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Ben and Collin Johns Becoming Players Off the Court With Design and Consulting Firm

by The Dink Media Team on

Ben and Collin Johns are everywhere in the world of pickleball, winning tournaments, promoting the sport, providing world-class instruction, endorsing products and now their latest business venture – pickleball business consulting.

In their ongoing effort to advance, promote and serve as ambassadors for the sport they are so passionate about, the brothers recently launched Johns Design and Consulting.

The company's goal is to assist in the development of pickleball facilities to set business owners and the sport up for long-term success and sustainability.

The company specializes in facility design and enhancement, project management, business operations and marketing and branding.

We're not just a consultancy; we are a vibrant collective of executives, strategists, and enthusiasts dedicated to nurturing and expanding the sport we love. Our foundation is built on the unique vision and leadership of Ben and Collin Johns, whose unparalleled experiences and achievements in the realm of competitive play, facility development, and product innovation steer our mission. - Johns Design and Consulting

"JDC stands at the forefront of the pickleball development, serving as a lighthouse for developers, clubs, and Pickleball club owners navigating the booming waters of this rapidly growing sport," the brothers said on the company's website."Our expertise is not just in the design and strategic planning of state-of-the-art facilities but also in the nuanced understanding of what makes a pickleball venue truly exceptional – for players, spectators, and stakeholders alike."

The company has already assisted in the execution of projects in Austin, Texas and Naples, Florida.

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