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Life is Good Adds Pickleball Line

by Jason Flamm on

Another cherished activewear and lifestyle brand has enthusiastically ventured into the world of pickleball.

Established in 1994, the "Life is Good" brand is renowned for its uplifting designs featuring the iconic smiling stick figure character, Jake, who symbolizes joy and positivity.

Over the years, Jake has been portrayed engaging in various activities, from gardening to mountain climbing, fishing, and even cheerleading, showcasing his versatility and zest for life. It was only natural that pickleball, the rapidly growing sport capturing the hearts of enthusiasts worldwide, became the next addition to Jake's repertoire.

Linne Kimball, Vice President of Strategic Partnerships at Life is Good, explained the brand's decision to embrace pickleball, “It lines up really well with our superpowers of fun, humor, openness, and simplicity. The majority of players love the sport because it brings them joy, connects them to their community, and keeps them moving, healthy, and fit,” explained Kimball. “Our customers enjoy an active lifestyle, and for 30 years our graphics have celebrated many sports, both individual and team. Pickleball is the fastest-growing sport in the US for a reason. It appeals to all ages, and it’s fun and accessible.”

Many members of the Life is Good team are reportedly avid pickleball players, further solidifying the brand's connection to the sport. Introducing pickleball-themed graphic tees and paddle sets reflects Life is Good's commitment to spreading optimism and fostering active lifestyles.

With designs featuring Jake and other beloved characters enjoying a game of pickleball, Life is Good's pickleball gear exudes the brand's signature positivity and charm, offering enthusiasts a unique way to express their love for the sport while spreading joy and optimism.

“Our graphic tees are the primary vehicle by which we spread the power of optimism. Our customers have embraced our pickleball-themed tees in a number of different art styles. Through a partnership with Fit4Life, we have also developed Life is Good pickleball paddle sets. The paddle, like a T-shirt, provides a great canvas for our positive art and message, and allows us to deepen our brand’s connection to those who love this sport,” said Kimball. 

The collection includes the “Play more, worry less" T-shirt with Jake and his dog playing pickleball and the cropped green pickleballer tee

They’ve even developed a set of wooden paddles and matching balls perfect for a leisure game of pickleball with beginners and new friends.

Good luck hitting a two-handed topspin dink with those.

You can see the full line of pickleball gear on the Life is Good site.