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Fire your pickleball coach

by The Dink Media Team on

Zane is coming for all the phony pickleball coaches out there in a new video. If they give you any of the following advice, it’s time to upgrade.

Fire your coach if they give these 5 tips

1. To beat a banger you need to slow them down.

This tip can be counterintuitive. Sure you don’t want to play into their strengths, but you can’t try to reset and slow down every one of the speedups.

The reset is a difficult shot and doesn’t punish your opponent. Zane explains that you’re better off hitting a counterattack to capitalize on their aggressive play.

2. Stay out of no man’s land

Playing in no man’s land is unavoidable and some times advisable. Backing off the kitchen line can give you more time to recover and make your opponents’ attacks less effective when you pop a ball up. Get comfortable playing in transition instead of avoiding it completely.

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3. Forehand takes the middle

The middle can be a source of confusion between partners, but you’re better off having both players go for the ball than no one. On points with a lot of movement or firefights, it’s important to support your partner and help them cover the middle, even if it is with your backhand.

4. Ready Position = paddle out in front, sit on your backhand

One of the biggest ready position mistakes is extending your paddle too far in front of you. If it is too far in front you won’t be able to get power on your volleys.

The second is favoring the backhand too heavily. Zane recommends a more neutral position to keep your forehand in play to defend a chicken wing attack.

5. Never miss a serve

 There is a risk versus reward opportunity in every shot that you hit. If you’re making 100% of your serves, then you’re not taking enough risk. 

You’re also not receiving enough reward in the form of missed returns or short returns that you can put away on the next shot. On the serve in particular it’s okay to miss long. 

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