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It Feels Right Ep 46: Should MLP cancel San Clemente?

by The Dink Media Team on

Rob and Stone address the rumors that MLP San Clemente might be canceled as a financial stopgap. Rob recaps a silver medal performance in one of the biggest Moneyball events in pickleball history.

India's top ranked played Yuvi Ruia joins the pod to shed some light on pickleball in Asia. Yuvi claims that players in China are training in secret for future pickleball takeover. He explains how the game has blown up internationally in 2023 and what is planned for 2024.


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Show Notes:

0:00 A must see Moneyball event at Lone Palm
Daescu and Nunnery vs Johnson and Frazier
9:45 Early training methods for future pros
10:40 A sneak peek at the 2024 schedule
16:20 There’s a real chance MLP San Clemente could be cancelled
19:50 It could all come down to media rights
26:47 Shot clock and extending the net post
30:55 Yuvi Ruia, the #1 ranked player in India joins the pod
38:05 International badminton and table tennis players switch to pickle
43:05 China is taking pickleball to a new level
45:15 The Indian Open - the 35+ Pro bracket

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