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Pickleball Clothing is Different from Tennis Apparel. Here's What Picklers Should Look For

by The Dink Media Team on

We see a LOT of tennis apparel on the pickleball court. We get why, as many pickleball players come from tennis. And it's not like golf gear is court-appropriate.

But high quality pickleball clothes do exist, and they bring with them some key advantages over athletic wear designed for tennis players.

Let's examine what to look for in high-quality pickleball apparel.

Pickleball clothing should have deep, robust pockets

As much as we love pickleball, we have to admit: the balls themselves tend to sit awkwardly in pockets (especially if you're in clothing designed for women – we all know how tiny those pockets can be!).

The Cross-Court Skirt from AVI features a unique inverted Pickleball pocket for easy tuck and storage. Their range of men's shorts all feature ample space in the pocket while maintaining a sleek, tailored silhouette.

Their abrasion-resistant fabrics are designed to withstand the plastic of a pickleball that gets rougher as play goes on. It's this attention to the fine details of pickleball play that really make for worthwhile athletic wear.

Pickleball apparel should be moisture-wicking

We hear from snarky opinion pieces all the time that pickleball doesn't "look hard," but anyone who has played knows that the game can often pick up to a very rapid pace. And if you play singles, you're exerting yourself even more.

AVI was designed in Miami, Florida, so you'd hope they know something about creating moisture-wicking clothing that pickleball players need to stay cool, even when playing in the heat.

Pickleball clothes should prioritize both form and function

While it makes sense that clothing designed for pickleball players would draw inspiration from classic tennis wear, there's also an opportunity for pickleball players to stand out. After all, the two sports are very different, so why should players look the same?

AVI's designs focus on loosening the rigid lines of the silhouette for a modern, slightly edgy look that harmonizes with the laid-back pickleball aesthetic.

Just as important as how they look, though, is how they perform: AVI gear is designed for a full range of motion-specific pickleball play. Dip and stretch away in your volleys knowing the stitching will hold up to even the most rigorous play.

Learn more about AVI – and what sets them apart in the world of pickleball apparel – here.

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