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Pickleball on Spring Break? Here Are the Best Spots in Florida

by The Dink Media Team on

The state of Florida is known for many great things, from beautiful beaches to fantastic spring break destinations.

Thanks to our friends at Bounce, we've compiled the best places to play on a budget while you're blowing off some of that college stress.

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Whether you're headed to Daytona, South Beach, Clearwater, Orlando or the Keys, we've got you covered.

Pack that paddle!

Daytona Beach (12 locations)

One of the most popular spring break destinations has plenty of facilities, however many of them require a membership. There are a few free options to choose from, including Mcelroy Park, located at 3048 South Atlantic Ave.

Mcelroy Park, Daytona Beach
Mcelroy Park, Daytona Beach

South Beach (7 locations)

Miami Beach is a hot spot for sure, but it's a very congested area with little room for massive recreational complexes. However, the Miami Beach Pickleball Courts offer six free outdoor courts adjacent to the Miami Beach Golf Club.

Miami Beach Pickleball Courts, Miami Beach
Miami Beach Pickleball Courts, Miami Beach

Fort Lauderdale (11 locations)

Once you're done with Las Olas Boulevard and the beautiful beaches, head over to Holiday Park at 1150 G. Harold Martin Drive for access to six free courts.

Holiday Park, Fort Lauderdale
Holiday Park, Fort Lauderdale

Key West (2 locations)

Speaking of tight quarters, Key West is not exactly overflowing with space. Of the two locations, only one is free. Higgs Beach Park Tennis Courts at 1000 Atlantic Boulevard offers six free courts with permanent nets for your pickling pleasure.

Higgs Beach Park, Key West
Higgs Beach Park, Key West

Orlando (20 locations)

After you're done with the amusement parks, hit up one of the many locations in and around metro Orlando. Why not go all in and head to the USTA National Campus at 10000 USTA Boulevard, which boasts 99 free courts, six indoor and a whopping 93 outdoor courts.

USTA National Campus
USTA National Campus, Orlando

Clearwater (12 locations)

A great spot for a spring break, Clearwater has a dozen locations, some of which require a one-time fee. We'll highlight a free option with Woodgate Park, which has two permanent courts at 2495 Countryside Boulevard.

Woodgate Park, Clearwater
Woodgate Park, Clearwater

Wherever your spring break travels take you in the Sunshine State, find pickleball tournaments and courts anywhere on Bounce!

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