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It Feels Right

It Feels Right: Premiere Episode w/ Special Guest Corrine Carr

by The Dink Media Team on

Adam Stone. Rob Nunnery. It Feels Right.

The debut podcast from two veterans of the professional pickleball game. Rob and Stone cover everything from the future of the pro game to improving as an amateur to whatever tv show is hot in the streets.

Fresh off Major League Pickleball Newport, Adam, and Rob have a lot to discuss. Rob is the center of a controversy that could change the MLP rulebook. MLP and the PPA go head to head in a competition for viewership. Adam and Rob share their Texas origin story and what their futures look like in pro pickleball.

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Show Notes:
(1:54) Adam Stone and Corrine Carr got married in Peru
(5:58) From living in a car to the pro pickleball level
(12:15) Major League Pickleball Recap
(23:45) Lowest Hanging Fruit in Pro Sports
(29:14) Knee surgery rehab - the ‘Yellowstone’ binge
(36:40) Digging in on the short-term alternate rule
(49:15) As MLP expands, teams and partnerships will need to evolve
(1:00:05) Stone is feeling comfortable in the broadcast booth
(1:11:45) Lost wedding ring in a glacier lake in Peru
(1:17:00) Corrine Carr’s take on pro pickleball

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