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Let's Face It, Backhands Suck

by JB Jones on

It's rare to find a player who prefers their backhand over their forehand. Some players, even pros, make a concerted effort to avoid backhands at all costs.

James Ignatowich debuted a new way to eliminate the backhand last year in Orlando. While chasing down a dink, Iggy actually turned his back to the net to complete one of the most absurd ATPs you will ever see.

Instead of hitting a weak backhand while sliding, Iggy went goofy-footed and utilized the power of his dominant hand. He spun away from the net so that the ball was on the right side of his body. 

With the ball on his right side, the stroke employs the same muscle groups as a forehand, just in the opposite direction.

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The Second Coming

Iggy was one of the first players to hit a shot like this but the most famous since then is Roscoe Bellamy. His efforts at the APP Metro Atlanta Open earned him a prestigious spot in the Sportscenter Top 10.

If your backhand ATP isn't getting the job done, give this variation a try. When you pull this off in rec play, odds are it's not coming back.

To solve your backhand worries for good, check out the guide to all backhand shots.

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