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Bossman crosses the line in warehouse pickleball game

by The Dink Media Team on

It’s hard to knock a boss who is willing to install a pickleball court in the middle of a warehouse. Nothing would make me want to go to work more than pickleball rivalry with unfinished business.

But the boss at this warehouse crossed the line. On an incredibly athletic (and dangerous) ATP, bossman had the audacity to call the ball out.

You can check the tapes for yourself. Tallboy2014, who posted the video comments “We fought back from 2-10 to tie it up, then the general manager calls this one out!”


via Tallboy2014 on r/Pickleball

Another user asked, “Did you show him the video?” Tallboy2014 replied “He reviewed the film and wrote me up for a safety violation. 😜”

Everyone has a bad boss story, but this one actually comes with video evidence. When it comes to problems, pickleball problems are some of the best to have. It left another user, _JohnnyUtahBrah with a final question “All I want to know is... are you guys hiring?”

Ready to wield something as bold as your backhand? Swing by Warstic’s collection and let your paddle do the talking.

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