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MLP's Seattle Pioneers Heading to Carolina, Re-Branded Carolina Pickleball Club

by Erik Tice on

Major League Pickleball's Seattle Pioneers announced a rebrand on Monday and will be relocating to North Carolina. 

The newly named Carolina Pickleball Club is owned by Tom Dundon, the majority owner of the Carolina Hurricanes in the NHL. Having both organizations close together makes sense in sharing facilities, marketing, etc ...

Two months ago, while in town for the PPA North Carolina Cup, Ben and Collin Johns cranked the siren to kick off a Hurricanes game.

The Carolina Pickleball Club will make their 2024 debut at MLP Washington D.C. this week. The team is led by Ben Johns and includes Andrea Koop, Jessie Irvine, and Collin Johns.

Dave Fleming, PPA and MLP Commentator, also serves as the Carolina Pickleball Club's GM and coach.

Erik Tice

Erik Tice

Erik produces content for The Dink related to pro and collegiate pickleball. He is an avid watcher of pickleball and became passionate about the sport in early 2022.

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