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National Pickleball League Expands to 12 Teams for 2024

by The Dink Media Team on

The National Pickleball League announced significant expansion on Thursday, elevating its team count from six to 12.

New Teams Joining the National Pickleball League in 2024: 

Coachella Valley Scorpions (CA) 

Seattle United Pickleball Club (WA) 

Princeton Bruisers (NJ)

Kansas City Stingers (MO) 

Houston Hammers (TX) 

Columbus Hotshots (OH) 

The ownership groups for the teams include: 

Coachella Valley
(Kim Jagd, Rob Zwemmer, Don Zuker, and Ruth Ann Poppa) 

(Stephan Keller and James Main) 

(Vinay Bahuguna, Neil Shroff, Emil Pescatore, Karan Pescatore, Jeff Brody, Lisa Brody, Brad Wimmer, and David Slobotkin)  

Kansas City
(Julie Gibson and Daryl Wyatt)  

(Hugh Zhang, Amy Blumrosen, Hal Martin, Rommie Maxey) 

(Paul McKnight and Jeff McKnight)  

NPL wrapped up its inaugural season in 2023 with the Indy Drivers clinching the NPL Championship.

The league is now set for its second season, drawing in top-tier talent. Returning players feature NPL co-founders Beth Bellamy and Rick Witsken, alongside Pickleball Hall of Famers Jennifer Dawson and Scott Moore.

The league also welcomes new players Dayne Guingrich and Dave Weinbach, as well as NFL veteran and former Heisman Trophy winner Danny Wuerffel, adding even more excitement to the marquee rosters.

"The NPL's growth from six to twelve teams is a strategic move towards creating a more dynamic and competitive league," said Paul Bamundo, Chief Executive Officer, National Pickleball League. "The demand for growth across the U.S. has been remarkable, and 2024 will be a groundbreaking year for our league. It reflects our dedication to providing fans with a thrilling, high-quality pickleball experience and ensuring the NPL remains at the forefront of the sport." 

 "Winning the Heisman Trophy marked a significant milestone in my athletic career, but my journey continues to evolve," said Danny Wuerffel. “Joining the National Pickleball League provides me with a unique opportunity to further pursue my passion for sports and compete alongside the top-tier talent in this growing sport." 

About National Pickleball League® 

The National Pickleball League was founded in 2022 by Champions Pro players Rick Witsken, Beth Bellamy, and Michael “Hammer Mike” Chen. NPL Pickleball is a nationwide team competition for Champions Division (age 50+) professional pickleball players and made up of twelve teams in metropolitan locations in Indianapolis, Austin, Boca Raton, Naples, Denver, Oklahoma City, Houston, Seattle, Kansas City, Columbus, Coachella Valley and Princeton. National Pickleball League® is owned by National Pickleball League, LLC. The NPL is dedicated to expanding the reach of pickleball, fostering community engagement, physical and mental health, and elevating the sport to new heights. Companies interested in sponsorship opportunities with NPL Pickleball can email for more information or visit the league’s website at

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