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Bounce Unveils 'Gameday' Feature to Further Enhance the Amateur Tournament Experience

by The Dink Media Team on

Navigating the complexities of pickleball tournaments has long been a daunting task for those responsible for leading them.

Bounce, a rapidly growing platform for amateur pickleball, just announced another innovative triumph with its Gameday feature, specifically designed to enrich the tournament experience.

Best of all, it’s 100 percent free for tournament organizers and players.

Watch this quick video to see how Bounce’s Gameday feature works.

The feature solves the biggest headaches in running tournaments. With the click of a button, it automates the schedule of play, court assignments, scoring, and player communications. The app seamlessly transitions from Pool Play to Single Elimination, considering wins, losses, head-to-head results, and point differentials, eliminating the need for on-the-fly math or manual tools like Excel spreadsheets.

Moreover, for organizers seeking official competition matches, Bounce integrates with DUPR, enhancing the legitimacy and competitive edge of tournaments.

Beyond tournaments, Bounce extends its vision to coaching, offering a dedicated platform for players to find coaches; while giving coaches a powerful tool to run their business and make an impact on players. This dual focus underscores Bounce's overarching goal: to empower the pivotal figures in pickleball – tournament organizers and coaches – to simplify their responsibilities while enriching player experiences.

"We are striving to make every interaction in amateur pickleball seamless and delightful," said Ryan Van Winkle, CEO of Bounce. "In addition to making pickleball more accessible for players, we are focused on empowering those who craft pickleball experiences, like tournament and league leaders, and especially coaches. We consider these champions to be the pulse of the pickleball community, and they deserve better tools to grow their business while providing players with memorable experiences."

With plans to further enhance Gameday to include all tournament formats, including DUPR’s MLP, Bounce is steadfast in its commitment to nurturing the heart of pickleball.

To learn more about the full feature set, visit the Bounce Brackets page or email their team at

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