

Tyson  48:06
it's the reason to keep the swimming ones is because they put your time on the back of all of them. So like you have like you can see how your times progressed and stuff through that. I don't know where they're at, but I think they're stashed in my parents house somewhere.

Thomas  48:18
Got it? All right, ready for a pivot away from your your trophies and accolades.

Tyson  48:24
Yeah, cuz it's too many. Yeah, I mean, this would be its own separate podcast, where we just cover all my accolades every single

Thomas  48:32
episode will Tyson one of the things and I'm sort of already said this, but one of the things we realized when you're gone is like, we get really, really that and we get a really strong definitely that we get a really strong response to just talking about like pickleball play strategies, insights, sort of like the underlying things that maybe small tweaks you can make in your game to really improve so okay. And I like to make it specific to the person's game so oh no, Rob, I think your game yeah, we're not talking we're done with your with talking about you. Okay. One of the one of the things about your game that I think is so noticeable Rob, when when I watch you is your ability to like pull off a good speed up from below the net? Where I think like any any coach would tell like okay, if you're like a three Oh, it's like you shouldn't be speeding up from there. But you've kind of you've kind of developed your game to a way where you can be pretty successful. You can catch people off guard initiating speed ups, despite it not maybe looking like an obvious speed up moment. What What kind of like do you look for how do you think about disguising your shots? And how do you determine when to actually like pull trigger and when not to?

Rob  49:49
Yeah, it's it's dependent on a few things, one on who's in front of me and who I am pulling the trigger against. I would be curious I think about this other the other day like I need Like, I wish there, I wish stats were more

prevalent in pickleball, I would love to see the stats stuff. Somebody should do it and training cards with the stats on the back,

get it down. And but I would love to just see the data on, you know, Speed up, speed up percentage, like win percentage, like, what percentage of the time? Do you speed up off the bounce? And when that point, what percentage of the time do you speed up out of the air and when the point I would think, you know, it's interesting, because as a player, you're like, that worked, even if it was like one out of four. And if it's one out of four you shouldn't be doing. So I would be really curious to see percentage wise, I think I think I still do it too often to be honest with you. So there, there are certain there are certain times where I'll do it, and I'll do it at will especially like if somebody is known to just hit a lot of resets back, if I know they're not going to counter they're going to counter not very often and like bring anything with heat back. And they're just going to try to soften it up, just attack it will like don't stop attacking that person ever, because they will never hurt you. And they will never ever keep every bowl down software, they're going to be in good position. Right. So if somebody if somebody if you're playing somebody that only recently only resets and tries to block, do not stop attack, light them up, light them up, and don't stop until somebody shows that they can counter and bring something with heat back, just keep going.

Tyson  51:37
You said you probably do it too often. But I think the argument too, is that you have to do it a certain amount so that your opponent doesn't know what you're going to do if you're taking the same shot from the same bounce every single time, then they have predicted your gameplay and know what to expect. So even though you're not, even though that shots not always successful, like I think is what you're alluding to, like, maybe it's only 25% successful, but maybe it keeps your opponents on their heels enough that it helps you in other ways.

Rob  52:14
Yeah, I would say there's a counter to that in terms of the more the more you the more you don't attack that ball. That's kind of the in between ball where, you know, if if I'm coaching somebody, I'd say that's not attackable you should think that the more you drink that ball rather than flick it, the more they'll they'll sit back and not expect it right. The more you attack, the more they're going to anticipate the attack. So the more you're drinking this, you know, it keeps them It keeps them guessing more.

Tyson  52:48
Right. I guess you don't want them to anticipate fully Yeah, at a time. Oh, 100%. Yeah, okay.

Rob  52:55
So that's the that's, that's the challenge is like, the more you actually drink, and the more you stay patient, the more your attacks actually work for so long, you attack a lot. Along

Tyson  53:05
those same lines, I actually have had someone tell me to assume the ball is coming back hard every time and be in position for that to happen, even if it's below the net. And that way is that kind of like what you're alluding to here is that that person is going to be extra on guard. So a dink isn't going to throw them off at all, but they're also ready for a speed up because they've seen you do speed ups from below the net. Yeah,

Rob  53:29
once you start once you've shown somebody that you can flick a ball at them below them that they're going to be looking for it. Okay, they're gonna be looking forward a lot. That's why Yeah, that's why mixing it up if you know instead of, let's say I'm going cross court with you Tyson just thinking crosscourt. And Thomas is right in front of me. And Thomas has seen me take one out of the air my back end and flick it out him. He's going to be looking for that a lot now. So what I'll do sometimes is just you'll think crosscourt, then, instead of flicking that one out of the air Thomas, I'll just take it out of the air and just didn't get a Thomas. So he's not waiting on that attack every single time. So it's just it's just mixing it up just so some just so your opponent's not sitting on what you're going to do every single time. Okay, so it's, it's mixing it up. It's disguise. It's, it's it's patience. The more patient you are, the better everything works.

Tyson  54:25
That's the key. Yeah,

Thomas  54:29
I like it. All right. I've got a little hack

Tyson  54:33
here. A game hack, or a life hack? Yeah.

Rob  54:36
This is definitely for this will work a few times and then people will get used to it. I mean, Tyson is kind of like your Ernie. I mean, it isn't Ernie. But it's something that I like to do. And I actually have a clip of me doing this. I was playing with Eva Welsher And then some, some other some other good players. And I do this all the time, particularly when I'm playing with people that I haven't played with before and it's like sort of like an easy way to get like potentially like a quick point, right? So they're they're serving cross court to you. The idea is to just simply return down the line tight to the line. And as soon as that person returns your return or plays a ball back, you're like sprinting up and you're trying to get that Ernie off of their third shot drop.

Tyson  55:23
I do that all the time.

Thomas  55:25
Yeah, you do do it all the time. And I do it all the time. And you learned you tried it, maybe

Tyson  55:31
they're hitting that third, right back down the line, they're hitting it down the base sign, and you're still back court. But as you hit it, and they hit it, you take your few steps up and Ernie and you're gonna surprise another third shot because they're very they're

Rob  55:45
smart player will foresee that and hit their third shot to the middle not tied to the line or when you're playing dumb players that works. Well,

Tyson  55:53
not every time like you just if you're aware of it, then you can do I'm also tall enough that sometimes if a cross court dink to me is a little bit high. I can Ernie that as well. That if they're trying to hit the Holy

Rob  56:09
Grail is being able to earn a crossword thanks. Yeah, let's go.

Tyson  56:13
Doesn't happen all the time. But I can do it sometimes.

Thomas  56:16
That's the deckle right there. Yeah, so

Tyson  56:19
um, yeah, I love that move, though. Because you got all that momentum moving forward as that ball is coming down the baseline.

Rob  56:27
It's yeah, it feels response to get away with one year like,

Tyson  56:31
and I don't laugh like that. I look them dead in their eyes. And just like I like It's like dunking over somebody. It's like, don't, Jordan. Yeah, it's like Michael Jordan dunking over Mark Eaton. And then just like not saying a word just looking at until he looks away. Or cries. Yeah. Or cries like it's on the fetal position. On the left side in the shower too soon. Yeah. Sorry. Anything else? Thomas?

Thomas  57:00
Yeah. Well, Rob, so I just want to get an update on freestyle boys. So Casey, he dumped he dumped me. But luckily, at the same time, Tyson, you know, his timing went out perfectly fell through. So is he a permanent fixture on the freestyle boys now? And what's the update? There?

Rob  57:20
He is. Casey is the permanent co host so pumped to have him. He's ever since ever since we talked to him last year. I haven't spent a ton of time in case he actually but like, every time we talk, it's a really good conversation. And he's really good dude. And I just love that he can bring the amateur insight into into the podcast. I think it's something that was missing before in terms of you know, relatability and talking about strategy and helping amateurs get better, because he's going through that exact process where he wants to get as good as he can get. And he's played a sport at the highest level. So he has that relatability in terms of having seen a kind of a niche sport grow from its infancy into a more established sport, which is what Pickleball is trying to do right now. So super pumped

Tyson  58:08
to have them. And we don't want to like, say who's better and who's not. But who's the better podcaster me or Casey? You don't have to answer you can just answer.

Rob  58:21
Who has the better hair? That's also a tough.

Tyson  58:24
Yeah, that's. That was actually what I know. I know. Not me. No, Casey's definitely taller. Yeah, I have

Rob  58:34
a bunch of them either. 610 Yeah,

Thomas  58:37
I love playing 610

Rob  58:38
C. Or if Tyson six nine.

Tyson  58:40
If I'm six, nine. No, Casey's probably like six, six or six five, right? Yeah, he's, I think at least six six. Yeah, yeah. I love playing pickleball with him. He's super fun on the court just as a personality. He's always fun. So always wanted to be tall. Dude, you'd love it. Thomas.

Rob  58:59
You love it. You're really missing out, but

Thomas  59:03
it looks awesome. I mean, it does look awesome. My buddies always make fun of me, because I'm like, Fine, like 510. And yeah, I always pretend I'm I'm six foot and they always, you know, make fun of me or whatever. Because I'm not as tall as them. And so I realized that for state IDs, you can just tell them whatever height you Yeah. So for over like a full year my ID was I think it was it was like six one. State Id just so I could pull it out and be like, well, government says otherwise, guys. Yeah, but you got all right. I think that's all Yeah. Well, Rob, are you are you? You're a duper athlete, right. Give me Give me a little what's your favorite part about doober as a pro? I mean when you're when you're using it, like how does it come in handy for you?

Rob  59:58
No, so I just actually, it's funny you mentioned because I just saw a post that I think it was maybe Dayne Gingrich you know, it's like him and Weinbach wanting to play I think it was Anna Lee and somebody else. I like the, the genderless aspect of it that, you know, we just have a set rating for all people regardless of gender. And it shows how everybody stacks up. And I was actually talking to Steve Cohen yesterday, and he threw a stat at me that I was like, that was actually quite impressive. He was like, from all of the matches that we've aired, like pro level matches. Doers act accurate accurately predict a winner over 90% of the time. Yeah, that is pretty impressive.

Tyson  1:00:45
Alright, so we're gonna sportsbooks lines come out you just got to you know follow duper he wouldn't be a bad idea. Yeah, lots of small wins.

Rob  1:00:53
I'm sure they Dorset's seeing a betting tool but yeah, you know, unofficially it's probably a pretty good bet.

Ya know, that's that was more accurate than I thought it would be. So

Tyson  1:01:02
well, you know how sports betting goes? It always goes really well until it goes really really bad.

Thomas  1:01:09
I don't I abstain. Because I know it's a slippery slope.

Rob  1:01:14
Yeah, until until pickleball betting comes on you're you're gonna be Dejan. Yeah, I'll be like, where's

Tyson  1:01:20
Thomas this morning? Casino. scratchy.

Thomas  1:01:25
Oh, so like gamblers like crackheads now? Okay.

Ahead. Oh, well, ambling crackheads.

Tyson  1:01:39
Good. Happy to be back. Thomas. Thank you so much, Rob. Thomas. closing words as you get the final word here. Later

Unknown Speaker  1:01:48

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