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The Easier Way to Master Your Pickleball Topspin

by The Dink Media Team on

We hear it all the time from pickleball players: how do I hit topspin like the pros do?

Simply using pickleball topspin – whether you come from tennis, ping pong, or no prior sports – can take a while. Mastering it can take even longer, especially if you're also working on any of your other shots at the same time.

What's worse is that it's difficult to drill for something as crucial as spin. It's not like practicing a third shot drop or even an erne.

TopspinPro makes topspin easier to learn, whether you're hitting the court solo or if you're with a partner.

How TopspinPro Works

Mesh screen panels help you maintain a 75 degree paddle-face angle as you hit the ball. This is how you make it spin!

The fixed, spinning ball springs back when hit with topspin, helping you feel what it’s like to “roll” the ball. The key to hitting with topspin is how you make contact, which is something you'll learn to feel and recognize.

A lightweight but sturdy frame will take the impact of your shots, while letting you pack away and carry around easily for pickleball training anywhere.

Repetition is key to learning the biomechanics of topspin. With the TopspinPro, you can repeat the correct stroke up to 50 times each minute.

The TopspinPro was designed for all ages and ability levels. Even if you’ve been hitting flat shots for months or even years, you’ll see a dramatic difference in your spin within two weeks.

Click here to finally master your pickleball topspin!

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