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It Feels Right Ep 39: The First Super Final Champions of Major League Pickleball

by The Dink Media Team on

'Mr. Andiamo' Julian Arnold joins the It Feels Right pickleball podcast. Arnold is $60K richer after he and the LA Mad Drops won the MLP Season 1 Super Final. Julian makes predictions about where he will be drafted in July and shares the details on his new partnership with Riley Newman.


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Show Notes:
0:00 Julian relives the Mad Drops run
7:10 Team construction is crucial in MLP
15:40 What it’s like to play for the Mad Drops and Drew Brees
19:25 No guarantees for Premier Level in  2024
23:40 Julian will play with Riley Newman for a few tournaments
29:34  Adam Stone sets the line on hypothetical matches
35:24 Pros/Cons to pickleball ‘special friends’
40:23 Julian’s paddle company Volair

Show Notes:

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