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Bulletproof Your Knees

by JB Jones on

Taking care of your body off the court is extremely important so you can play more pickleball on the court. The Knees Over Toes Guy, Ben Patrick, explains his life-changing philosophy that strengthens the muscles and tendons needed to protect your knee. The three simple exercises here have made a huge difference for me and it is just a sample what you can to do relieve knee pain and protect yourself.

In pickleball there are so many times where your knee bends past 90 degrees. It happens when returning a low groundstroke from the baseline, lunging side to side at the kitchen line, it might even be happening on your serve. This program is designed to protect you in those situations and Reverse Out Knee Pain.

There is a paid coaching program you can enroll in if you really want to jump in, but even just implementing the simple exercises discussed here and on the Knees Over Toes youtube channel have been incredible for me. Ben Patrick is on Instagram @kneesovertoesguy and I will add a couple more instructional videos below.


JB Jones

JB Jones

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