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Pickleball Claims its Next Victim, Owen Wilson

by JB Jones on

Owen Wilson Plays Pickleball

Do you ever just have a good feeling about a person? Owen Wilson has always been the type of person to give off that positive feeling and it has been solidified by his on-screen characters year after year. And now, on top of playing Hansel, Hutch, Nick Campbell, Lightning McQueen, Roy O’Bannon, and John Beckwith…he’s also playing Pickleball! Wowwwww

Owen Wilson Pickleball

That's How You Pepper a Steak!

On NPR’s ‘Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me’ podcast, Wilson was enthused to tell the hosts about the game and his recent obsession. Like all of us, Pickleball is an outlet for a mean competitive streak and like most of us, he was under the illusion that he would be able to master it after a few games to 11. He plays in a regular group with growing rivalries and some Pickleball ‘beef’ starting between players.  Listen to a clip below or the full episode here.

Wilson would be a top pick in The Master’s Pro-Am event later this year. Not only for the good time, but also for a real chance at bringing home the gold. Hopefully, he really can pick up the game quick – it would be great to see him paired up with a pro in November.

Rule #76: No excuses. Play like a champion.​

Here’s a quick video to catch you up on his top hits and best known catchphrase.

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