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APP Vlasic Classic in Cincinnati Tournament Preview

by Erik Tice on

The APP Vlasic Classic in Cincinnati is taking place this weekend at the Sawyer Point Pickleball & Tennis Courts in downtown Cincinnati. There are 18 dedicated courts, with an additional six temp courts. 

With the first 2024 Major League Pickleball event taking place this weekend, the APP field is a little watered down compared to the last few tournaments. These are still some good players in Cincinnati, however, so this tournament will be entertaining.

Complete schedule

  • Thursday, May 9th - Men’s and Women’s Singles
  • Friday, May 10th - Mixed Doubles
  • Saturday, May 11th - Men’s and Women’s Doubles
  • Sunday, May 12th - Championship Sunday

How to Watch the APP Cincinnati

  • Friday - ESPN+
  • Saturday - ESPN+
  • Sunday - ESPN+
  • Sunday - 10-12 EST - ESPN2

Weather forecast

Thursday and Saturday both look to be problems at this outdoor facility. Hopefully the APP has some sort of weather contingency.

Women’s Singles

Top seeds

  • Megan Fudge - The best women’s singles APP player 
  • Simone Jardim - The GOAT has a 7th place singles finish to her name this year at the APP Sacramento
  • Shelby Bates - Super solid in 2024 thus far on the APP Tour - earning herself an average finish of 9.5 in singles
  • Yana Newell - Made her 2024 singles debut in APP Delray Beach, winning a bronze medal

Other players to watch

  • Brooke Revuelta - The teenage lefty is getting better and better at each event this year
  • Amanda Hendry - Yes, she is on the California Black Bears in MLP, but they are not playing in the Atlanta season opener


  • Megan Fudge defeats Yana Newell for her second gold in singles in 2024

Men’s Singles

Top seeds

  • Jack Foster - He is coming off a gold medal at the US Open
  • Grayson Goldin - Goldin won a silver medal at the APP Miami, but lost in the Round of 16 at Delray Beach - can he make a comeback in Cincinnati?
  • Ryler DeHeart - The 40-year-old still has game and his left-handed forehand drive makes the ball look like it was hit with a cannon

Other players to watch

  • John Cangelosi - The lefty is coming off a fourth-place finish at the APP Delray Beach
  • Richard Livornese Jr. - A fifth-place finish at the APP Delray Beach is his best finish of the year - can he improve upon that this week?


  • Goldin beats Foster in the finals to win his first gold medal

Mixed Doubles

Top seeds

  • Megan Fudge/Rob Nunnery
  • Bobbi Oshiro/Ryler DeHeart
  • Susannah Barr/Brandon Lane
  • Allison Harris/Andre Mick

Other duos to watch

  • Jill Braverman/Ben Newell
  • Kelsey Grambeau/Jack Munro


  • In a showdown between spouses, Rob Nunnery and Megan Fudge beat Bobbi Oshiro and Ryler DeHeart in the finals

Women’s Doubles

Top Seeds

  • Megan Fudge/Yana Newell
  • Bobbi Oshiro/Susannah Barr
  • Allison Harris/Simone Jardim
  • Arielle Butler/Shelby Bates

Other duos to watch

  • Heather Nobler/Cass Hoag
  • Jill Braverman/Emily Ackerman


Megan Fudge and Yana Newell beat Jilly B and Emily Ackerman in the finals - this would give Fudge a triple crown in Cincinnati if I'm right with my predictions.

Men’s Doubles

Top Seeds

  • Rob Nunnery/Ryler DeHeart
  • Brendon Long/Jack Munro
  • Spencer Lanier/Richard Livornese Jr.

Other duos to watch

  • Ben Newell/Erik Pailet
  • Zack Taylor/Tanner Tomassi


  • I don’t think this will be particularly close - Rob Nunnery and Ryler DeHeart are going to win men’s doubles
Erik Tice

Erik Tice

Erik produces content for The Dink related to pro and collegiate pickleball. He is an avid watcher of pickleball and became passionate about the sport in early 2022.

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