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Introducing: Kerry Seiler

by The Dink Media Team on

IG: @lilpink3y

Introducing super mom, student and pickleballer, Kerry Seiler. Kerry is known for her style off the court, and skill on it. When not at home with her teenage daughter or in class pursuing a marketing degree at the Florida Gulf Coast University, Seiler is a fitness enthusiast and every day, sometimes twice-a-day, pickleballer!

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Most importantly I’m a mother to a teenage daughter. I’m a full time student at FGCU getting a degree in marketing. I’m passionate about pickleball and bodybuilding. I have a personal trainer 6 days a week and play almost every day, twice if I can. Fitness and nutrition are very important to me.

What made you start playing pickleball?

My mom got me hooked on playing! She organizes pickleball in her community. I was looking for a way to be active and meet people when we first moved here. From there it went from hobby to obsession!

How long have you been playing?

I started playing 3 years ago when I moved to Estero, Fl.

What rating are you (if you know)?

Currently rated 3.5. Wanna partner?!

Have you learned any lessons from pickleball?

Through pickleball, I have learned the value of community and friendship. Through my home community, I have found the greatest friends and supporters. Not only do we spend the holiday mornings playing and birthday celebrations together, (like my annual birthday party tournament) they all came out to cheer me on at the US Open!

What is 1 thing that you ALWAYS bring with you to the court?

My Georgie & Lou pickleball bag!

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What is it about the Georgie & Lou bag that made it stand out from other bags?

I love the Georgie & Lou bag because it’s so cute and as easy as grabbing a purse and walking out the door.

What is your favorite feature of the bag?

I love the strap and the big outer pocket! The strap because it’s easy to just throw over my shoulder as I’m racing off to go play. I like to keep my phone and keys in the pocket so I can easily find them when I need them.

What do you normally bring on court in the bag?

I always carry 3 paddles with me! My main paddle, a backup paddle, and one just in case someone needs one.  Probably about 5 balls in there. I always carry balls in my bag yet never walk on the courts with them. 

A little towel and sweatbands. It’s Florida, you get sweaty really fast. 

Rice cakes for if I get hungry and need the carbs.  A container with BCAA’s and a carb supplement. Just in case I need to refill my water, I can’t play without it. Gotta make sure I’m burning fat and not muscle while playing and keeping my energy up. 

CBD roll on and salve. You never know when you or someone is gonna need it and I never leave without it! 

How has pickleball influenced you?

Pickleball started my fitness journey. At first, I just wanted to lose weight. Then I wanted to play better, be stronger and faster in the courts. So I took as many lessons/clinics as I could and got a personal trainer. My trainer put me on a meal and supplement plan. Playing daily and lifting 2 days a week, my body changed fast. 9 months later I competed in a npc bikini competition.  Now I’m growing to compete in figure next year! While playing in as many tournaments as I can! This year I’ve been lucky enough to start traveling to play. I can’t wait to see where my pickleball and fitness journey take me!

Anything else that is particularly interesting about your pickleball experience? Funny story, memorable moment, etc.

My most memorable pickleball moment was playing with Max Heller in Atlanta! While I was there for the tournament, my mixed partner texted me he was injured and not coming the next day. In a panic, I was asking everyone I saw if they could play or knew someone who could. Luckily Max was able to play with me! The next day we hopped on the courts for the first time together! We had a huge bracket and played til 11:30pm. Our gold medal match was on championship court! We won gold! There’s no doubt that it was the greatest experience and tournament I’ve played in. Max and I got silver together in Orlando after that! I look forward to playing with him again next year!

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