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From Brewing Hops to Third Shot Drops

by The Dink Media Team on

Broadleaf Brewery & Spirits in Kentwood, MI underwent a recent remodel. They traded in a massive cold room in favor of some in-house entertainment.

Instead of racking up the electricity bill trying to keep things cool, they installed two pickleball courts to heat things up. The courts have become a revenue generator for the brewery and cut down on their monthly utility bills.

Like most craft beer can art, Broadleaf has a style all their own. They brought a modern look to the retiree sport with bright court colors, muraled walls and custom paddles.

Broadleaf is just one example of pickleball filling the vacant space left from businesses of the past. As most pickleball enthusiasts know, once you get hooked on the game, every large room, empty parking lot, or backyard looks like the perfect fit for a new pickleball court.

Brewery seizing pickleball trend with indoor court at Kentwood taproom
A Kentwood brewery is planning to repurpose some vacant production space to add an indoor pickleball court and offer customers a new restaurant experience.

You can book a court at Broadleaf Brewery here.

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