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Brené Brown Talks Mindfulness and MLP

by The Dink Media Team on

World-famous author and speaker Brené Brown is part of the ATX Pickleballers owners group and an avid pickleball player. She will play a big part in the inaugural season of Major League Pickleball. The ATX Pickleballers had the first overall pick in this year’s draft and selected Catherine Parenteau. They hope that CP can lead the team to the first-ever DUPR Bowl on November 8.

Brown will be able to lend a hand in the leadership role. One of her best-known books is ‘Dare to Lead’ a NY Times Bestseller that was published in 2018. Hopefully, this event is a great opportunity for players and owners to collaborate and I’m sure the owners won’t mind grabbing some pickleball tips from their team of pros.

The Dink Media Team

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