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PicklePod 20: NBC Golf's Will Lowery Makes a Big Bet

by The Dink Media Team on

In the most recent episode of PicklePod with Tyson Apostol and Thomas Shields, are joined by NBC Golf's Will Lowery.

We’ve all had that feeling after winning a game, that I can beat anyone in pickleball feeling. Will Lowery from NBC and The Golf Channel is currently living in that feeling. He is hooked on pickleball and wants to make a run at the world’s top 10. Thomas and Tyson catch up on the APP New York City Open news and find out Thomas made DUPR’s 50 Top player list for the Great Lakes region.


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*Show notes:*

(3:22) The pickleball workout is a real thing

(10:02) Will plays Larry Fitzgerald 1-on-1 for $1000

(15:14)  Thomas tells the story of losing 11-0 to Ben Johns playing lefty

(25:30) Golf vs pickleball, which is harder to go pro?

(28:15)  The challenge goes out, can Will score 5 points against Thomas?

(30:50) Will wants to be next in the pickleball broadcast booth

(40:42) DUPR ratings by region. Guess who made the list.

(49:13) Frank Anthony Davis has a bone to pick with USA Pickleball

(52:24) Everybody including the PPA is coming to AZ in February

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