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You DO Need to Drink More Water During Pickleball. Here's Why

by The Dink Media Team on

Have you seen Riley Newman toting around an absolutely giant Takeya water bottle? A larger than life water vessel is befitting of a larger than life athlete.

But Riley is on to something: shocker, water intake is important for athletes. But apart from making sure your blood keeps circulating and your fluids are in balance, can you actually identify why that is?

Consider the following reasons why it is important to stay properly hydrated on the pickleball court:

Temperature regulation

When you don't drink water, your body can't cool itself down properly.

According to "Sports Medicine," if you're dehydrated, you're basically turning yourself into a human sauna, increasing your chances of becoming a sweaty, overheated mess on the court.

Maintaining blood volume

Dehydration reduces blood volume, and that means less oxygen gets to your muscles.

A review in the "Journal of Athletic Training" confirms that when you're parched, your muscles get as much oxygen as a goldfish in a thimble-sized bowl – not a recipe for smashing that pickleball with precision.

Cognitive function

Forget about making smart plays when you're dehydrated.

According to the "Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research," dehydration can turn your brain into a sluggish mess. Not ideal during lightning-fast rallies.

Injury prevention

If you enjoy playing pickleball with the added thrill of potential injuries, then go ahead, skip the water.

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But for the rest of us, a study in the "American Journal of Sports Medicine" warns that dehydrated athletes are just asking for muscle strains and ligament sprains.

Hydration solutions

Have we properly convinced you yet that hydration is crucial for athletes because it plays a significant role in their overall performance and well-being? Good.

Now make sure your water source is always abundant (and cold) with Takeya, the bottle company that's given Riley and other pickleball pros the hydration tech they need to perform at their best.

Their bottles come with the "Best Lid Ever," ensuring your liquids stay cold all day.

Click here to find the best water bottle for you!

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