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JOOLA and USA Pickleball Release Statements on Paddle Testing and Approvals

by Jason Flamm on

Everyone loves a good diss track.

Just Google Drake vs. Kendrick Lamar.

Today, we received diss tracks (in the form of Instagram statements) from two huge players in the pickleball world. On one side, you have JOOLA – the company responsible for the most powerful paddles known to the pickleball universe.

On the other side is USA Pickleball – the organization tasked with governing pickleball since 1984.

(Though we learned today they will have competition in that space moving forward.)

How did we get here?

Thursday morning, based on information that JOOLA Gen 3 paddles and some others were removed from USA Pickleball's Approved Paddle list, we released an article explaining the situation:

Are Certain Pickleball Paddles About to Be Banned?
Certain paddles and manufacturers are under the microscope due to the power some models are generating. We take a closer look at which brands are suddenly not on USA Pickleball’s approved list.

Since then, statements have been made by both JOOLA and USA Pickleball.

Things are getting heated and we are here for it.

JOOLA's statement

USA Pickleball's statement

What these statements mean

Overall, it seems to us like each is blaming the other.

In their statement, JOOLA seems to say that the paddles they sent for testing were, in fact, the same ones they went to market with last month. However, an "administrative error" told Pickleball USA otherwise, and that's why USAP removed their current Gen 3 paddle lineup from the USA Pickleball Approved Paddle list.

USA Pickleball says that the paddles they approved back in November were different than what JOOLA released in April. Therefore, while the November paddles complied with regulations, these current ones – the ones in bags and at rec courts throughout the US, do not.

Essentially, JOOLA allegedly did a bait and switch: pickleball paddle edition - at least according to the USAP.

What's to come?

Kendrick and Drake have about a dozen diss tracks between them and counting, so we have our fingers crossed that more drama is coming hot and heavy over the next days and weeks.

The library is open for business. Go ahead and take a seat because you might be here for a while.


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Jason Flamm

Jason Flamm

Jason is a writer from St. Louis. He’s been a coach in several sports and is currently working on his pickleball coaching certification. He loves to teach and share his passions.

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