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PicklePod Episode 37: Maor League Pickleball has become Reality TV w/ The Brascia Sisters

by The Dink Media Team on

Tyson and Thomas are both on vacation but no one is having a better summer than Mary Brascia. She and sister Maggie join the PicklePod to talk Major League Pickleball, recent victories, siblings double strategy and paddle weights. Tyson helps Thomas navigate the dating apps and pitches a new pickleball reality show.


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Show Notes

3:59 The Brascia sisters enter the chat
9:17 Someone is a big fan of ‘unscripted TV’
11:32 MLP is pure entertainment and the drama is just beginning
16:17 One sister drags the other into pickleball
21:00 It’s been a Mary Brascia summer
24:41 Tyson’s starting a paddle weight database
28:39 How to play doubles with your sibling
32:13 The art of weighting a paddle
35:30 The Pickleball Bachelor coming this fall
40:34 Chemistry is key for MLP


Thomas  0:01
And we're live with terrible connection.

Tyson  0:04
Yeah, they I mean, sometimes that happens, dude, the internet's not fully perfect everywhere you go, right?

Thomas  0:11
It's not, it's not.

Tyson  0:13
And what what, why is this connection the way it is? What are you doing right now?

Thomas  0:17
I'm in northern Michigan?

Tyson  0:20
Oh, yeah, that's like, the great white north almost Canada.

Thomas  0:25
I mean, it's kind of developed up here, you think it'd be a little bit better?

Tyson  0:30
Okay, do they have? Do they just don't have access to fiber Internet or whatever else we got going on?

Thomas  0:37
Yeah. So I tried to solve the problem for the whole family. And there's, you know, 30 of us or whatever. And I was like, alright, we're doing Google Fiber. And we just couldn't do it because they didn't have it up here.

Tyson  0:48
And no other there's no other fiber services. Because we have a in Arizona, we have a different one. That's a fiber service. And it's pretty good. Yeah, we work on all the time. But I'm also traveling. So we have a double Travel Week on pickle pod. That's, I mean, what are the chances Thomas that you and I would both be out of town at the same time.

Thomas  1:11
Here's the thing of going further up north next week. So I'm going to really be testing the test the waters, it's, yeah, I'm going about as far north in Michigan as you can get. What for? My, my grandparents live up there. So I have a set of grandparents that live in like, the north of the Lower Peninsula, and then grandparents live in the tip of the Upper Peninsula. So I, we're gonna have Marian and Maggie Brusha. Join us. Here's what I'm gonna say. I'm looking at them. And I want to add them to the stream. But it says their devices are not connected.

Tyson  1:53
So they can see us they're watching us. We can't see them. And I don't know how to add them.

Thomas  1:59
I don't know what their connectivity is. Let me let me shoot him a little DM here and see what's going on.

Tyson  2:05
Okay, well, Maggie and Mary are the powerhouse sisters from Major League pickleball. One of a set of sisters. Isn't there a couple a couple sister Duo's in Major League pickleball. But, yeah, that's exciting. I'm excited to talk to him. Yeah.

Thomas  2:23
And not not twins, just to clarify. So we can do a little bit of an intro here, right. So Maggie is actually in college right now. And I was looking it up and I want to ask her about it. But looks like she's done a little like Junior professional golf. So see if she's also a big golfer, but they're both from California married just graduated college. Yep. And seems like she's actually working for duper now. So good gig, right outta right out of school.

Tyson  2:51
That's right. Yeah, Adam, if we can add them. Let's add them.

Thomas  2:57
Like, I can see them. And they're looking at the screen like, are we going to be added? You're going

Tyson  3:01
to be added?

Thomas  3:02
Maybe I'll add you.

Tyson  3:06
Oh, you guys got to smash your heads together.

Mary  3:08
We squeeze in, I guess. Oh, there we are.

Tyson  3:14
There you go.

Mary  3:15
Got it.

Tyson  3:16
Okay, just for our listeners out there that will do that.

Thomas  3:21
Hold on. That might be the play right there. Yeah,

Tyson  3:23
right here. This is it then we don't have to smush in. Okay, Mary, raise your hand. Hello, Maggie. Then by default? That's for our listeners. Not for us. Of course. We already knew that. How are you?

Unknown Speaker  3:39
Good. Thanks for having us.

Tyson  3:41
Thanks for being here.

Thomas  3:43
We're we're pumped to have you. I'm glad to finally sort this out. Mary, I think we played against each other at least in like casual games. I was like, You know what? I'm not sure which one I've played against. So we finally settled that one year.

Mary  3:56
Yes. I remember we played in San Clemente, I think last year

Thomas  4:00
which is Yeah, exactly. Just like some some rec games and stuff like that. But But yeah, thanks for for joining us guys from Tabea.

Tyson  4:07
You guys know that? Thomas has a pro victory in under his belt. So I thought he was going to bring something like that up when he was talking about playing with you at some point, Mary. Yeah. You

Thomas  4:21
leave that responsibility up to you Tyson. Yeah, bring that up as much as possible. And then I don't

Tyson  4:26
know, I know. I know. That's, I'm doing my job over here. So yeah, just for the record. Thomas has won a pro, not a full event. But a match to pro pickleball matches to pro pickleball matches under his belt. Let's go. He didn't submit for the draft at MLP. So we don't know what would have happened. And yeah, but enough about Thomas. Let's talk about the bracha sisters. Were saying that right? Correct. Correct. Because that's not how they would say it in Italy, you know that right?

Mary  5:02
How would you say it?

Tyson  5:03
I don't know. Now I'm on the spot of like, I actually don't know. Maybe they would. We'll have to get some Italians on the show next week. Yeah, find out how to pronounce.

Thomas  5:15
Though that's that'll be our number one priority. It's like I don't care who it is. Let's just get some Italian

Tyson  5:25
your sisters but you're not twins. Like Thomas said. Mary recently graduated. And Maggie, you're a sophomore or you're going to be a junior now you're going to be a sophomore, your sophomore studying computer science? Yeah. Okay, one of those big brains. Do you love it? Is it? Are you passionate about that about computer science?

Unknown Speaker  5:49
You love it. I actually went into it, like with zero experience. But I've always been someone who likes math and more practical stuff like that. And so I just tried computer science and I really liked like the head of the department at my school because I go to Concordia University in Irvine. That's like a smaller, private school. And so I just really liked him and I got really excited about it. And then once I've been doing it this year, I really liked it. So

Tyson  6:26
Mary, have you noticed a change in Maggie's attitudes since she found her true love of computer science? Yeah, I'm

Mary  6:33
afraid she's going to trade the pickleball for the computers all the time. Kidding. But you know, talented.

Tyson  6:42
And you you just graduated when did you graduate? Marry like a year ago?

Mary  6:46
I just graduated in May in May. Yeah. Okay. Just finish

Tyson  6:52
just finished. You already did the graduation thing you walked whatever they do. I've never gotten that far in life. So I don't fully know like what happens as you cross that barrier? Was it everything you'd hoped it would be?

Mary  7:05
It was everything I hoped it would be? Like I'm so happy to be done proud myself but also very happy to be done with school and can be on to bigger and better.

Tyson  7:17
Okay, not that school isn't big and no, Maggie we very also think school is important, but she's just got other stuff to conquer now. Yes. And you work at duper Mary right. But

Mary  7:32
I am working for them this summer on their marketing team. So it's really fun.

Tyson  7:38
But you and I have had conversations private conversations about you and your dream to work in reality television unscripted as we say in the biz?

Mary  7:50
Yes. As we say in the biz unscripted TV would be the dream if I could work in reality TV game shows Oh my gosh.

Tyson  7:59
Why is that what what what is that? Like where does that come from? So I I have been in reality TV and I'm going to tell you that US divas are no picnic to work with

Mary  8:16
oh my gosh will in our conversation to you know like Man Yeah, our whole family we are huge survivor Amazing Race fans like we just love those types of shows. And so yeah, that's kind of the backstory it's like been watching those shows growing up and suddenly like sitting around the TV on Wednesday night and watching survivor and I'm just just a big interest in that genre. And also I went on as an audience member Let's Make a Deal the game show and I wore tomato suit and ever since that experience of just being in the audience and experiencing the good environment I'm like these are the type of shows I want to

Tyson  9:01
work on they are pretty fun actually. The the there's like a camaraderie between the production crew. Yeah, you're just

Thomas  9:10
gonna breeze over the fact that she was dressed as a tomato on reality on some like TV show.

Tyson  9:15
I mean, we can get to all of that but there's so much stuff like she I would I went to Let's Make a Deal once to the season I one of Survivor. We were in California with my family. I was like I gotta find something to do so I just called CBS was like what can my family do was show Can you get us in and they're like, let's make a deal with Wayne Brady is the host right? Yeah, but I we didn't dress up we didn't have anything to dress up so they just like hit us in the front corner somewhere. So did you get selected as a tomato

Mary  9:48
my friend I actually got placed pretty close to the front and she was in a pickle suit. So wow, that I should have but she got selected and got like A fun little reward at the end of the show, so I was jealous,

Tyson  10:04
but she didn't win like a big prize.

Mary  10:07
Not a big prize. Yeah, it was one of those end deals. But still.

Tyson  10:11
Yeah, it's still fun. So you got to see her on TV. She was on TV. And that was exciting as everybody got together around and celebrate her for a little bit.

Mary  10:18
Oh, yeah. So fun.

Thomas  10:20
But you guys have already essentially had a taste of it with Major League pickleball. I mean, is that not unscripted? TV?

Mary  10:28
Yeah, like major league Pickleball is pure entertainment. Like that event was so awesome to be a part of in Austin. And we're really looking forward to the next events they have planned this year.

Thomas  10:42
Yeah. So let's I think we touched on the the Supplemental Draft a little bit. Have you guys heard any rumblings of teams making changes? Do you think that's gonna be happening at all?

Mary  10:52
I definitely think some teams may try to mix it up. If they feel that would be the best thing for their team. I mean, I'm not entirely sure. I feel like nagging Eric kind of like, just out of luck going with the flow and seeing what happens that we're excited to see.

Tyson  11:10
Because I mean, the Supplemental Draft, like sure, like everybody wants to win, the teams want to win. But also the human side of that is nobody wants to hurt somebody's feelings. Right? So what is that conversation? Like? If, like, let's say it's us four. And we have to we're switching Thomas out like we tried. He just isn't. He's great. He's just not like doesn't isn't for us.

Thomas  11:38
So sorry, Thomas. It's a personality. It's a personality

Tyson  11:43
personality thing. Yeah. Like he plays great. Pickleball. But like, his energy is different than ours. And we want someone else like how? It seems weird. Not weird, but it's a hard conversation to have. It's not like who made it has that conversation? The captain? The owner, I guess the owner probably right.

Unknown Speaker  12:05
Yeah, I mean, I definitely think if it were me, like that would be really hard to drop somebody like I don't know if I can do that. But I would if the

Tyson  12:14
whole team came to you, Maggie, and you decided that you're the one that has to talk to Thomas.

Unknown Speaker  12:22
I would hopefully put that off on someone else. I wouldn't want to do that.

Mary  12:26
Like crazy.

Unknown Speaker  12:30
Yes. I mean, I guess I would come down to the captain Navy and the owner. And I guess they would just decide what's best for the team. But I know Yeah, that'd be really hard to draw for switch somebody?

Tyson  12:44
Yeah. I mean, I can't even imagine. But I mean, if it's the team owner, and you're already known that that's what's going on, then. Okay, it's probably probably like, there's got to be some thing for some people. I guess. They probably kind of see it coming. But still, I'm just like, in my mind, as I'm picturing it, I'm like, that's got to be super uncomfortable. Like a breakup thing. So,

Thomas  13:13
I mean, you're gonna You gotta expect to see more of that as the game evolves. Yeah. I mean, you have to you that was just in its infancy still. And assuming the payouts continue to increase, I mean, there's probably gonna be shuffling around eventually. Right now, I feel like the community is too close knit and nobody really wants to be the bad guy. So I doubt we'll see anything leading up to this, this next event, but after that, and once there's more money on the line, it could get pretty interesting. And I actually think like, it might be good for for Major League pickleball generally, right.

Tyson  13:47
To bring new blood in. Yeah, while shuffling around make it super ultra competitive and cutthroat.

Thomas  13:52
Yeah, I mean, if you go three, if you go three events, and your team is just stagnant, you're gonna want to make a change, right. And whether that's something in terms of how you're structuring the team or, or strategic, or it's, well, we need to we need new personnel generally like that. Those are all going to be options on the table and you're gonna have to consider all of them.

Tyson  14:15
Yeah, I agree. I think I mean, that's it's business I understand it's business and like sports are business but Pickleball is so fun that then when you picture it, like becoming a little bit businessy you're like, Ouch, that hurts extra hard because you're coming from such a fun game to then being like, Sorry, bro. Thomas. You're just not good enough for our team. But best of luck in the future and maybe Mary or Maggie if they can't find a partner in doubles somewhere along the line at a small tournament. We'll give you a call.

Mary  14:52
Yes, Thomas. coming to you in 2023 Here we go. Oh, here we go. Thomas.

Thomas  14:58
I'm Maybe I'll make my comeback. Well,

Tyson  15:02
here we go. Man, you heard it here first.

Thomas  15:05
So Mary and Maggie, how'd you guys get into pickleball? Who was the first district play? And then who was it? Because this is usually how it goes, right? Once this starts playing, gets obsessed, and then drags the other sister into it.

Unknown Speaker  15:15
Yeah, that's actually kind of how it happened. We started playing back in 2020. Like when everything locked down for the first time, during COVID. And it was actually our parents and our dad, especially who they started playing and became obsessed with it. Right? We had nothing to do. And like nothing was open, except for our club, Nellie Gail, where we play now all the time, but they have the pickleball open, so our parents wanted us to try it. And we actually even gotten that off of Amazon and like, put it in our street. And what we were playing pickleball on our street, but I was someone who was into it first. Like I thought it was super fun. And Mary was totally against it, which is funny now because she's like obsessed now with pickleball. But back then she was kind of like, what is this? Like? I'm still playing tennis, but Right. Yeah, once we started playing a lot, we definitely got hooked.

Tyson  16:21
So you discovered pickleball. But you have maintained your tennis careers, or no.

Mary  16:29
I mean, my goal was to finish college tennis along with school itself. So I mean, that was just such a great experience. I got to play it both Dayton and viola, so Dayton's where the Komodo sisters actually went. So that's kind of a cool connection. But um, the whole time I was playing tennis though. I'm like, I am just ready to get on the pickle tour and just like, see what can happen and all that kind of stuff. So I think tennis is taking a backburner now, kind of

Unknown Speaker  17:03
and well, I'm, I didn't play tennis as seriously as Mary like, I played some junior tennis tournaments. And I was also a golfer. So but I never played those super seriously just kind of throughout high school and stuff. So I had a lot of time for pickleball and still wanted to play a lot through So Matt,

Thomas  17:25
Maggie, you're you have a golf background. Sounds like you're pretty talented. Because the first thing I saw when I Googled you was like some I don't know, what is it the LSP see a some sort of like registration. So we competitively and then like in terms of transitioning into pickleball what's been what have you been able to carry over?

Unknown Speaker  17:45
I think definitely for pickleball that my tennis background help with that. I don't really know. Much from golf, I guess maybe like meant the mental side of golf. Because golf is.

Tyson  18:00
Yeah, give something to golf, at least pretend that helps people in other ways.

Thomas  18:06
Yeah. Make my question look better by not.

Maggie  18:11
But no, I didn't play competitive golf and like, through high school, and then kind of just stopped after that going to

Mary  18:18
college. Your parents champion.

Tyson  18:20
She's pretty.

Mary  18:21
She was the league champion. Like she's pretty good.

Tyson  18:27
Well, your parents just like, how can we get these two girls to make the most amount of money as possible? We'll put one in tennis and one in golf that will hedge our bets here. And as long as one of them just makes top 100 in either sport, then we can just become parent managers kick our feet up and watch them excel. Exactly.

Mary  18:50
Was that the plan? Yep, exactly. Exactly. The plan.

Tyson  18:55
Was it really? Did they put you into the sports or did you find like golf and tennis yourselves?

Unknown Speaker  19:01
They put us into it because they both play tennis and then our dad was a really good golfer. Okay.

Mary  19:09
Well, we've done every we've done like so many different sports growing up like we just love competing love sports, softball, swimming. Soccer. Did did it all, you know?

Tyson  19:20
Yeah. Well Rounded. That's, yeah, I did a lot of everything too. But my parents were. My mom was a swimmer. So she was always like, you have to swim no matter what. And I was like, Oh, well, it takes so much time. It's hard to do anything else. I didn't realize at the time that that was her strategy. But yeah, so swimming is not a money sport. I didn't win. Unless you win 1920 gold medals. You're not making any money swimming. Yeah, that's okay. I can I found my path. That was such a sad dang to Thomas. Did you feel that? Marriage just because Dang, bro. How have you made it in this life? Barely skinny Mike. Keith

Thomas  20:02
All right, Mary, Mary, you've had quite a little run here. And I asked the community, you know, what are some what are some good questions to ask the brush, just sisters, and one of them was specifically for Mary. So you've you've had just said, great amount of success of late, particularly in the last two tournaments coming off a gold here. What's been like the day one, did you anticipate this level of success? And then what's been what's been different for you lately?

Mary  20:32
Definitely did not anticipate this level of success. So soon, like, obviously, my goal is to win tournaments and keep working hard and just see what I can do. But I am very happy with the results. And I think singles you know, like we said earlier, we started in 2020, we've been playing doubles. We did not start with like the singles route, I guess you could say, but I've been really practicing my singles train with Dan roadie training with a lot of other players in the SoCal area and just really developing my own kind of game and seeing what I can do with it. So very happy with what's happened.

Thomas  21:18
Has the Yeah, well, I wouldn't be too if I had a fraction of that success. Alright, you're using the new Selkirk 002 How's how's that been with like the throat hole as they're calling it?

Mary  21:31
I know. It's such a cool look a different kind of paddle design, but I just love the amount of power and control that paddle has and I feel like it's, it's a great one. So I recommend it to people,

Thomas  21:46
those are the those are the those are all the Selkirk talking points. You read them right off the script there. No, no,

Mary  21:52
seriously no, like, we are so happy to be with Selkirk because we recently just, we use a lot of different paddles before Selkirk and now I'm really happy I mean, mag you're using the

Unknown Speaker  22:07
Yeah, I'm using the power air which is there.

Thomas  22:11
Oh, is that the white one? Yeah, the white one. Yeah, it's a really interesting, interesting pad. I just, I just got one. I'm not it's not. I'm more of like the honeycomb type of paddle. But it's super interesting. My little brother really likes it.

Unknown Speaker  22:25
Yeah, I love it. I like how it's thinner. And I know I like the colors. Not like that matters.

Tyson  22:33
Does it though?

Unknown Speaker  22:35
Does you have to like the way you love what's your paddle?

Tyson  22:39
Bring some confidence. So you said you played with a lot of different paddles before? What would you look for in a paddle specifically to make you choose a paddle to try?

Unknown Speaker  22:51
Okay. I want to feel comfortable thinking first of all, because I feel like I'm popping up on my drinks. I probably won't want to use that paddle. But I also want to make sure I have a lot of power. So I guess just the balance between the two. But I've noticed that some paddles. I've used like I don't have as much power and with the Selkirk I noticed a big difference with the power, which was nice. And but yeah, definitely being able to reset in dink well to just all around.

Tyson  23:25
Okay, Mary, do you have anything to add to that? Or that's your sentiments as well?

Mary  23:31
I think I agree. Man, you kind of hit

Tyson  23:33
it. I haven't new question that since we started this podcast. I've wanted to ask every pro we've ever talked to and then I just never have and I'm going to start it here now with YouTube and we're going to keep it going every episode from here on out Thomas remind me to ask everyone do you wait your paddle?

Mary  23:54
A Oh, yeah, yeah, yes.

Tyson  23:56
And what do you what? What weight? Do you put it at? The Is there a certain weight? Or do you just like feel it based on the balance and how you're hitting the ball? Like what how precise Are you like every single paddle that comes in the mail? Are you getting your food scale out and standing it on right on? It's balancing it so you can see the weight?

Unknown Speaker  24:16
Yeah, you know if I'm being honest, I do. I do wait like paddle but our dad like definitely, at least for me, helps with the waiting like he's looking puts all the weight on and then I just hit with it. And I'm like, That feels good.

Mary  24:33
Even equipment like person like you know, he really you know, okay. Yeah, yeah,

Tyson  24:39
yeah. Cool. Is does he balance your paddle to marry?

Mary  24:43
She does. Good.

Tyson  24:45
So what like, I'm sorry we got out of something. Get a new paddle. You're required to play with it on the weekend. He's out of town. What do you do?

Unknown Speaker  24:58
Hopefully I don't have to New

Mary  25:02
hasn't happened like broken paddles. I guess. They are like, you haven't gotten to that point. But I'm gonna like think back to this and be like, what would I do I need to like,

Tyson  25:15
come up with a plan B, just in case you know? Is the weight all along? Like the side? Do you put any you don't put it at the top?

Unknown Speaker  25:25
I actually do put it at the top, I put the LED tape like on the sides, and then I have two strips on the top.

Tyson  25:34
Okay. Little bit extra on the top. Okay, well. I mean, I should ask this question to somebody else who knew how much their paddles weighed after? But where's your dad? Is your dad there? I wish pickleball right. Okay, dang it. Can you text him just be like, Dad, how much do our paddles weigh?

Thomas  25:58
This is the thing I also I have like, I completely feel it out. I typically put it on the sides and on the top. And if someone were to tell me a number, I would have no idea like it would just make it'd be like hieroglyphics to me, I would have no idea what it means. But I've actually a feel thing. I've

Tyson  26:15
and I agree. That's how I am too. But I asked Annalee waters and I think she told me she has hers weighted at like eight six or something. And so I think that there are people that weigh them specifically, I've noticed that it's dependent on the paddle a little bit as to how much weight you add not so just one pet paddle plays better and a little bit lighter. But I'm the same. I yeah, I just keep adding weight until I'm like, Oh, that feels too heavy. Now I'm just going to take a little bit off, and then we're good. So it's a science. I mean, you as a computer scientist, Maggie would understand how science works.

Unknown Speaker  26:53
Yeah, I do. But it's like our mom, this was what she told us. Ours is eight five.

Tyson  27:00
She knew it. Yes. Thanks, Mom.

Mary  27:03
Football family over here we are just

Thomas  27:05
Yes. Seriously, it was that staged?

Tyson  27:08
No, that was so you're both at eight five. Your paddles are

Unknown Speaker  27:15
mine. Okay. Yes. Mine is eight two in Larry's is eight. Hi.

Tyson  27:19
Oh, do your parents are they're just like, oh, Mary's got stronger. Arm makers a little bit heavier. Don't tell Maggie. Exactly. Yeah. Okay. Well, Maggie, maybe when you grow up a little bit. Yours will be eight, five. Yeah.

Thomas  27:35
You guys play doubles together in most tournaments. If you're both there, right? Yes. Okay. We're gonna promote our own podcast here. We had Colin on Colin John's. And he talked about the way that him and Ben structure themselves on the court. Pretty unique. And they're they're doing it very differently. I mean, Colin is designing his game around Ben. Right. So do you look at those two and kind of use them for for sort of, I guess like inspiration as far as how you guys are structuring yourselves? Are you experimenting with that? Yeah, we're

Mary  28:09
definitely always trying to experiment what's the best way for us to have success on the core and like, obviously, it's been in Colin are one of the best teams out there. So I think what we really look for is like, teams that have successful chemistry as like siblings or spouses or like, you know, as sisters, like, I think our biggest battle is like the how to play with your sister and like, it's, it's comfortable, but at the same time, you know, each other's personalities, so well that like, it's trying to figure out how to translate that to the court also, and we've had our ups and downs, but I feel like we're going are going up, but like strokes wise, and like which side we play? That's kind of always changing. It's, we're figuring it out.

Thomas  29:01
Got it. And you're both righties, right? Yeah. Who plays right side?

Mary  29:07
Marry me mainly, yeah, marry. Since it's a podcast and like, let me identify which sister Yeah, that's fine.

Tyson  29:15
We would have done it for you. Just like, we get like 1000 comments in that moment and minute 2924 Somebody said me, which one was that? Thomas just said, just said the John's as an example. Is there somebody indifferent? Do you look at more or studying more to that? Maybe they're more similar to YouTube or something like that, or was that a great enough example?

Unknown Speaker  29:47
No, that's a good example. And I mean, honestly, we kind of, I don't know if we're necessarily looking towards teams like in deciding how we play. You can just play together. And then we definitely get advice from people we play with. Like, what they think from an outside perspective, what would be best for us and like, different strategies and who should play which side? And so that's helpful for us.

Tyson  30:17
Can I circle back to the paddle weight thing? First justice? Yeah, in my head, and I'm like, how does your dad even know that that's the weight that you feel the best at playing? Like is he like, they're like adding where he just adds it. He's like, there you go on. I just know, based on, like, your exact strength in every and your swing and everything. This is the weight you need to play.

Mary  30:41
I feel like our dad is just like, I don't know. He's just such a pickleball. Like, enthusiast. He's a good player himself. And like, he just has that. It's kind of a feel thing, though. I don't know if I'm answering your question. Well, but I feel like

Tyson  31:00
you do collaborate with him? Is he like here? Does this feel good? Or is he just like, here's your paddle?

Unknown Speaker  31:07
We definitely play with it.

Tyson  31:10
Go back and forth a

Mary  31:11
little bit. Yeah, okay.

Tyson  31:12
That or Okay, that was my question was, I didn't know if like, you guys were asleep at night. And he was staying up late. And like the secret layer under the house, like adding weight to it with like, a little dropper of liquid led and then comes up and he's like, it's perfect. And you're like, I don't like the feelings. Like it's perfect. You just kind of learn to play with it. Yeah, amazing. That would be amazing. Okay, that makes more sense that you go have a little back and forth with them till it feels good to you. Yes. Yeah. Okay, that was gonna that was gonna bother me all day. If I didn't ask you.

Mary  31:49
Definitely wait verse. No, wait, I feel like it just adds some power. Yeah.

Tyson  31:56
I know. Yeah. I mean, I think, to our casual listeners who play casually, like, when I started playing, I noticed the better players, no matter how hard I hit the ball on a slam, they were returning, it didn't matter. And then as I added weight, I was like, Oh, I can hit the ball way harder, and make it way more difficult for my opponent to react. And so I think, yeah, to a certain degree, as you mature as a pickleball. Player, you add a little weight and a little weight until you finally perfected like that balance that Maggie said of power and touch. So yeah, I mean, right, amen. Can I get an amen or something? Right?

Thomas  32:42
No, I completely agree. I think it's a very easy way to change the pattern, like I'm stating the obvious here, but you do just get, depending on how much weight you put more power on your shots. And that can make a huge difference, particularly when they're at the net and you're hitting drives. And you know, they want to have soft hands and just drop it into the kitchen. Or even like on your on your servers or your overheads putting away and overhead easier. Like it makes a real noticeable difference as soon as you add weight. But again, I do think it works. It does matter about the like, what paddle you're, you're using, for sure.

Tyson  33:20
Yeah, it's not. It's not like everything is eight, five all the time. It's like based on the paddle, and then adding the weight. Thomas, I have a question for you that the bracha sisters are going to be the perfect audience to weigh in on this. So Mary and Maggie, I get a text from Thomas last week. And he sends me a screenshot of a dating app he's on. He's having a conversation with a girl. And he has a picture of him and I on his profile. And she writes in and says, is that Tyson question mark. So she watches survivor some one of the shows that you know, whatever. And Thomas never let me know how the rest of that went or anything. He's like it's even on dating apps or something. And you are both survivor fans. If you came across Thomas's profile, and it's Thomas and me hanging out in a in a photo. Are you more likely to be interested in this guy or less likely? 100% more. Yeah, Thomas.

Mary  34:35
Yeah, you? Yes. Survivor fan.

Tyson  34:41
Thomas, you hear that?

Unknown Speaker  34:43
Especially us who are survivor fans. I mean, that's just a great topic of conversation.

Mary  34:48
Yeah, you can talk about survivor forever. Like, yeah,

Thomas  34:53
of course. That's the only message I get on there and I'm getting a little bit sick of every time there's me and Tyson somewhere but The the first comment is always something about Tyson or even when we're walking route we talked about this walking around it at tournaments together and people will stop Tyson to tell him this pickleball podcast is good. And then just pretend like I'm not there

Tyson  35:12
yet. Or they'll also be like, I love the dank Tyson and love that you're doing that and that you yourself. Like I don't own the dig at all. I have no ownership stake in it. I am purely here for the podcast, but at Thomas just like shakes his head. Thomas, I got bad news for you. Was that a new show coming on in a weekend? Whatever you've experienced with me so far is going to be five times that as we walk around now. Perfect. Yeah, I'm on the challenge. Did you not know I'm on the challenge. CBS next week

Unknown Speaker  35:43
starts oh my gosh, we're gonna watch it. No, but yeah, we're gonna watch. Yeah,

Tyson  35:46
it's on CBS on Wednesday nights. Right after big brother.

Mary  35:51
Oh, I'm ready. I'm excited. Yeah,

Tyson  35:54
let me know what you think. Okay.

Thomas  35:57
Yeah, I got identified as one of the biggest threats on the show.

Tyson  36:01
Of course. Yeah. TJ the TJ lab and the host said I'm a one of the biggest threats are a lot of people were threatened by me. Which, I don't know why, like, I'm pretty nice guy. But I am good at carnival games. I think that's what Yeah, everybody's scared of is all the good carnival games. I'm good at like balancing and juggling and whatever else we got going on. Have you watched the challenge before the MTV version?

Unknown Speaker  36:28
I have not. I don't know. Okay.

Tyson  36:31
I just you guys are reality TV fans. And I have some connections and I was gonna make some connections for Mary at some point when I have conversations with people I just didn't know if like Mary was also a fan of the challenge or the see the CBS shows mostly survivor and amazing race.

Mary  36:48
Yes. Those are the best. And I have to admit I do we have watched like the bachelor bachelorette too in the past. But yeah, mainly like,

Unknown Speaker  36:59
those two are the big ones.

Tyson  37:00
Well, the bachelor and bachelor that used to be the funniest shows on TV. Like hands down. They were the funniest shows on TV like 40 people thinking they're all going to fall in love on TV, and like, how do they pick these people? So good. Thomas, would you ever go on The Bachelor? Like what if like, you went on? You are? Let's say you are the bachelor. But I have to be there so that the ladies get extra interested in you.

Mary  37:25
You're the host.

Tyson  37:28
Yeah, the pickleball bachelor.

Mary  37:31
Oh, wow. That would be something.

Thomas  37:34
This is the worst idea we've ever had on this podcast. bod. Dude,

Tyson  37:37
let's go to Shark Tank with this. You don't think we're gonna get funding for this? Thomas. I bet after this podcast airs. Somebody calls us.

Thomas  37:49
Yeah, you think okay, we can, we can bet on that.

Tyson  37:56
Well, now I'm going to make sure somebody calls us I'm going to make it happen. Thomas, I'm going to will it into existence.

Thomas  38:02
All right, Mary and Maggie, I want to I want to ask you a little bit about major league pickleball more, so that must have been an unbelievable experience for for both of you. Pickleball is kind of weird in that you guys are on the lower end. As far as age goes of the spectrum. And, you know, there's probably an even mix within every age range up to you know, 40 something years old, including in in Major League pickleball. So, how's that been sort of being the the young guns out there and kind of having to play against and with some of these older players in like, not just in Major League pickleball. But you know, in pickleball, generally, what's that been like for you?

Unknown Speaker  38:43
It's been really fun, like, majorly pickleball was awesome. And like, especially coming back from not playing many tournaments, like the last tournament we played before Major League pickleball was nationals in December. So we had a lot of time off. And then we just went right back into it with Major League pickleball. But I am getting to play against like some of the veterans like I got to play against somoni. And it's just like, surreal, honestly, because I mean, I would watch her, like on YouTube, and like being able to play with the best of the best is super cool. And that's like kind of something that's really unique to pickleball. And like, as, you know, a tennis family. I mean, that just would never happen like you can't play and the best players in the world. So being able to do that and pick a wall was pretty awesome. And like just still learning new stuff. I think since we are still pretty new. We just keep getting better and better. And we know we can keep getting better and just learning from the other players who've been playing longer than us.

Tyson  39:51
Are you practicing with your team to get ready for Newport with so much money on the line? Wouldn't it make sense kind of to Like dialed in perfectly? Or do you guys feel like, already so comfortable with your team that there's no need to keep working? Or what like, what is the have you noticed? Like in general, the even the other teams? Are they trying to play together more work together more? Or is it just like business as usual?

Mary  40:21
I think something that I noticed being there in the environment is like, and I feel like every team just has let me preface that with like, every team has different, like strengths and weaknesses, but teams that like, really honed in on the chemistry of their team. And like, teams eating meals together, like whether or not they're actually practicing. I know everyone had different times to like, get into each event. That's a that's the hard thing about traveling for tournaments. It's like, once everyone getting in when can we all practice and practice is so beneficial, I mean, with your partners, but I have noticed that the teams with the best chemistry positivity attitudes, like those are going to be the teams to like, watch coming. That makes sense.

Tyson  41:08
There's something to that then when I swam in college, and we were required to have meals together, like that wasn't even like, that was like, you have dinner together the night before. And you have breakfast together. The morning of

Mary  41:21
Yeah. I mean, did you enjoy those or wasn't? Yeah, I

Tyson  41:26
mean, I enjoyed it. I enjoyed it. Like it wasn't, it was Yeah, I mean, the game was like a group of guys in college and we all swam. So yeah, it was definitely fun. Even pro cycling, we did that. But mostly because we were traveling all the time together, wherever a deed race. So like, it wasn't, I don't think it was required. It was just like something that just happened because we were all there. So but I do, I do agree. I think like the just having time and learning each other's personalities, and how to vibe with each other goes a long way. Because you've just become closer. And then even if you do make mistakes, like you can shrug it off or laugh about it a little bit more. And it's more of Yeah, it's more of a friend and family environment versus just like a business relationship.

Mary  42:15
Yeah. And also the games like are just so quick. That was just like, you know, that we noticed, I felt like they went by so fast. And like, it's just high speed, high energy. So just having that like encouragement and just cheering in the team environment that MLP creates. Like, that's kind of an add on to what I was saying. Like, it's just it adds a little extra to that.

Tyson  42:38
Do you like the format with the with the rally scoring and everything? Is that something you hope to see more of across the board?

Mary  42:46
I think it's a cool format. Yeah, like, it's an eternal

Tyson  42:50
answer right there. Do you hope that you see more of this format? Or is it like special for MLP? Keep it there, play the standard roles elsewhere?

Mary  43:02
Oh, that's how I feel. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker  43:04
I do think it is unique to NLP. I mean, I like best two out of three to 11. But also for MLP. I feel like rally scoring is a good format, because it does make it super exciting. So

Tyson  43:19
okay, thank you for your honesty, I had to pry a little bit there. But we could

Mary  43:24
see our three just like and, you know, coming into pickleball. And what's unique, you know, I love in pickleball. It's like, in those tournaments, you can lose in the main drop, but then like, come back to the gold. Like in the backdrop that's so cool. Like, I really like that. And then so two or three also, let's say you have a bad like, first game, you can come back. I mean, I noticed that kind of in my singles and this past few tournaments. Like you can always just keep fighting, so there's just a difference.

Tyson  43:54
Okay. Okay. Yeah, I like it. I agree. I keep meaning to try playing rally scoring somewhere I have not ever just to see. But I do also love the current format, because you did is it's like you're down like eight to two and you're like, I still have a chance if I keep moving. Yeah. So. Okay, Thomas, anything else?

Thomas  44:16
No, I don't think so. Thanks for joining us, guys. This is great.

Mary  44:20
Thanks for having us.

Tyson  44:22
Yes, you have any questions for us before we go? Or you're all good. You know, everything you've ever wanted to know about Thomas and more.

Mary  44:29
Do you guys have exciting summer plans?

Tyson  44:33
I mean, I'm gonna be on TV next week for the remainder of the summer, hopefully. And yeah, we're both traveling right now on vacation because you know, we're big vacation guys over here. Vacation guys. But that's about it. How about you, Thomas.

Thomas  44:50
I'm going to just try and get my life together and get back into pickleball because I have not been playing at all. But I did play the other weekend with a Les Janssen and some other people, so that was a good, that was a good match. But need to play more regularly?

Tyson  45:06
Yeah, I mean and the brochure sisters already said that if there's a teeny tiny tournament somewhere and they don't have a mixed doubles partner already. And you're there that you could be that

Thomas  45:19
I'll get my duper up in the meantime and then when that tournament happens, we can actually maybe grab a bronze or something like that you guys

Tyson  45:26
you already know my plan. My plan is to tank my duper all the way down and then beat Thomas so his duper takes a huge hit.

Mary  45:38
That's one way to do.

Thomas  45:40
All you have to do is get a few points off me so it'd be like every point matters. So

Tyson  45:47
I kept my score my rating down to like a to two. Yeah, and then. Yeah, and then I just play Thomas just get as many points as I can on him. I don't even have to beat him. But if I beat him it would be extra devastating to his duper.

Thomas  46:01
Yeah. Well, no, that'll never happen. Oh,

Tyson  46:05
okay. Thomas, you gotta sign out for us.

Thomas  46:09
No, thanks, bracha sisters. This was great. And we'll see you guys next week.

Mary  46:15
Thank you. Bye. Ah,

Tyson  46:19
and they're out

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