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It Feels Right Ep 40: Building and MLP Draft Board

by The Dink Media Team on

Rob and Stone break down their draft board and prep for MLP season two. Rob is shipping off to Boston for the first stop of the Pickle 4 Ballpark Tour in Fenway this weekend. Stoney is short on sleep as a new dad and has a close call on reaching Central Park ahead of the draft.


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Show Notes:
0:00 Caffeine Injected Intro
5:00 Getting a job in the big city
12:04 Dad life for Stoney
18:15 Shipping off to Boston
25:30 Stone’s rankings ahead of the MLP Draft
35:21 Guys can affect the game more and are being drafted higher
40:46 Challenger Level analysis
48:25 Hard Eight’s outlook for season 2

Show Notes:

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