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Participation in College Pickleball Has More Than Doubled Since 2022 According to DUPR

by Jason Flamm on

Anyone concerned with the future of pickleball needs to look no further than these incredible statistics from DUPR (which stands for Dynamic Universal Pickleball Rating).

In a post on Instagram this week, the company posted some year-over-year stats comparing 2022 (when they launched the first-ever Collegiate National Championship) to 2023.

For those unfamiliar with DUPR, it's a global rating system designed to measure a pickleball player's skill level, regardless of age, gender, or location.

The most impressive statistic was that the number of collegiate-level participants and schools more than doubled, going from 151 athletes across 16 schools in 2022 to 365 athletes from 36 schools in 2023.

They also shared some impressive ratings jumps among the top players who participated in the Collegiate National Championship.

Does this mean college students across the country are trading in weekend drinks for dinks?

Definitely a good sign for the growth of the sport.

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