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It Feels Right Ep 36: Done with the Disrespect w/ Lea Jansen

by The Dink Media Team on

Lea Jansen joins the pod after an incredible women’s finals match at the Texas Open. She has a new workout routine, a new tracking coach, and a new paddle and is determined to be number one by the end of the year.

Lea think she’s cracked the code on reaching gold. Find out her strategy on a new episode of It Feels Right.


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Show Notes:
0:00 NYC crowd rallied behind Sobek
4:40 The Texas Open Frat Party
10:36 Will rowdy crowds affect top pros?
15:12 Heat and wind delay play in Texas
25:20 It’s Lea Jansen time
34:10 Done with the disrespect
38:25 Breaking down an epic finals match
44:30 Lea a fan of the raucous crowd
49:25 A tracking coach on the sideline
54:12 Listener questions
1:02:03 Number one by the year’s end
1:11:15 Pick a partner to go number one with
1:20:40 Can anybody beat the Johns bros

Show Notes:

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