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Introducing The Pickleball Box, the Perfect Gift for Pickleballers

by Luke Burton on

Ahem Ahem **clinks glass with knife**

We have an announcement: introducing the perfect product for pickleballers everywhere: The Pickleball Box.

You can now feed your addiction with the best pickleball accessories, gear, and accessories delivered right to your door.

The Dink team has been secretly grinding away for months to develop a premium pickleball subscription service that we've lovingly dubbed "The Pickleball Box". Creative, we know.

Pickleball junkies, this is for you. Have pickleball junkies in your life? This is for them. No seriously, this is literally the best pickleball gift you can give this holiday (but FYI, the first run of inventory is super limited...and that's not just a marketing line).

Every 3 months, subscribers will receive the latest gear, apparel, and equipment worth over $200 in value. They'll also get exclusive discounts at our own (and partners') stores.

Curated Items for the Pickleball Addict

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Curated by Experts

No surprise that The Dink team lives and breathes pickleball. As leaders in pickleball news, podcasts, reviews, and products, our team are experts when it comes to the hottest gear in the industry. We've carefully handpicked only the best items to feature in The Pickleball Box.

From renowned brands to innovative newcomers, we've got the insider knowledge to ensure you receive top-quality gear every time. So who will we be working with? Here's who made the cut (that we're willing to reveal):

The Perfect Gift

With the holidays right around the corner, now is the perfect time to give the gift of pickleball to your bff, mom, dad, granny, high school crush, landlord...whatever floats your boat - you do you.

And if you're not sure if the Thanksgiving leftovers pushed your Aunt Julie over to a size XL that's totally fine - we thought of that. You can purchase pickleball box gift cards and throw them in a Christmas card so you don't have come up with a creative way of asking "so what kinda weight you pushin' these days, Auntie Julie?"

Just make sure you get your order in before Nov 15 or we can't guarantee that Santa will deliver on time.

How it works

  1. Choose Your Plan:
    Whether you prefer the excitement of a quarterly surprise or want to commit to a year of pickleball joy, we've got you covered. Opt for our quarterly or annual subscription plan (the best value), and enjoy free shipping with every box!
  2. Your Box Gets Shipped:
    No need to wait anxiously – boxes ship within 48-72 hours after you place your order. Your pickleball treasures will be at your doorstep just days after that, ready to elevate your game.
  3. Unbox the Goods:
    Behold, The Pickleball Box in all its glory. Inside each box, you'll find premium equipment, stylish apparel, must-have accessories, and even nutrition to keep you at the top of your game – all at a price that's hard to beat.
  4. Save, Save, Save:
    We're not just about delivering pickleball excellence; we're about value too. Each box packs a punch with $200+ worth of goodies. But that's not all – subscribers also unlock exclusive discounts at partner stores and our very own online shop!

So, are you ready to take your pickleball experience to the next level? Join The Pickleball Box community today, and elevate your game with the beset pickleball accessories and. Subscribe now and become part of the ultimate pickleball experience.

Oh yeah, and would this really be a Dink article if we didn't plug the #1 newsletter in the game? It's not like it's good or anything, it's only read by 100s of thousands of pickleballers all over the world...

What can you expect in the pickleball box?

The best pickleball accessories, gear, and equipment. We'll be curating things like pickleball balls, pickleball gifts, and a huge range of apparel items like pickleball shirts, hats, and jewelry.

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