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Jansen and Tereschenko Break into Championship Sunday

by JB Jones on

The women’s doubles scene on Championship Sundays has been dominated by three teams in 2021. Simone Jardim/Lucy Kovalova, Catherine Parenteau/Jessie Irvine and the Waters. Yesterday, Lea Jansen and Irina Tereschenko showed they deserve to be in that conversation.

They swept Irvine & Parenteau in the bronze medal match, winning 11-5, 11-6. In game two, they were down 6-1 and rattled off 10 unanswered points to take the game and match.

Irina Tereschenko has been playing great in the last two months of the year. She and Lauren Stratman played on Championship Sunday at the PPA Masters. They beat the Waters on their way to a silver medal in that event. Today Tereschenko will be playing with Jansen and is hoping they have what it takes to top the podium and win the national championship.

The Last Ride for Team NewGuffin

On the men’s side, Riley Newman and Tyson McGuffin seemed to have rekindled some of their strong chemistry from early 2021. They were celebrating on the court together through their three wins. McGuffin said in an interview he was hoping they would be done with their three matches and be to the pool by 2 PM. Well, he got pretty close, they won their three matches and wrapped up their last one just after 2PM.

Their biggest challenge on the day was the new combo of Callan Dawson and JW Johnson. Dawson and Johnson won the first game against Team NewGuffin but lost the match and got bumped down to the bronze medal match. They beat Erik Lange and Gabrielsen pretty handily in the bronze medal round to lock in their rematch against team NewGuffin on Championship Sunday.

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One team I was expecting to see more out of was Matt Wright and Dekel Bar. They lost in the second round to Dawson and Johnson and then again in the loser’s bracket to Lange and Gabrielsen. It is tough to build that high level chemistry in one day, but these are two of the best men’s doubles players in the world. Fourth place is still a solid finish but it would have been interesting to see if they could make a run at gold.

The slate for Sunday is set. We have a couple new faces in the mix. There will be three matches total starting at 10AM PST. The matches for the day are:

Anna Leigh waters vs Jill Braverman

Anna Leigh Waters & Leigh Waters vs Lea Jansen & Irina Tereschenko

Riley Newman & Tyson McGuffin vs Callan Dawson & JW Johnson

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