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Why You Should Play More Pickleball with Your Non-Dominant Hand

by The Dink Media Team on

In racquet sports, your non-dominant hand is frequently neglected. The paddle in the dominant hand can add spin and power with ease.

With it, you can put the ball on a dime and have total control.

Switch the paddle to your non-dominant hand, and you’re lucky if the ball lands in the right court.

Zane and Thomas discuss how training with the non-dominant hand adds to their game on the PicklePod:

The biggest benefit? Developing the two-handed backhand:

  • All of the power is derived from your non-dominant hand
  • Developing a better non-dominant forehand adds power and consistency to your backhand
  • It prevents pulling motion with your dominant hand

Drills with the non-dominant hand also help in case of emergency. When the ball is out of reach, you might be forced to switch hands in order to save a point.

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Without practice, this will almost always end in failure. If you spend a little time with your paddle in the wrong hand, you can save yourself in those scenarios.

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