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Jill Braverman on Her Decision to Sign on With GAMMA

by Jason Flamm on

It's a very important part of a pro pickleball player's journey. Hell, it's an important part of any pickleball player's journey.

Choosing a pickleball paddle that's right for you.

For us amateurs, it usually comes down to just a few things:

  • What feels good in our hands
  • How confident it helps us feel on the court
  • How much damage it does to our wallet

However, pro players have an entirely different set of criteria they have to consider.

Sure, it matters how it plays and the confidence it gives, but they must also consider the image it portrays when choosing one paddle over another.

While most seem to follow the money or the biggest brand name in the game, Jill Braverman – a top female pro player – decided to take a different path.

One where the paddle not only felt great in her hand, but also on her conscience.

One paddle emerges victorious

GAMMA and I are excited to announce that we just sealed a multi-year exclusive paddle and ball deal.

My mission has always been to spread the joy of pickleball with a paddle company that innovates within the rules of the game, that wants to win but win the right way.

GAMMA supports pickleball locally to globally, from juniors to collegiate, pros, and seniors, and I consider it a blessing and privilege to call pickleball my job and GAMMA my home. 

Statement from GAMMA:

"GAMMA is thrilled to welcome Jill Braverman to our team! Her talent and dedication to growing the sport make her an ideal addition to our company. We couldn't be more excited that Jill's paddle quest has led her to us, and we can't wait to watch her journey unfold on the courts!"

About GAMMA Sports

GAMMA Sports is a family-owned manufacturer of innovative pickleball and tennis equipment.  With over 50 years of experience in racquet sports, GAMMA has become a trusted name among athletes and sports enthusiasts around the world.  With a commitment to quality and performance, GAMMA provides products to improve every player’s game. The company's product lineup includes high-performance paddles, grips, and accessories.


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Jason Flamm

Jason Flamm

Jason is a writer from St. Louis. He’s been a coach in several sports and is currently working on his pickleball coaching certification. He loves to teach and share his passions.

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