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Major League Pickleball Premier Level Power Rankings - According To An Owner

by The Dink Media Team on

Power Rankings and preseason prognostications in any sport are typically left for writers, talking heads and keyboard warriors on social media.

But a team owner?

Ritchie Tuazon, owner of the California Black Bears, recently unveiled his rankings of the 12 teams playing Premier Level MLP in 2024. Tuazon's Black Bears will be competing at the Challenger Level this season.

The Major League Pickleball season kicks off May 9-12 with MLP Atlanta.

12. Utah Black Diamonds

You get what you pay for. But Tyler Loong is playing well and I'm excited to watch him play a leading role for the first time in MLP.

11. Los Angeles Mad Drops

Hunter Johnson is going to get targeted for the next six months. If I’m wrong here it's because Catherine Parenteau will prove to be the best woman in the field.

10. St. Louis Shock

One of the most likable teams in the field with Hayden Patriquin and Anna Bright. Kate Fahey's results pattern/profile is just so different than Rachel Rohrabacher's was at the time of the draft.

Meet Kate Fahey: A Fresh Face Ready to Shock Pro Pickleball
Kate Fahey was a dominant collegiate tennis player and only picked up a pickleball paddle last summer. Fast forward to now, and she’s a motivated member of MLP’s St. Louis Shock.

9. AZ Drive

I have this women's team as the 12th-ranked team (Lacy Schneemann/Kaitlyn Christian). The men’s team is top 2-3 (Andrei Daescu/Dylan Frazier).

8. Seattle Pioneers

The field is getting so good so quickly. Hard to get overly excited about the veterans on this squad.

7. New York Hustlers

No weak link here but no team here that is a sure win.

6. D.C. Pickleball Team

Allyce Jones has been off lately but she’s so dang tenacious I’d never bet against her. James Ignatowich is so damn good and Rachel Rohrabacher and Dekel Bar are results machines.

5. Columbus Sliders

Like the New York Hustlers, no weak links here. But they'll be more consistent and have a better No. 1 - Riley Newman.

4. Dallas Flash

JW Johnson was the biggest steal of the draft. If he plays with a chip on his shoulder, they can win the whole thing.

3. New Jersey 5s

I’m very high on this group. I think Zane Navratil is one of the most underrated players and Will Howells can be a beast. This is the year Anna Leigh Waters gets her MLP rip bang win cake.

2. Texas Ranchers

Christian Alshon and Tina Pisnik are two of the most improved players over the past 12 months. That should continue and Etta Wright is already a top 3-4 female. Pablo Tellez needs to be consistent and if so, this team can definitely win it all.

1. Orlando Squeeze

My pick to win it all. I have Parris Todd and Vivienne David as a top 2 women’s team, and Federico Staksrud and Tyson McGuffin as a top 5 men’s team. They’ll beat you in a Dreambreaker too – if you can make it that far.

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