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It Feels Right Ep 8: Rob Unveils Updates for MLP 2023

by The Dink Media Team on

We are back on the rankings grind this week with Stone’s Top 25 Male Mixed Doubles players. Rob breaks down his letter from Major League Pickleball outlining the changes coming in 2023. There will be more prize money, a new format and possibly the return of PPA players. Find out where you can see Major League Pickleball live.

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Show Notes

00:00 Stone goes Bananas in Savannah
9:13 Recap of Stone’s power ranking now on ‘paper’
17:30 Unveiling of the Top 25 men’s mixed doubles players
23:20 Jay Devilliers makes a significant jump in the mixed doubles list
36:50 Tyler Loong rounds out the top 10
39:40 Zane with the spin serve or without the spin serve
49:51 Thor’s Hammer Pat Smith at 18
52:58 With Spencer Smith you know what you’re going to get
56:22 Chuck Taylor one of the most improved in 2022
59:27 Announcements from MLP: New Format and Expansion
1:06:00 The season-long team competition and individual awards
1:08:36 It looks like PPA players will be allowed in MLP

Stone's Top 25 Mixed Doubles Players - Men

  1. Ben Johns
  2. Riley Newman
  3. JW Johnson
  4. Jay Devillers
  5. Dekel Bar
  6. Dylan Frazier
  7. Matt Wright
  8. AJ Koller
  9. DJ Young
  10. Tyler Loong
  11. Julian Arnold
  12. Zane Navratil
  13. Tyson McGuffin
  14. Matt Wright
  15. Rafa Hewett
  16. Andrei Daescu
  17. Kyle Yates
  18. Pat Smith
  19. James Ignatowich
  20. Spencer Smith
  21. Callan Dawson
  22. Collin Johns
  23. Chuck Taylor
  24. Pablo Tellez
  25. Rob Cassidy

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