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You Should Play Pickleball Differently in Hot Weather

by The Dink Media Team on

For much of North America, it's been a long, hot, humid summer, and we still have over a month of it left.

Meanwhile, pickleballs across the continent are...soft. Hot temperatures means soft plastic, which means slower balls.

Don't be surprised if your Ferrari forehand drive starts looking more like a Prius, your overheads don’t end the point, and rallies last longer than an episode of Succession.

What can you do about it?

Sorry bangers, but it's soft game season. Stop trying to crush drives through your opponent. Button up your third shot drop and embrace peak consistency.

It's also a great time to work on defense. Resets are a breeze with a softer ball. You have more time to react and the ball is easier to control coming off your paddle.

The effects of a soft ball are even more noticeable on the bounce. The overheads you could never return should look less intimidating in hot weather.

Don't give up if you leave a ball high. Let their smash bounce and watch it slow down dramatically after it hits the ground.

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Like it or not, it's time to adjust to warmer weather. Don't throw out your shoulder trying to find more power. Embrace the summer vibes and slow things down a little.

You've got pickle problems and we've got pickle answers. Tell us what you're struggling with on the court and we'll let you know how to solve it (email your issues here).

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