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It Feels Right Ep 34: The $50k Cash Game w Andrea Koop

by The Dink Media Team on

One of the best pros in the women’s game Andrea Koop joins the pod. Koooooop spills the deats on a new $50k bet between MLP owners on an upcoming exhibition match at MLP. She weighs in on the state of paddle testing, shares hilarious stories from her pickleball journey and explains the origin of the Beer City Open.


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Show Notes:

0:00 Manscaping
6:13 Koop is the ultimate partner
12:28 Koooop’s illustrious tennis background
14:40 Beer City Open - Need my own tournament
22:14 The new MLP bet for $50k
27:54 Paddle situation
32:13 Should the ball color change?
37:50 New women entering the pro scene
45:30 Pablo’s her special friend
52:15 BLQK Cubs and the minor league format
59:05 Koop had to bail on AJ - Gold from Altaf
1:06:05 Nunnery and Stone will be on the mic in Beer City

Show Notes:

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