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The PPA Tour is bringing pro pickleball to CBS for the first time in history. The Skechers Invitational will broadcast live on CBS this afternoon starting at 4pm ET.

The broadcast will feature one women's doubles match one men's doubles match. The scheduled matches are:

  • Saturday, August 13th, 1 PM PT: (2) Anna Leigh Waters / Leigh Waters vs. (1) Callie Smith / Lucy Kovalova
  • Saturday, August 13th, 2 PM PT: (2) Riley Newman / Matt Wright vs. (1) Ben Johns / Collin Johns

You can tune into the matches on CBS or Paramount+.

The Action Continues on Sunday

Singles and mixed doubles matches are scheduled for Sunday on CBS Sports.

  • Sunday, August 14th, 12 PM PT: (2) Lucy Kovalva / Matt Wright vs. (1) Catherine Parenteau / Riley Newman
  • Sunday, August 14th, 1 PM PT: (2) Tyson McGuffin vs. (1) Ben Johns
  • Sunday, August 14th, 2 PM PT: (2) Catherine Parenteau vs. (1) Anna Leigh Waters

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