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It Feels Right Ep 7: Pickleball is Chess, Tennis is Checkers

by The Dink Media Team on

In this episode, Stone explains his ‘rankings’ after receiving some comments. Rob updates the nation on pickleball in Maui. The guys share their thoughts on regulations to maintain the sanctity of the game. PPA Championships preview, giant singles draw and storylines are plentiful in doubles.

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Show Notes

00:00 Rankings Filibuster: Stone responds to the critics
07:15 Hawaiian pickleball update
14:05 The saturation point for pickleball venues
22:29 Regulations on paddle technology
30:19 Rally scoring vs side out scoring
36:23 A ‘quick’ run through of the APP Sacramento Open
43:15 APP Next Gen is next up
49:50 No Stone repeat at the PPA Championships
56:35 In depth look at men’s doubles the return of Steve Deakin
1:09:53 Lindsey Newman is back, Tood & Bright team up

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