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Beat the Dream Team

by The Dink Media Team on

Tonight is the first ever Beat the Dream Team event hosted at Dreamland in Dripping Springs, TX. Following the success of Major League Pickleball, this team pickleball event will feature some of the top players in the game.

The Dream Team is led by MLP season 1 MVP, Lee Whitwell. She is joined by resident pros at Dreamland, Dekel Bar and DJ Young. Vivienne David was scheduled to be the fourth but will miss the event due to illness. In her place will be MLP season 1 champion Irina Tereschenko.

The Challengers

Taking on the Dream Team is #1 ranked women's player Anna Leigh Waters along with her mom and doubles partner Leigh Waters. Their male counterparts will be Collin Johns and Adam Stone.

Major League Pickleball Format

The MLP format consists of 4 games up to 21 points with the debut of rally scoring. The teams play a women's doubles game, a men's doubles game and two mixed doubles games. If the teams split these games 2-2, the match moves to a singles tie-breaker.

The singles tie-breaker has produced the most iconic moments from MLP. Lee Whitwell defied the odds and took the majority of points from some of the best men's singles players in the world.

Tune in Tonight

The action starts at 7PM CST on March 22. You can stream the event on the MLP YouTube. Go ahead and hit subscribe there because there is more pro pickleball coming every Tuesday night. The Battle of the Sexes will take place on March 29 live from Dreamland.

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