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MLP Season 2 Draft Results

by The Dink Media Team on

Major League Pickleball has reached the halfway point in 2023. Rosters were erased following the San Clemente Super Finals in June and teams swapped between the Premier and Challenger Levels.

Today all 24 teams will draft to fill their rosters for the second half of the year. The league has taken steps every season to improve the draft process and this year, teams will be drafting live in person at City Pickle in Central Park.

The 12 Premier Level teams will draft the first 48 players starting at 9am ET. The Challenger Level teams will follow up that draft with their own selections starting at 12:30pm ET.

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MLP Season 2 Draft Results

  1. Chicago Slice - Ben Johns
  2. Utah Black Diamonds - Anna Leigh Waters
  3. Via Trade with ORL Squeeze, DC Pickleball Team - Riley Newman
  4. Brooklyn Aces - Catherine Parenteau
  5. Via Trade with DC, Orlando Squeeze - Anna Bright
  6. Columbus Pickleball Club - JW Johnson
  7. AZ Drive - Julian Arnold
  8. Texas Ranchers - Dylan Frazier
  9. Dallas Pickleball Club - James Ignatowich
  10. Atlanta Bouncers - Parris Todd
  11. Bay Area Breakers - Lea Jansen
  12. Miami Pickleball Club - Federico Staksrud

Round 2

13. Miami Pickleball Club - Tyson McGuffin

14. Bay Area Breakers - Etta Wright

15. Atlanta Bouncers - Simone Jardim

16. Dallas Pickleball Club - Callie Smith

17. Texas Ranchers - Jorja Johnson

18. AZ Drive - Vivienne David

19. Columbus Pickleball Club - Meghan Dizon

20. Via Trade with DC, Orlando Squeeze - Andrei Daescu

21. Brooklyn Aces - Andrea Koop

22. Via Trade with ORL Squeeze, DC Pickleball Team - Jackie Kawamoto

23. Utah Black Diamonds - Irina Tereschenko

24. Chicago Slice - Jessie Irvine

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Round 3

25. Chicago Slice - Lacy Schneeman

26. Utah Black Diamonds - Thomas Wilson

27. Via Trade from the ORL Squeeze, Atlanta Bouncers - Pablo Tellez

28. Brooklyn Aces - Hayden Patriquin

29. DC Pickleball Team - Jade Kawamoto

30. Columbus Pickleball Club - Maggie Brascia

31. AZ Drive - Dekel Bar

32. Texas Ranchers - Lauren Stratman

33. Dallas Pickleball Club - Allyce Jones

34. Via Trade with ATL Bouncers, Orlando Squeeze - Zane Navratil

35. Bay Area Breakers - Rafa Hewett

36. Miami Pickleball Club - Hurricane Tyra Black

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Round 4

37. Miami Pickleball Club - Mary Brascia

38. Bay Area Breakers - Connor Garnett

39. Orlando Squeeze - Rachel Rohrabacher

40. Dallas Pickleball Club - Jay Devilliers

41. Texas Ranchers - Travis Rettenmaier

42. AZ Drive - Vivian Glozman

43. Columbus Pickleball Club - Collin Johns

44. DC Pickleball Team - Christian Alshon

45. Brooklyn Aces - Tyler Loong

46. Atlanta Bouncers - Hunter Johnson

47. Utah Black Diamonds - AJ Koller

48. Chicago Slice - Erik Lange

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