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by dink Media Team on

One day, I was searching for a pickleball shirt online to wear off the court, and the search results baffled me. The only options available included cheesy designs or shirts with words. It was very limiting and nothing appealed to me.

I instantly noticed that there was an opportunity in the market for stylish pickleball streetwear with edgy designs.

It was over this past summer and I had two months off. I played 2-3 hours of pickleball every day, enjoying my family and taking some time to process a significant loss in my life a year prior.

David was my brother, best friend, and pickleball partner. I lost him in a tragic accident – but playing pickleball and designing streetwear helped me connect with my memories of him.

RND Streetwear Designs & Their Significance

David and I were competitive and aggressive on the court.

The 'No Mercy' design represents a time when I smashed the ball at my brother during a match where we played against one another because we kept arguing about missing the 3rd shot drop or hitting the ball into the net during a return.

The 'Until I Fall' design represents two very different things.

The first is to never give up and play like it's your last game, regardless of how you feel or how far behind you are in the game. You play hard until your body can't handle it anymore.

The second is more personal. It represents my brother as the Reaper coming back to play another game, holding the pickleball paddle high.

I'd gained experience with custom products and high-quality apparel over the past ten years, so I decided to move forward with RND Streetwear, noticing the lack of edgy, high-quality merchandise in the pickleball community.

After the accident, the Pickleball community came together. They built David a memorial above the place we would sit waiting for our next game. The love and support that the community continues to provide me is amazing.

I value the Pickleball community and want to show my appreciation through providing quality merchandise matched with edgy streetwear designs. I hope you'll check out my RND Streetwear designs here.

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