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Baby Steps to find the Strike Zone

by The Dink Media Team on

Footwork is one of the most underrated parts of pickleball. But efficient footwork is one of the reasons Ben Johns is able to cover the court with ease and never appear out of place.

Pickleball pro and tennis great Tina Pisnik stresses the importance of footwork in a new video.

Sure the tip is about tennis, but the lines between the two games get more blurred every day. Tennis legends are crossing the aisle to join the ranks of the paddle junkies.

Ex-Tennis Star Jack Sock Signs with Selkirk Pickleball
Today, we have confirmation. Selkirk has reportedly signed Jack Sock, welcoming him into the long list of top pro pickleballers that make up the Selkirk ‘family’.

When hitting groundstrokes, footwork is used to create the "ideal position and distance" from the ball. Your goal is to connect with the ball in your strike zone. 

When there is enough time, top players take extra steps to get themselves in the ideal position to strike the ball. That can result in a lot of baby steps just before contact to adjust position and momentum.

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To take things one step further, proper footwork can help set up your next shot. Micro adjustments before the swing can:

  • Help get your momentum going forward if you’re planning to shake and bake a drive
  • Halt momentum that is pulling you off the court and help you get back to center
  • Balance your stance so you're able to aim the ball where you want and keep your opponent guessing

It is easy to get lazy on court. This is a game for old people anyway. But if you find yourself getting to the ball just in time for a return then you’re falling behind.

Move With Your Partner
Moving with your partner is a crucial part of pickleball. The old adage down the middle solves the riddle is popular because it is true. Creating a gap between players and then exploiting the gap is one of the best ways to win a point. Selkirk coach Morgan Evans breaks

Think one step ahead. When there is time at the baseline and in transition, position the ball in your strike zone. Use your swing to help get you into position for the next shot.

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