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Paddletek Phoenix Genesis Review

by The Dink Media Team on

Paddletek Phoenix Genesis review. An interview with Leigh Waters from Team Paddletek. Featuring her weapon of choice.

Leigh Waters is a professional pickleball player and member of Team Paddletek.  She has racked up wins in some of the most important matches, including the 2019 Florida Grand Slam and US Open. Her pro pickleball accomplishments include eight career gold medals and two US Open titles.

waters team pickleball
Leigh and her daughter, Anna Leigh, are doubles partners and compete in pro pickleball events across the country.

Play Like Leigh

From Leigh strikes the perfect balance between power and control with the classic Phoenix Genesis. Its lightweight design complements her speed and agility on the court, allowing her to dominate each match with quick reactions at the net.

Product Specs

Textured fiberglass Epoxy Hybrid Surface
Poly Core with Polymer Composite Honey Comb Core
Weight range 7.4-7.8 ounces
Width 7 ¾” and Length 15 5/8 “

paddletek phoenix genesis

We caught up with Leigh to learn a little more about her paddle of choice.

How long have you been playing with the Phoenix Genesis?
Leigh: Almost a year and a half now.

What made you try it?
Leigh: I previously used the Paddletek Element. The Phoenix Genesis was the natural transition when the Element was discontinued.

Why do you like it?
Leigh: My background is tennis, so the shape of the paddle was natural to me. It’s not considered elongated, but it is enough that it feels comfortable. The throat is also long enough to allow room for my two-handed backhand.  I especially like the quick pop off the paddle. It suits my aggressive style of play. I like the maneuverability from the weight and the thinner beam. I’m able to switch back and forth between forehands and backhands quickly in the fast-paced kitchen line exchanges. The thinner beam and weight range also helps with my redirection shots.

“My background is tennis, so the shape of the paddle was natural to me. The throat is also long enough to allow room for my two-handed backhand.”Leigh waters

Are there any negatives to the paddle?
Leigh: It is not a soft paddle. For that reason, I can make the necessary adjustments in my dink and block game while taking advantage of the responsiveness and maneuverability. The features that help my aggressive shots far outweigh the adjustments needed for my soft game.

How would you rate the durability?
Leigh: I have never had any problems with my paddles. I know Paddletek stands behind their products.

(Paddletek offers a limited lifetime performance guarantee that protects against manufacturer defects.)

The Paddletek Phoenix Genesis is available online now at the dink pickleball store. It is available in five different colors. FREE ground shipping on orders of $75 or more.

paddletek phoenix genesis

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