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Paddle Review: PROLITE Titan Pro LX

by JB Jones on



The PROLITE Titan Pro is a member of the LX series from PROLITE. The entire LX Series features Hyperweave Carbon Fiber technology.

"The Hyperweave Carbon Fiber utilizes a tighter cross weave interwoven with gold or silver fibers increasing uniform strength, speed, and consistency in each shot. Because it is constructed of a total of 3 layers of carbon fiber surrounding each side of the paddle core, it results in an overall 14 mm thickness improving feel, durability, and increased vibration dampening qualities."

The Titan Pro is designed to be the control paddle in the LX series. It has a slightly smaller grip and face size than the rest of the series. This makes it easy to maneuver and keep up in hand battles at the kitchen.  The weight in the Titan Pro is equally distributed throughout the paddle providing the perfect balance.

Control - 5/5

Control is the name of the game for the Titan Pro LX. You can put the ball on a dime with this paddle. Finding the kitchen on your drops has never been easier. The paddle becomes an extension of your hand and it's like tossing the ball right at the feet of your opponents.

The 14mm core helps absorb vibration and provides an honest feeling of contact with the ball. It is easy to take pace off an opponent's speed up with this paddle. With an average weight of 7.6oz, you won't be sailing many balls deep with this paddle. The lightweight makes it easy to maneuver for any level or size player. It would be very suitable for a more petite player or someone not moving as quickly on the court as they once were.  

The added control was my favorite aspect of the paddle. I am someone who likes to swing away and has a bad habit of hitting deep balls. This paddle helped eliminate that from my game while still allowing me to play my style.

Power - 3/5

With the added control of this paddle comes a slight reduction in power. The Hyperweave Carbon Fiber still packs a major punch and is dangerous in hand battles. But other members of the PROLITE LX family might do a better job of supplementing power in your game.

If you pack enough power in your game but need more help in the control department then this paddle is a great trade-off. It is easy to generate swing speed and play fast. It is like wielding a dagger instead of a broad sword allowing you the be quick with the paddle.  

Touch and Spin - 4/5

The touch and spin off of this paddle is where it shines. Top spin, slice, even the spin serve will have the ball twisting in the air. For me, it was all about the backhand roll at the kitchen line. It is a shot I have trouble generating enough spin on. The paddle speed and surface grit made controlling that shot easier than I ever imagined.

If you're not using spin because you have trouble controlling it, then try out the Titan paddle.  

Aesthetic -4/5

Your choice of silver or gold (hard not to choose gold) silk fibers woven into the carbon fiber surface. Both are classic looks that display the grit and control that this paddle provides.

The Aero Channel Edgegaurd gives the LX series a sleek modern look. It not only looks good but helps displace air for less resistance on your swing. This paddle is sure to turn heads on the court and everyone you play with will be asking to rub their hand across the surface to feel the grit.

Final Conclusion - 16/20

Everyone seems to be going to carbon fiber and PROLITE offers a unique take on the original playbook. The Hyperweave Carbon Fiber incorporated silver and gold silk fibers into the paddle face. As the carbon fiber frays, the paddle develops more grit a spin. Once you get it home you will be rushing to the court to break it in.

The ultimate control paddle, the Titan Pro is light and agile. It helps with the type of pickleball that helps you jump up levels, consistency, and drops.  You will be able to toss the ball into the kitchen with ease. When it comes to spin, the entire LX series will provide everything you need.

This paddle seems great for anyone looking for more control in their game. I would recommend it to a more petite player. The benefit of the LX series is that their is a paddle for every type of player. Check out the Supernova, Rebel Pro, and Rebel Pro XLT from the PROLITE LX Series.

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Specs - Pricing

The PROLITE Titan Pro LX has a retail price of $189.99. This price is in line with most of the other carbon fiber offerings on the market. With the paddle designed to become more gritty over time, it is a paddle you can expect to use for an extended period of time.

Polycore + Hyperweave Carbon Fiber

14 mm

7.5- 7.7 oz

15 1/2 in

7 13/16 in

4 3/4 in

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