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NVZ Fundamentals Keep YOU in Control

by The Dink Media Team on

Court position is the biggest advantage in pickleball. When you’re at the kitchen line at your opponent is stuck at the baseline, you have the advantage.

To keep that advantage your volleys have to be a threat. But not all volleys are the same. The contact height determines how aggressive you can be with your shot.

A new video from Pickleball Journey explains how your swing should change based on the contact height on a volley.

On a high ball, your swing plane should be angled down or horizontal. There is freedom to push through the ball and land it deep in the court. Some players even close the face of the as they hit down on the ball.

On low ball, the swing path changes. It switches from horizontal to vertical as the net becomes a bigger factor. A more open paddle face might be required to ensure the ball gets over the net. 

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Swing Speed

Another big takeaway from this video is how the swing changes in length and speed.

“Make sure you are taking a swing proportionate to the speed of the ball”

For a ball that is hit hard and traveling fast, your swing should be short. It won’t take much to generate power and redirect the ball where you want it to go.

For a ball that is hit slowly, you can extend your swing to generate the necessary power. On a slow ball, you have time to extend your swing and make your volley a threat. 

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Good fundamentals at the kitchen will keep the odds in your favor in this scenario. Learn more tips to keep the edge in The Dink 3x weekly Newsletter.

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