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Get Relief from the Aches and Pains of Pickleball: Recover Faster with Incrediwear

by JB Jones on

The aches and pains of pickleball are a real thing. "A game made for old people" can leave even the best athletes sore. Knees, shoulders elbows you name it, if you're working hard on the court, then you're going to feel it the next day.

The best tool to aid my recovery has been the elbow sleeve from Incrediwear. Pickleball is an essential part of the daily routine.  But playing every day leaves no time for recovery. When "pickleball elbow" rears its ugly head, it can completely derail your game.

A dull ache in your elbow sticks with you throughout the day. It is one of the few things in life that will make you actually stay away from the courts. So what do you do when pickleball elbow comes for you.

If you're like me, you dive into youtube and pickleball forums online, desperately searching for an answer that does totally disrupt my routine. A common consensus online is rest. It's always rest and wait. Two weeks, a month, is what I see. Credentialed and uncredentialed "health" professionals seemed to agree, the only option is rest.

This option is less than ideal.

Summer is short and I need to be out on the courts. Two weeks feels like an eternity when you're used to playing every day. And what is to stop pickleball elbow from coming back next month. What could be done to recover faster?

Cue Incrediwear.

I saw their elbow sleeve on some of the top pros in the game and had to try it for myself.

The sleeve was a game changer for me. The Incrediwear sleeve is not a compression sleeve so it can be worn 24/7. I put it on as soon as it arrived in the mail.

The beauty of this sleeve is that it actually promotes blood flow to that area. More blood flow leads to faster recovery. BOOM! This is exactly what I needed, faster recovery. No more sitting on the sidelines waiting for things to get better.

Now I can feel better while playing and promote recovery off the court. Of course, a conspicuous accessory like this attracted the attention of my pickleball friends. They want to know "does it really work?"

I say "if I'm back tomorrow then you know it's working."

Just like before pickleball elbow, I am back at the courts every day. Now they want to know if Incrediwear has anything to help with their ailments.

Luckily there is a solution for all parts of the body, aching knees, sore shoulder, you name it. Incrediwear has braces, sleeves, wraps and accessories to reduce inflammation throughout the body.

The next purchase for me will be the circulation socks from Incrediwear. Just like my elbow, my feet are overworked from playing every day. The stop and go pace of pickleball played on the hard court will take a toll on your feet.

More and more players are wearing socks and sandals in their medal stand pictures. Their feet are too beat after a tournament to spend more time in their shoes. This is true for me even after rec play.

My first steps out of bed are painful. I move so slowly you would think the floor is covered in legos. Each step is taken more gingerly as I start my day. The pain subsides throughout the morning but this ache is a daily concern.

It's like a light bulb moment for me when I realize, more blood flow would probably help this problem. But how can I promote blood flow and reduce inflammation while sleeping? You guess it, circulation socks.

I am excited to try the circulation socks from Incrediwear to see if this ailment can also become a thing of the past.

Check out the full line of products from Incrediwear or take their quiz to see if they have anything that can help you.

You can get 15% off your order with the code DINK15 at checkout. Pickleball is a game that should be played every day. Don't let aches and pains keep you off the court.

JB Jones

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