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It Feels Right Ep 10: MLP vs VIBE Let the Battle Begin

by JB Jones on

Rob and Stone are back from a short hiatus. They take on the tidal wave of pickleball news. The VIBE Pickleball League has shook the pro landscape. Stone stresses the importance of mental health awareness on the tour. A $100K grudge match between Travis Rettenmaier and NML Pickleball is on the horizon.


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Show Notes:
1:48 JW and Dylan join VIBE Pickleball
6:31 Pickleball is big business
10:28 A “little birdie” broke the news to Stone
12:55 Has to be a significantly higher payday to make the jump
16:20 Mental health awarenece on the pro tour
29:30 Poker vs Tennis vs Pickleball
36:00 Travis Rettenmaier vs NML Pickleball
39:30 K-dog kills a full grown deer with his bare hands
43:08 Rob’s experience playing 2 vs 1 in Hawaii
46:25 Rob and Stone Livestream upcoming

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