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Striking the Upper 90: A Pickleball Passing Shot

by The Dink Media Team on

Hitting the perfect passing shot is kind of like scoring a goal in soccer.

You're playing keep-away with the goalie but also working within the boundaries of the net (court). One under-utilized pass: curl the ball into the top corner.

"The addition of height to a passing shot will increase the distance a player must cover to protect their court." - Pythagoras

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A looping topspin pass can be just as effective as trying to burn the ball by your opponent. The distance they have to cover is key to them defending the ball. 

This strategy is not strictly for singles either. Intentionally adding height can keep a ball out of reach for a ball down the line or through the middle in doubles. Read more about creating space in doubles.

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Sending the ball into the proverbial upper 90 can help ensure that the pass stays in the passed. Here's a clip of Anna Leigh Waters using height to perfection to drop a ball into the back corner.

Nervous about employing the new strategy? Send the first couple down the line to their backhand. No one is going to hurt you with a backhand overhead. Well, no one except Jessie Irvine.

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