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MLP Kicks Off With a Showcase and Pro-Am Tournament at the Miami Open

by Jason Flamm on

During the final week of the Miami Open, Major League Pickleball will offer a showcase to fans where 17 of the top pickleball professionals will show off their skills and introduce the unique co-ed team format of MLP.

This will include round-robin pool play from 12 to 6 p.m. on Thursday, March 28, followed by three intense playoff matches from 12 to 6 p.m. on Friday, March 29.

A Look at the Pickleball Pros

The list of pickleball pros participating in the clinic and celeb Pro-Am and the MLP Showcase includes:

  • Irina Tereschenko
  • Jessie Irvine
  • Anna Bright
  • James Ignatowich
  • Pablo Tellez
  • Rachel Rohrabacher
  • Roscoe Bellamy
  • Travis Rettenmaier
  • Erik Lange

Other players who will be featured in the MLP Showcase are:

  • Andrei Daescu
  • Bobbi Oshiro
  • Federico Staksrud
  • Martina Frantova
  • Michelle Esquivel
  • Tyra Hurricane Black
  • Rob Cassidy
  • Hannah Blatt

Celebrities Expected to Play

The list of celebrities and personalities includes:

  • Tyler Cameron - TV personality, runner-up on Season 15 of The Bachelor
  • Elvis Crespo - Merengue / Latin American singer
  • Matt James - lead on Season 25 of The Bachelor
  • Kamaru Usman - MMA fighter
  • Kickball Dad - TikToker / social influencer
  • Alex Propson - from Bravo's Below Deck
  • Brian Benni - Bravo TV personality
  • Zach Sieler - D-lineman for the Miami Dolphins
  • James Blake - former pro tennis player, Miami Open tournament director

MLP Showcase Tournament Teams

Two pro men and two pro women will represent each team on Thursday and Friday.

Teams will consist of:

  • North: James, Rob, Tyra, Irina 
  • South: Andrei, Erik, Rachel, Martina 
  • East: Federico, Roscoe, Jessie, Bobbi 
  • West: Pablo, Travis, Anna, Michelle
  • Hannah as alternate
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Schedule of Events

Here's what to expect throughout the week.

Thursday: MLP Showcase - Round Robin Day

  • 11 am ET: Gates open to the public 
  • 12-6 pm ET: MLP Showcase
    • Four teams face off in round-robin pool play (each team plays 3 matches, 6 total matches on 2 courts). MLP scoring. 

12 pm: 

  • Round 1: Court 1- Team South vs Team North
  • Round 1: Court 2- Team East vs Team West

Followed By:

  • Round 2: Court 1- Team West vs Team South
  • Round 2: Court 2- Team North vs Team East

Followed By:

  • Round 3: Court 1- Team West vs Team North
  • Round 4: Court 2- Team South vs Team East

Friday: MLP Showcase - Single Elimination Day

  • 11am ET: Gates open to the public 
  • 12pm ET: Semifinals #1 (2nd place vs 4th place)
  • Followed By: Semifinals #2 (1st place vs 3rd place)
  • Followed By: Finals (Winner of Semi #1 vs Winner of Semi #2)

No word yet as to whether tennis pros will be cheering on the pickleball pros or throwing shade at them from the sidelines.


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Jason Flamm

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